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The International Writer's Magazine - June 2007- Welcome

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Choquequirao – Peru

Choquequirao has taken over from over-crowded Machu Picchu as the true Lost City of the Inca.
Amsterdam on Water
Marianne de Nazareth

The air was full of airborne seeds in Amsterdam. Drifts of them lay on the sides of the roads, along with pink cherry blossom.

Filipino Bais

Polly Barraclough
Six weeks in Bais Bay on the island of Negros.
Brighton Beach USA
Ulle Trautvag
Enjoy a frosty mug of $4 Baltika beer numbered from 3 to 6 to denote potency; the waiter will ask which number you want.

Memoir de Mumbai
Lalita kakanadan

It has been three months since I began living in this neat and tidy room, all by myself, like "Alice in wonderland".
The Nifong Chronicles
James Campion

In our continuing series on "The Law Is Bullshit", we cast our collective eye on the sad and sordid tale of Michael Nifong, former Durham County District Attorney of North Carolina<
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
Keith Rhoades

Prior to my departure to Israel, I was cautioned by several people that Bethlehem can at times be a bit on the dangerous side

Latin America Report
Dean Borok

Nobody ever said that transforming this former fiefdom of Standard Oil into a freestanding socialist model economy was going to be easy

Why Are We in Iraq?
Dean Borok

Forty years ago Norman Mailer wrote “Why Are We In Vietnam?” in which he seemed to imply that we had engaged in that war out of a neurotic, predatory god complex.
Burning Man
Annie Lalla
Burning Man… most have barely heard of it, many are intrigued, few are brave enough to go.  
China/Koreatown - Flushing, Queens,
Ulle Trautvag
I rush to take the #7 subway train in order to make lunch at East Buffet Restaurant in Flushing

Nikolus Cook
I had never seen as many whores as in Panama City
– The City That Has It All

Valencia gets to be in the circuit of world music, arts and cultural events.
Valencia’s is a rich kaleidoscope of styles, spanning 8 Christian centuries of its history.
Meet Mr MICE
Marwan Asmar
Meet Mr MICE, the shaker and maker of business conferencing and events in Jordan.

Scattered Fragments from India
Annie Lalla
Imagine the diameter at the bottom of a toilet bowl; it was as long as that.  I know because the head touched one side while the tail brushed against the opposite.  He was paddling for his life.

JITOA:Travel & Tourism in Jordan
Marwan Asmar
Business Associations are a new buzzword in Jordan’s corporate world of finance.

The Last Days of Goa
Tom Thumb

Goa has had a strange history, shaped over the ages by various invasions, both military and cultural.
A Secret Garden
Brent Robillard

"Today I will show you my favourite place in all of Paris."

The Joy of Audiobooks
Eric D Lehman
I always hated the idea of audiobooks. But one summer, I began to explore my local library and found their enormous "audio" section, taking up a whole room.

The Rapti River Valley in the Chitiwan Jungle, Nepal…
James Randall Johnson

I visited one of the seven Maoist camps organized by the United Nations and spread throughout Nepal. This particular camp is deep in the Chitiwan Jungle.

The Mouth of Hell
Brent Robillard
"In case of explosion of rocks, protect yourself under the car"

Independence 08
James Campion
calls for a big political change
Paris Hilton
James Campion
Paris Hilton is being railroaded. Period. She deserves to be in prison as much we do for putting her there.
Muscle Bound: Baseball in a fix
Matt Alison
Legitimate sport?
On the Road
Mike Blake
I first spotted him standing behind the store, smoking a cigarette. He had spotted me first, as I quickly made my way to the clothes dumpster, which was overflowing with discarded goods.

Mi Conchita
Jenny Wright
We first encountered the mucky off-white dog hanging around outside a well lit government building, on a Cuban side street.

Modern Odysseus
Lauren Smith
It seems unlikely that many cars would stop for a lanky, 6-foot-4-inch hitchhiker with wavy hair falling past his shoulders and only a backpack to his name.
Bubble of my Heart
Lalita Kakanadan
My Thursdays are colourful…
Coz I see you on all Thursdays…
Coz I see you only on Thursdays

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First Contact in India
Annie Lalla
The keyboard I'm typing on is so old I can barely see the letters a sign reads: "browsing 20 rupees per hour.  No discounting, no bargaining of rates will be allowed.
Cozumel, Mexico
Dean Borok

“Thank God for the Queen of Spain!” exalted the taxi driver as he sped us down the modern autoroute leading to the south of Cozumel Island.

After The Winter
Mike Blake
Clapton singing Have You Ever Loved a Woman in his head, a half pint of cheap vodka in his pocket; it’s all he needs to cap this hot Memorial Day weekend in his home town

Mill of Passing Warmth
Lakunle Jaiyesimi
As if the body grows to length overnight, I roused myself from sleep one auspicious morn and discovered a startling old image of self before the mirror. Have I slept all my life?
The Thief of Bottles
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Once my father owned an auto-body shop in a wooded area in the district of Agdal, Rabat, Morocco. The shop had two dusty windows and a little light, grayed by this dust

Building Block
Mark Cunliffe
Eddie Cochran once sang of love as being a journey built on ‘Three Steps To Heaven’...

Round The Block
Mark Cunliffe

"Wouldn’t you agree Prof. Block?"
How would he know. Guy Block hadn’t been listening.
The Perils of Illiteracy
Shobha Nagendran

The brown cow was either suicidal or grossly illiterate. How else to explain why she did not take heed of the name calligraphically etched upon the granite slab affixed to the gate post?

At Gun Point
Maryann Webb

Natasha Grant swooped into her 1999 Ford Fiesta, slammed the door, and started the engine all in one fluid motion.

Cries And Whispers
Directed by Ingmar Bergman
Dan Schneide
Cries And Whispers, a 1972 film of Ingmar Bergman's, is not the masterpiece that it's claimed to be.
Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne)
Director: Guillaume Canet

Sam North reviews
new French movie - an intelligent thriller with some great action and an amazing soundtrack


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