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The International Writers Magazine: Mysore- India

Wind Flower Welcome
Marianne de Nazareth

The Wind Flower Spa and resort, is nestled in the arms of the majestic, tree covered, Chamundi Hills in Mysore, just 140km from Bangalore. As the cab swings into the resort, the first thing that hits you is the imposing lobby and the well kept grounds. Sitting at the reception making your introductions, one immediately can feel the coolness of Mysore, in comparison to Bangalore. The air-conditioning has definitely shifted from Bangalore and that sets the tone for our two day break at Wind Flower, with its sprawling, manicured grounds.

The 39 rooms are well appointed and look out, at what is called a ‘mirror pool’. Nothing can calm the mind, like the presence of a water body. Wind Flower has captured that aspect, by this shallow mirror pool built along the length of the 39 rooms. Sit out on comfortable push back chairs, early in the morning, sipping your coffee and watching the little tits flit in and out of the hibiscus hedges. Or watch Mr. and Mrs. Wag Tail, strutting their stuff down the edge of the mirror pool, with their striking black and white plumage. The soft cooing of the turtle dove from the overhead trees, or even the chirpy whistles of the red headed Bul Bul, flashing between branches, is all part of the early morning serenade at Wind Flower. But take my advice and order a cup of coffee rather than tea here. That’s when you are sure, you are very much in the lap of coffee country. Soon a lethargy creeps over you, and the peacefulness of the morning steals over your senses, lulling you into a peaceful snooze.

The rooms at Wind Flower are well appointed, with a huge four poster bed dominating. What’s nice is, there is plenty of cupboard space to stack away clothes and the room is large enough for a family to sprawl, without getting in one another’s way. There’s TV for those who are TV addicts, or you can do your Sudoku, sprawled on the window alcove, munching on the complimentary fruit basket. But the best part of all for me was the separate toilet area and the shower area. Two people can use the toilet or shower quite comfortably, without intruding on one another’s privacy. The rear of the room opens out into a garden area, with an exotic shower which is open to the sky. It’s fun really to shower, with humming birds darting in and out of the hot pink bougainvillea, in the little enclosed garden around you!
Hire a cab for half a day and take in a tour of the historical city of Mysore, with the grand palaces of the Maharaja of Mysore. This is still a sleepy little town with its wide tree - lined boulevards, the sprawling race course and sacred temples. The Wodeyar’s are the erstwhile rulers and it was during their rule the city reached it’s pinnacle of beauty and glory. The history of the city dates back to a legend, when Goddess Chamundeshwari of the Chamundi Hills, killed the buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura.

The Maharaja’s palace is a must see in Mysore. Its carvings, domes, turrets, arches and colonnades echo the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Like all the palaces of India the building is a treasure trove of works of art. Of course for a visitor to India, the majestic durbar hall with the magnificent jewel encrusted throne is a spectacle one can never forget. Towards the evening the palace is illuminated with myriads of pin point lights.

The Chamundi Hills, The Brindavan Gardens, The Mysore Zoo are other sights worth taking in on the trip. With Wind Flower so conveniently located, all trips can be made with young children without too much effort. The reception provides cars in a jiffy.

Once the sun begins to set, chess buffs come into their own, at the Wind Flower. There is a ‘live’ open air chessboard, like in the days of the Maharajas, built alongside the mirror pool. It is not unusual to see a pair of opponents, battling it out in silence, heads bent in concentration, trying to outwit one another. Interested spectators too participate by sitting, watching on the lawns alongside, taking in the silent joust, probably making their own moves in their minds!

But, don’t ever make the mistake of going away without indulging at ‘Emerge,’ the Spa at Wind Flower. The Spa Director – Vinita Rashinkar, is a pro at the concept of wellness and can advise you to take the perfect massage, to suit your needs. Emerge from a one hour massage and shower, with trained masseurs, ready to take on the world again. I took a Chocolate Indulgence massage being a chocoholic and of course the effects of chocolate on the mind and heart are legendary. Visualise being gently massaged with a mixture of almond oil and pure chocolate. The effects of chocolate on your skin is magical, under the professional ministrations of masseur Pushpa. The next time I go, I have promised to indulge in a Coffee Invigorating massage, with visions of emerging with a perfectly toned body, as coffee according to Vinita, has anti-aging properties. "Ayurveda is popular with visitors from abroad who come especially for the Abhyanga Sweda, which is the ultimate full body massage, done by two therapists working in tandem, removing the kinks in your body," reveals Vinita. Whatever your choice, do indulge in this mélange of pleasure and wellness.
"The room tarrif comes with a complimentary breakfast," explained Fazal the Manager of the resort. Starting with wedges of water melon and papaya, you can work your way to traditional idli- vada, with piping hot sambhar and chutney, or a more continental cheese omlette with croissants. Wash it all down with their delicious filter coffee. Olive Garden, the restaurant in the resort has a lot of walk in diners as well, as the chef is renowned for his continental cuisine. Tucking into his Hawaiian Chicken Steak or his Grilled river fish dunked with lemon sauce for lunch, its not hard to see how he has gained this formidable reputation. While dining at Olive Garden forget all diets, or maybe take in a dozen laps in the stunning, waterfall swimming pool later - it’s not worth denying yourself.

As we walk up to check out the Conference Room that seats 150 people, a Guinea Fowl scuttles past and a gaggle of Geese tick us off roundly for disturbing their peace. That’s what makes Wind Flower special, from the other resorts which are aseptically clean. Multinational executives working during the day, can be accommodated quite comfortably, alongside their families relaxing on the extensive grounds. Evenings can bring the families together, to bond and enjoy a great buffet under the stars, after unwinding in the large faux waterfall swimming pool.

For details on bookings and current tarrif contact:
Wind Flower Spa and Resort: Maharanapratap Road, Nazarbad, Mysore: 570 010, Karnataka, India.
Tel: + 91- 0821-2522500, FAX: +91-0821 2522400. email:
Or Ranjini Sudhakaran Director - Business Development, Footloose Yatra Consultants,
53, 1st Floor, 1st Cross, Domlur Layout, Bangalore - 560 071
Tel. Nos : + 91 80 4148 6212(D)/ 25357117 / 7116 Fax No : +91 80 25352424
Mail to : Website :

© Marianne de Nazareth September 2007
Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media within Globalization:
The European Perspective

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