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HACKTREKS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Section 3- On-line portfolio for world travellers 2008 + Archives
Travellers Tales from all Across the Globe
New Section Started
in Hacktreks
Lion Hunting in the Serengeti
Loree Westron
"I give you good price," the man says, smartly-dressed with Reboks and Ray-Bans. He follows my eyes to the photograph of a lion in the safari shop window. 'My best price. Just for you.'

A weekend in Dubai
Aurelie Montfrond
In ten years time, Dubai will become a global tourism destination


Tetsuhiko Endo
Edinburgh is all types of grey.  Monochromatic splendour: Granite grey, flagstone grey, rainy day grey, cold winter grey, fog grey, dawn grey, ghost grey...
A weekend in Vienna
Aurelie Montfrond
I was completely lost, somewhere in Vienna desesperately stopping the few people I came across in the streets, asking them for directions.
The Africa Inside
E Marin Smith
I was back in Africa last night—an accidental and instantaneous African transport that shocked my sleeping mind.

Exploring Poole
Natalya Popova inthe UK
One day this summer I astonished myself by signing up for a ‘Ghost Walk’ around Poole, the town I have been living in for nine years now.

A weekend in Helsinki
Aurelie Montfrond
I was taken aback by its calm serenity. There was something beautiful about all of this.
The Path of Faith in Turkey
Norman A. Rubin
Turkey has a magnificent past, which is displayed throughout the land

A Weekend in Geneva
Aurelie Montfrond
When people think of Switzerland, They think of Geneva. It is the third largest city in Switzerland.

Amsterdam Weekend
Aurelie Montfrond
"One never feels comfortable anywhere but one only feels comfortable with someone."

Copenhagen Weekend
Aurelie Montfrond
Copenhagen has become a cosmopolitan city but still has a Scandinavian charm and culture

A Howling Moon
Sean Hastings
It was a slight surprise that awaited me when I found myself back in Turkey. the smell of home.

To Hell and back

Andrew Hodgson
Friday 15.36
"There’s no space left in the sleeper - all we have are regular seats but only in first class."
"OK. First class it is then"

On my tour through Europe, I set off for a place of wild adventure, dazzling culture, magnificent landscapes, and superb weather. Instead, I ended up in Luxembourg.

Granite Di Belvedere - The Italian Treat- Raymond K. Clement
There is a frozen treat sold on the streets of “Little Italy” in Boston ’s North End. It is called (erroneously) Italian Ice.

Notes from a Café – Zagreb
Neha Puntambekar
Delicate strings of cigarette smoke rise up in synchrony, like ballerinas magically suspended in mid-air. I'm sitting at a little café in the heart of Zagreb

Shadows of Hope
K. Bond
Silently, the babushka adjusts the coffee-colored headscarf while gazing at the alluring bride glide across the cobblestone of the Red Square in Moscow

Under the Ligurian Sun
Caroline Cummins
Italy's Cinque Terre region has the patent on charming beach towns
A Dead Sea journey
Marwan Asmar
Every time I go to the Dead Sea, I find things have changed. The first time was in the summer of 1992. Aside from one rest house, there was precious little, aside from a small village, the blue salty sea, and long winding road that kept going to Aqaba.
The Drive to Olympos
Sean Hastings
I find myself in the sleepy seaside town of Fethiye. I must yield to the pressure of depleted budgets and depart this country for more financially fertile climes
Peugeot Vs Les Rues

Phil Grimes/Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

Thank heaven French cars are small. Drive through a typical village, and you realize that your basic SUV would never make it here,
Cornwall diving trip
Rebecca Wass
The University of Portsmouth Sub Aqua Club journeyed to Cornwall for a fantastic week of diving
A Week in Venice
Natalya Popova

First impression of Venice from the airplane window was a surprise: "Were we landing on water"?
Berlin-Krakow Night Train
Ying -Lan Dann

"Krakow is an oasis, when they come, they can’t seem to leave."
Budapest & Nagymama 
  Dean Betts
They say Budapest is most beautiful at night, but it’s a tough call. I was sitting on a ledge on the west side of the Danube River overlooking it all.

