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On Cuba and Castro
• Dean Borok

The revelations disclosed in CIA documentation released this week about the Agency’s plot to kill Fidel Castro do not go far enough. All these elements, CIA collusion with the mafia, CIA feeding LSD to unsuspecting victims that resulted in their suicide, CIA spying on anti-Vietnam demonstrators, were widely known and written about at length for so long that they were a running joke in society that even Jay Leno could make gags about on TV.
It’s a salutary aspect of society that these details should be admitted by the intelligence (and I use that word loosely) agency, but it begs the question: how much more is there?
The fact that this story exactly mirrors the narrative laid out in Oliver Stone’s conspiracy movie “JFK”, wherein the president is murdered by a combine of interests including the mafia, the CIA, the military-industrial complex, Cuban exiles and Kennedy’s presidential successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, should not be lost in the debate.
All the facts lead to the conclusion that the CIA had a deciding presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  The present CIA should not be let off the hook of revealing the whole history of what did it do and when did it do it, but should be doggedly pursued until all the truth has been extracted.  A prosecutor doesn’t permit a criminal to get off the hook by only telling part of what he knows.  A good prosecutor goes after the whole truth in order to present it in a court of law.  Prosecution of murder is not limited by any statute of limitations.
The current CIA revelations prove that the JFK conspiracy theorists were at least half-right in their accusations of nefarious acts committed by that agency, by its own admission.  These facts prove that the people who accuse the conspiracy theorists of being crazy are themselves the crazy parties, crazy for believing the propaganda being shoved down their throats by self-serving, guilty interests, not the least of which was the Warren Commission, which was charged with “investigating” the affair. (Note: Italian Army specialists this week sated that Oswald could not have fired off three rounds. It takes 19 seconds between each shot using that particular rifle and that only supports Oliver Stone's position. ED).
There are also other assassinations to be looked into for CIA complicity, noticeably those of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, but not limited to those victims.  Sad to say, but Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, who died of “heart failure” in his bathtub in Paris at age 27; Jimi Hendrix, who supposedly died of an “overdose” in London; and Janis Joplin, who also died of an “overdose”, all within a very short span of time in 1970, could very well have been victims of an agency that saw them as the vanguard of an uncontrollable social revolution and that deserved to be liquidated.  Couldn’t a rogue agency that was not above drugging its own operatives with LSD to see what they would do have determined that sending these undesirable culture heroes to the next level by similar methods would be a just and fitting solution for ridding society of troublesome miscreants?
This hypothesis may seem ridiculous to sober, correct-thinking people, but these solid citizens, by means of their erect and responsible attitudes, are directly to blame for the madness and historical distortions that have led society to the edge of the abyss.
© Dean Borok July 2007
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