Vogelherd Caves in Lone Valley
Eva Bell
A trip to the Vogelherd Caves in Lone Valley is not advertised on any travel brochure.
Tales of Samos - Part I
Brian H. Appleton
Around '68 I started spending summers in Samos. I fell in love with that Island
To Chiang Mai and Sleep
Aby Davis

Sleeping on a train is a most discombobulating experience. I think I woke up more times than I actually fell asleep.

Aby Davis

The spooky darkness below the plane was Iceland. A small island poised above masses of red hot rock, straddling the north American plate. Two nosy kids on a gap year, wanting to see something new.
Casablanca in Winter
Joe Gill
Went to find 'Rick's Place'
Off the Tracks in Prague
Alyssa Connolly

To expect to have few, if no, problems while backpacking through Europe with three friends is naïve, to be certain.

Magyar Magic
Malcolm Hawkins

My first trip to Budapest was in 1966. I have lingering memories of a surly passport inspector, glaring at an ID. 
Tabytha Towe takes Europe
Whirlwind adventures for our Vancouver Girl. Never Fly with a hangover

Hong Kong Dash
Tabytha Towe in Hong Kong

Welcome to Chum Hung Kok

Let Sleeping Dogs Thai
Tabytha Towe

Every dog you see here are either lying on the ground dehydrated and too hot to move, or either scavenging for food.

Bachelor Weekends
Rama Vama on the A3
It was one of those weekends when you wake up with memories of angry surf lashing the shingle and gulls clacking and careening beside the cliffs.

Flying Bicycles & Italian Politics on the Adriatic Coast
Thomas P. Coppock

Mats, & I rode our bikes from Copenhagen to Thessaloniki, Greece. One night on Italy’s Adriatic Coast stands out…
Messing Around in Mesr
Brian H. Appleton in Egypt
It was so hot that later when we walked through the main square of Cairo, the asphalt would stick to the soles of our shoes
Tuscany: the Art of Simplicity
Sonu Purhar

I hear the merry ping of a horn behind me and automatically step aside; my short stay here has already schooled me in small-town road etiquette.

Sam North

I am not sure whether you go to Venice for the history, the romance, the idea you can go everywhere by water or you just want to see it before it crumbles, but we all have reasons to go there and go there one must.
The Mezquita and Rabo de Toro
Christian J Perticone

Coming upon the Mezquita with open doors there was little I could do to resist going in.

Libertine Amsterdam
Marianne de Nazareth
In Amsterdam, a tram ride is the most fun thing to use to get across the city.
Adventures in Europe
Paul Dale Roberts

Tariq Elkashef quick guide

Amber Turnau
482,000 chickens 560,000 pork knuckles.
Lorraine Balita
goes beyond the chocolate
The Sengalese Tabaski Sacrifice - Kari Masson
Learning from Africa
Cordoba, Spain - Habeeb Saloum- explore the history of the Moors
Precious Water - The Most Rare of Liquids
Kit Chapman
in Kenya
Candy Cake and Cold Coke Jane Shepherd in Harare
Puglia - A new place to buy Polly Barraclough
Goats on the line
Kit Chapman in Kenya

The Pyramid Cat Colony
Eva Bell

Baku Wedding
Jim Solan
Wild, Wild, East in Romania
Samantha Cliffe
Weekend in Amsterdam
Natalya Popova
Leda Revisited
Brett Hardmanin Greece
Learning from Daouda
Kari Masson in the Sahel
Arrested Development
Susan Mintz in Ghana
The Monastry Certosini
Raymond Clement
In Search of Jeanne d'Arc
Pat Hood-Miller
Pat Hood Miller
Building Schools in Africa
Tina Nandi
The Weight of London
Eric D Lehman
La Madrugada
Paul Read in Spain

Raymond K. Clement
in Italy
Mallorca Artá Caves
Habeeb Salloum
in Spain
A New Year in Prague
Natalya Popova
My Russian experience in Prague

24 Hours In Amsterdam
Eric D. Lehman
Jeremiah, Subhash, and I arrived in Amsterdam by bus through France and Belgium...

Fire Dancing
W Ruth Kozak in Greece
The search for fire in Macedonia

To Heaven and Back: Ladakh
Anirudh Chaoji
Alchi is a Monastery, close to the town of Leh, high in the cold desert of Ladakh, in the eastern part of the trisected state of Jammu & Kashmir
Nature and Nostalgia in Nagarhole- Aruna Purohit
It was the beginning of monsoon season in the southern region of India. Frequent rain and flooding are the essence of that season

Old Train in a New Country:
Josh Lew in Vietnam
Ha Noi is a city at peace with its yesterdays museums feature Vietnam’s wars with France, America, and itself.

An Indian Adventure
Keith Leonard
There are ghosts in Ootacamund, fleeting, shadowy forms that materialize in moments of brief and unexpected enlightenment.

Shop House Culture
Steve Tothill in Phuket
Away from the sandy beaches it’s well worth spending time wading through the wok smoke to discover refreshing architectural gems
Elephant in the Room

Annie Lalla in Chiang Mai
If you want to feel a King or a Queen, try riding an elephant. Nothing is more majestic than cruising through the rainforest atop this epic beast.
Travel India by Bus
Chi Tranter

I missed several buses before I learned that tickets are not purchased from a ticket booth but from an un-uniformed ticket seller who leans out the bus door

Bangkok Blues
John Edwards
Bangkok Massage
...rows of hospital beds full of fully clothed, groaning patients, whose limbs were being gleefully mangled amid the wild hoots and derisive snorts of bystanders,
Eating Crabs in Kuching

Fiona Lal

‘Malaysia truly Asia’, the sing song refrain kept bouncing around my brain as we lurched down the runway at Kuching. Scruffy palm trees bent graciously as we rather jerkily slowed down.

Mumbai market vendors
a league of their own
Meera Manek

Stall after stall of flowers greet me as I enter a chaotic street in Bhuleshwar, one of Mumbai's oldest markets

Wind Flower Welcome
Marianne de Nazareth

The Wind Flower Spa and resort, is nestled in the arms of the majestic, tree covered, Chamundi Hills in Mysore, just 140km from Bangalore.

Saving Cham Culture
Antonio Graceffo

The Kingdom of Champa, originating in the second century AD was one of the most powerful empires in Indochina

Outriggers of Hong Kong
Antonio Graceffo

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
Keith Rhoades

Prior to my departure to Israel, I was cautioned by several people that Bethlehem can at times be a bit on the dangerous side
Teaching India to Read
Reva Sharma

Translation Treachery
C. Lee McKenzie reads the signs in China

Volunteer Travel
Help India's poorest
The Gift of Reading
Teaching Volunteer
s in the Philippines with GVN
Ticket to Ride
Rishi VK
encounters problems on India Rail
Royal Enfield Bullet
Paul Jeffrey rides India
Reality Moment in Vietnam with Lila Nordstrom
Sumatra: Brain Fever
Steve Wheeler
On the Buses in Korea
Jim Sutherland
Driftwood to Ontong Java
Chris Parrish
Wall of China
Maria Lambert
Honeymoon in Bhutan
Jayantee Saha
The Markham Festival - Tibet
Tariq Elkashef
Kurumba by the Indian Ocean
Marianne de Nazareth
Life of Pai in Thailand
The Flurries
Istanbul -
Watch out for the taxi drivers
Tariq Elkashef
Floating Down the Mekong
Libby and Justin Furry

DMZ - Live and Direct from the 38th Parallel
Aidan O’ Donoghue
The lights are on but nobody is home
Casa Deep Woods
Marianne de Nazareth
Enjoy the real feel of the Indian jungle
Nagarhole National Park
Marianne de Nazareth
If you are a nature lover, only then make the trip down to Nagarhole National Park where the long awaited monsoon has rejuvenated the park after three years of drought more
Drab Beijing a sleeping giant -Paul Haire
Beijing can be a pretentious place, made up of drab apartment blocks, smog and traffic jams.

A Passage to Old India
by Marianne de Nazareth
Visit Ooty and find old England alive and well in Bangalore more

No Stop Signs
Brian Andrea in Trichy
You will either love it with a passion or hate it with a vengeance. And it would be madness to cycle there. We go anyway!
The Inner Mongolia Story
Neil Smith
In the land of goddesses she sits on a suitcase waiting...
Ben Lerwill
Jinchengjiang as a town did anonymity like it did Marmite. I remembered what it tasted like, but there wasn’t a hope in hell of getting any.
My Heart Goes On
Neil Smith
One month after moving to Northeastern China I was invited to dine at a restaurant located outside of town as far away from the police as it could be since it served "special" dishes.
Visiting a Chinese sauna
Paul Haire
One of my students who I teach English to recently invited me to a sauna to see a show and have dinner. I was slightly apprehensive
Working as a Model
Paul Haire
Yesterday I had a very unusual experience, possibly the most unusual experience I’ve had in my life so far.
Long Lost Winter
Colin Todhunter in Anjuna
Take me back because I need to be reminded of what I left behind. Take me back where? I don't really know anymore: a time, a place, a memory? But just take me back
Paul Haire in Beijing
I watched the rugby on Saturday night this weekend, it was Scotland versus Ireland and I drank too much as usual
All Alone in Macau
Tabytha Towe

'How does it feel, to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown' - The Rolling Stones
Thailand Adventure & Turning 25-Tabytha Towe in Thailand Part Three
If you didn't know any better or have enough common sense it is easy to get ripped off.
Muay Lao, the forgotten art of kickboxing
Antonio Graceffo
“You can gain extra power on your kicks by throwing your kicking arm down, but you need to protect your face with a cross arm defense.”
Marianne de Nazareth
Just a 20 minute drive out of Secunderabad, in South India, the Alankrita resort on the Shameerpet Road is a haven for Indian antique lovers and connoisseurs of Indian Cuisine

Erik Johnson
The tourist slogan for Bangladesh is, ‘Come to Bangladesh– before the tourists do.’ They’ve had the same slogan for over 10 years

Marianne de Nazareth
What strikes a visitor to this twin city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is its sense of history
Australia - Part Two
Tabytha Towe
Melbourne is a pretty damned phenomenal city! It has everything you need and has well planned transit systems to get around from suburb to centre and back.
Tabytha in OZ: Part Three
Tabytha Towe
I’ve got the city blues with holes in my shoes and bursts of bubbles and rays of sunshine. It keeps on spinning, the world and my head,

Bpee Mai in Laos
Thomas Phipps
Travelling down the Mekong in a narrow wooden boat provides plenty of time to contemplate ones future

Serendipity & Rickshaws
Sam Freedman
Departing from New Delhi, I left behind the raw, musty smell of sweat covering every surface in India for the mystique of Nepal.

Stutter, Shudder and Jeepneys – Manila
Dr Steven Collins
Like most Europeans, we knew little of the Philippines when asked to go to Manila

Slowly Being Born
E. Marin Smith
I’m pretty sure the day I arrived in Buenos Aires was the hottest day of the year on the Rio de le Plata, which made the whole day seem like a fever dream
Akumal Beach Resort
Dean Borok in Mexico
I never imagined a place could come so far so fast. Quintana Roo state is now the richest state in Mexico due to the tourist boom.
Rambling through Rotary
Tyrel Nelson
Sunday morning. That’s always my answer whenever I’m asked what tops my list about Cuenca.
The Quirks of Cajas
Tyrel Nelson in Ecuador

Without warning, the skies turned overcast and a light rain began to fall

Planning the Trip
Sam Black in Alaska
I believe in having goals. I’ve been that way since my early twenties I guess.
North to Alaska
Sam Black
Petoskey sits on Lake Michigan and if you haven’t been there I suggest you visit it someday.

Mele Kalikimaka
Roger Poppen
I arrive at the Honolulu airport on Christmas Eve, a little before midnight.

Searching San Cristóbal

Tyrel Nelson
Breathing in dust and pouring out sweat, I trudged along the sultry gravel road beneath my feet.

So Long, Sidekick
Tyrel Nelson
Fighting off a fierce caffeine headache I struggled to keep up with Andrew as we proceeded south on Bolívar.

Jenna Simsen
The first time I got on an airplane I was 13 months old

Riding Powderface Trail
Joel Palenychka
If you want a traveling adventure then travel with an adventurer
One Fine Day…at the Bu
Tyrel Nelson
Highly outnumbered, wounded bulls entered the rowdy arena to be stabbed to death by costumed men.
A Hike in Girón
Tyrel Nelson
According to the Tica, there was no reason to visit Girón. It was ugly, boring, and a waste of time. And on every occurrence that I mentioned I might visit the pueblo, my lanky, graying friend looked at me like I had completely lost my mind.
Steeped on Santa Cruz
Tyrel Nelson
Life was good. I was recently reunited with my girlfriend, Amanda, who I hadn’t seen in over 5 months, and we were in a place that many people only get to visit in their dreams.

Ari Kaufman

This is America at its most authentic
The Search for Crazy Horse
Harlan G. Koch on a Harley
We wanted to actually "see" wagon wheel tracks and pony express stations. At Wyoming’s Independence Rock we wanted to see the actual proof of pioneer names and dates carved into stone
Do The St Lucia Shake
Linda Regan
Saint Lucia- our peaceful Island in the sun. That was the advert that lured us into the travel agents. It sounded exactly what the doctor ordered
Glenwood Hot Springs

Kelly Crusty

As a Colorado native, I have been to the hot springs more times than I care to remember. Some good, some bad, some downright awful.
Historic Indiana
Ari Kaufman

Explored as early as the 17th century, Indiana became my home in early July 2006.
Albuquerque’s Hot Air Balloon Festival:
Southwestern adventures- Adee Braun

Today I realize a dream. Perhaps not a lifelong dream, or even a year-long dream, but maybe a four month long dream ever since the idea of circus-toned flying objects in a southwestern sky first lodged itself into my stubborn imagination

The Queen of Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico
Doug Bower
I had never been to Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico, before this week.

Bonjour Blueberries: Off the Beaten Path in Quebec
Kathleen Hegedus-Beeksma

North of Quebec City in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of the belle province.

Portugal Day- Ironbound District Newark, NJ - Ulle Trautvag
Having a great time dancing in the streets and feasting on all types of seafood.
Toronto Safari
Habeeb Salloum
Take your children to the African Lion Safari and the Blackwood Creek Pioneer Village

The Last Costa Rican Paradise
Kimberley Johnston
The name Costa Rica now proves itself to be ironic; a country that was once so naturally rich, threatens to impoverish itself.

Dermot Sullivan in Mexico

The plan was to cross Mexico from the Gulf of Mexico in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.
Stratford's Shakespearean Festival- London, Ontario
Habeeb Salloum

The Green Dog of Sosua
Dominican Republic
Dean Borok

Nikolus Cook
I had never seen as many whores as in Panama City

Nickolay Todorov in Mexico
Tampico - Friendliest City in Mexico - Habeeb Salloum
Frontier Country
Nickolay Todorov at Toroweap and Lava Falls
Charlevoix: Quebec Province
Habeeb Salloum
Canadian eco paradise

The 'Other' Michigan
Ari Kauman on a Great Lakes Roadtrip
Ari Kaufman
Art for a rainy day
Eric D Lehman at The Clark Museum - Williams College
New York - More for Less
Erica Johannsson
A Tale of Three Cities
Stewart Mandy
in Mexico
RV Vacation in California
Chris Zawistowicz
Montezuma - Costa Rica
Mariska Van de Linden

Why Toronto is Canada's Least-Loved City
Stefanie Stiles

Hoosiers in the Fall
Ari Kaufman

Lakes, hiking, camping
Indiana and Appalacia
Ari Kaufman
on the road
The Road to Thanksgiving
Ari Kaufman
drives 1000 miles for dinner
Not Sleeping Just Waiting
Ronan Dockery
Christmas Eve in Recife with only a slight hangover
Ozark Adventure
Ari Kaufman
My fiancee and I (well, maybe just me) felt it incumbent upon us to embark on one final road trip to what many call “the American heartland.
Rock Island Bliss
Roger L. Baty II
Joseph Campbell tells us all to find our bliss... I believe I found my bliss long ago somewhere on Rock Island
Trail Buddies
Eric D Lehman

Karma and friendship on White Mountain Trails
Where North Meets South
Ari Kaufman
"Looville" is Kentucky's largest city. Founded in 1778 it is best known as the home of "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports"
Driving America
Ari Kaufman - Fingerlakes
February - a good time to remember the summer in America's Mid-West
800 Miles
Ari Kaufman
Eight hundred miles of driving in a single weekend,much of it on the windy, back roads of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.
The New 2007 Mexico Diary
Dermot Sullivan in Mexico
I am in Mexico. I often ask myself how on earth I ended up here, especially as I was set on going to Japan.
Turning 30 in Mexico
Dermot Sullivan
I am having some trouble adjusting to the altitude. To try to get fit I have started playing football with some of the students on a Friday afternoon and but find myself gasping for air after only a few minutes!
Understanding Mexico
Dermot Sullivan
Mexico is a country both sure and unsure of its identity.
Chickens in Church
James Mathews
In few places in Latin America is the collision of imperialist Catholic Spaniards with indigenous Maya cultures more visible than in the small village of San Juan Chamula in Chiapas, Mexico.
South American Cities
Michael Zurakhinsky
The best cities of South America have one thing in common: they each reflect unique cultural histories and rich traditions. Each city has its own character
Call Some Place Paradise, Kiss it Goodbye
Eric D. Lehman won't tell you where he has been
Why keep the name of that town a secret?The reason is that this town isn’t sharable at all.
Teased by Baños
Tyrel Nelson

If you can only visit one place in Ecuador, it has to be Baños,
A Night on Sugar Mountain
Eric D. Lehman

The Sucrerie de la Montagne, or sugar-shack of the mountain, was the dream-turned-reality of Pierre Faucher,
Doing the Mandango
Tyrel Nelson

It was a beautiful day. The Tuesday morning sun brilliantly shined over the tiny pueblo

Charlevoix's La Fete Des Saveurs
Habeeb Salloum

The elite of Quebec’s Charlevoix gourmet region simply enjoying themselves at La Fête Des Saveurs

The Other Baños
Tyrel Nelson

We finally pulled into a small, dusty lot in front of a giant, light-blue church, which sat atop a small hill a few miles southwest of Cuenca.

A Walk in El Cajas
Tyrel Nelson
With some free time at last, I felt relieved as the monstrous bus roared westward through the green hills just outside of Cuenca.

An Afternoon in Azogues
Tyrel Nelson

I’m not a superstitious man. In fact, I think it’s funny that my so-called 16-unit building really only has fifteen apartments
Climbing Leconte
Jeff Doran
-Smoky Mountains
The first two times we hiked to Alum Cave we were forced to dodge frozen missiles.
Hitting the Chor-Princi Trail
Tyrel Nelson
The gloomy Sunday morning sky chilled our bones as my specs-donning friend, Andrew, and I waited for our connection. The two of us were an hour east of Cuenca.

Shurniak Art Gallery
Habeeb Salloum
It’s one of Canada’s great museums here in the heart of the prairies

Java Journey
John M Edwards
Café Hopping in Indonesia
I went out to get a cup of java in Java and ended up on an infernal coffee odyssey through the Indonesian archipelago.
Destination Unknown
John M Edwards
The only problem with the New Years vacation I was taking was that the destination was right smack dab in the middle of a war zone!
Cuban Folklore
Habeeb Salloum
It was late in the evening when we left our hotel on Varadero Beach - Cuba's paragon of resorts for a half-hour trip to the city of Matanzas
Finding Fidel
David Russell
In Havana, the game was to spot Fidel Castro.
Jordan Through Foreign Eyes
Noor Al Saleh

Ever since I started working in the Petra National Trust I realized that it is not easy to get people interested in an organization that preserves a heritage site.
So You Want to Teach English in Korea?
Austin Wallace
In 2000 there were close to 20,000 Westerners teaching English in Korea I thought it would be a good public service to offer my fellow expatriates some advice
Volunteer Travel

Nooshin Shabani
Petra the rock and the hard place - Awni Kawar

Having achieved our goal of getting Petra voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World it is up to us to act now and put our tourism house in order
Mazen Kawar
Interviewed by Marwan Asmar
Jordan is a booming tourism destination. More and more international tourists are visiting the Kingdom than ever.
Journey To Palawan
A.T. Allan

Manila, Philippines. I wanted to get out of this big, noisy city. The personable young woman at the travel agency in Ermita gave me some important and practical advice.
Unlock the Key to Japanese Architecture
Kelly Waterbury
The word ‘pub’ is misleading to a foreigner in Japan, misinterpreting a simple word can take you places you never dreamed of going.
Letting Off Steam
Ed Freeman

Mistakes on the road travelled
Secrets of a Travel Writer
Colin Todhunter

Joining Indicorps
Reva Sharma volunteers

Scottsdale: Arizona
Kelsey Havens on USA's best city?
Become a travel writer
Antonio Graceffo
Tanning in Kos
Gregory McGuiness
Wisdom and the World Traveler
Antonio Graceffo
Sussing Out South Korea
Arya Kazemi on ESL
Being surrounded by a group of kids chanting "waygook"
What Brings You to Derry, Then?
Ashley Dresser
"What brings you to Derry, then?" the cashier asked. I stared at her, suddenly frozen by a query that had been repeated to me almost daily since my arrival in Northern Ireland`
A Hammam in Damascus
Namit Arora
I was traveling alone and, on a whim, dropped by at a hammam near my hotel. It was one unforgettable experience.
Hangzhou Pilgrimage
Paul Haire
Hangzhou is firmly established as a favourite destination for the Chinese traveler and is one of the prettiest and most historic cities in China.
A Walk on the Wild Side
Marianne de Nazareth at Vythiri
We needed a break and the brochures of Vythiri resort in Wyanad district of North Kerala beckoned inexorably. Set on 30 acres of land the jungle retreat is an escape into the lush forests of Kerala.
G'Day Cobber
Ray Heap down-under
Checked in last night curtains still closed, pitch black, had a few beers at the bar went to bed, time for breakfast…look at clock… Sod it, it's only two thirty, five hours until I can get lifegiving coffee into the plumbing
Down south of the border…
Ray Heap in Mexico
For now I am quite at peace with myself, sitting in a bar at the Mexico city Airport I have a beer in front of me and their little Tequila try outs.
Beijing Bicycle
Paul Haire navigates the city
It's fairly busy, as it always is in Beijing, but I still feel a sense of freedom
Teaching in Istanbul
Toral Pattni
Why the hell am I going to Istanbul was the only thought in my head as I boarded the plane.

MPs and the Walrus
James Skinner Honorary Consul
‘I’ve finally decided to retire as Her Majesty’s governmental representative in this remote part of Europe known as Galicia after nearly 5 years of rescuing Brits from the gallows

Chiang Mai on a Shoestring
Rachel Chan Suet Kay
Rachel Chan Suet Kay tours the city during a Peace Studies training course in Thailand.
Beijing Bus
Paul Haire
I check the word in my dictionary nervously one last time as I wait at the bus stop - a hundred Chinese bodies squashed together look down at me
Beijing and My Pseudo Sign Language Skills
Anna Loraine Balita
Who says you can’t survive in a country where you don’t speak, read and understand the language? I did, for one whole week!
Jordan’s Azraq Wetland, a heaven for ecotourists
Marwan Asmar
It was 6:15 in the morning, there was a chill in the air but the dew and the mist were intertwining with the brilliant sunshine.
JITOA juggles more than one ball
Marwan Asmar
Business Associations are a new buzzword in Jordan’s corporate world of finance.
Hiking Ajloun
Marwan Asmar

Looking up into the sky, it was pitch black, to the east directly, you see the faded lights of Bissan, the Palestinian town that is now under Israeli rule and jurisdiction.

Tales of OZ
Tabytha Towe
Leaving Thailand nearly a month ago was extremely surreal and rather hard to let go of. I was still stuck in Thai mode for a few days until I realized, abashed and confused, that ‘shit, I’m in Australia!’
Save Your World
Tabytha Towe
Oh what a day! Hanging out with my girl friends nude on the beach, I can’t think of anything better.
A Very Good Day
Tyrel Nelson in Ecuador
During the few days leading up to our first Christmas in Ecuador, my next-door neighbor, Juan José asked us to fish with him in El Cajas National Park, we couldn’t refuse.
Viva Cuba: Got Rolled and Clobbered by a Lead Pipe in a Back Alleyway and Woke Up in the Cargohold of Some Ship Bound for Havana
John Edwards

Postcard from Persia
John Edwards

On the way to Iran, John M. Edwards wonders if they play Uncle Wiggly in Tehran

Spanish Elephants
Colleen Kelley
Nine hours on a plane, two days of group road trips interspersed with vomiting, eight hours on a bus -finally we arrived at our destination: the Puerto de Cádiz
Taxi Hostage
Kate Mead in Ghana
It was 1:30 in the morning, and I was exhausted from a day of travel and a night of dancing.

An Unexpected Stop in Extremadura
Tyrel W. Nelson
The putrid smell that permeated the rail car.
"Huele mal, huele mal (it smells bad, it smells bad)," she kept screaming

Tales of Turi
Tyrel Nelson
I was fresh off the plane and going to visit the Mirador Turi, the lionized lookout that I’d only read about in my guide book.
Cueva Pintada
Patrick Radford

Twelve weeks of hitting the beach, boozing for England, ... when I received the email that confirmed my place on the Leonardo da Vinci project to Gran Canaria.
To Windsor to visit the Queen
Marianne de Nazareth
"Come on over to London and see Windsor Castle," offered my friends

EMS Duty in Tondo
Antonio Graceffo
"How do you shower on a twenty-four hour shift?" I asked, noticing that there was no plumbing. "We can use the hose from the firetruck," answered the chief.

Last Hurrah for Old Friends
Tyrel Nelson
I did a double take. While I moseyed toward the middle of Cuenca's Parque Calderón I was almost certain that I knew the pair of young, specs-donning gringos ahead

To Turkey from Oz
Sean Hastings
As I sit here and write these words, I realize that no fantasy I could have conjured, would have prepared me for the sights I’m seeing

‘Ayubowan’ Sri Lanka
Marianne de Nazareth
It was super flying into the spanking new airport in Colombo, with gleaming Imperial White granite floors.

Five Days in Tehran
Brian H. Appleton

Tehran is a very large and beautifully picturesque city with many hidden worlds within worlds to discover, which runs downhill from the foothills of the Alborz Mountains in the north all the way down to the edges of the Dasht Kavir desert in the south.

Yugoslavia Remembered
David Russell
The year was 1985 and Yugoslavia was still an undivided country

Stay free in Spain
Beverly Rorem

There is a small village in the mountains west of Madrid that has been transformed into an English speaking enclave Vaughn Town

Elaheh Farmand

In Madrid, the first day A stranger walking in your skin, through the calles, the streets of this beautiful, beating town, Madrid


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