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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

The Next Great Flu Pandemic is coming.
Are you prepared?

'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor'
Charlie Dickinson

'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, this will terrify you and thrill you.'. Roxy Williams -

'Fascinating, frightening and compelling read'.
Ian Middleton
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Another Place To Die

James Campion
Mr Reality Check
collected works

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
'Chocolate will never seem the same again' Sunday Express

Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
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'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review
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The International Writer's Magazine - Welcome - August 2007
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
The Last Costa Rican Paradise
Kimberly Johnston
The name Costa Rica now proves itself to be ironic; a country that was once so naturally rich, threatens to impoverish itself.
Toronto Safari
Habeeb Salloum
Take your children to the African Lion Safari and the Blackwood Creek Pioneer Village
Saving Cham Culture
Antonio Graceffo

The Kingdom of Champa, originating in the second century AD was one of the most powerful empires in Indochina
Flying Bicycles & Italian Politics on the Adriatic Coast
Thomas P. Coppock

My college friend, Mats, and I rode our bikes from Copenhagen to Thessaloniki, Greece. We had plenty of adventures, but one night on Italy’s Adriatic Coast stands out…

Sam North

I am not sure whether you go to Venice for the history, the romance, the idea you can go everywhere by water or you just want to see it before it crumbles, but we all have reasons to go there and go there one must.
Hiking Ajloun
Marwan Asmar

Looking up into the sky, it was pitch black, to the east directly, you see the faded lights of Bissan, the Palestinian town that is now under

Insights from Tuscany: the Art of Simplicity
Sonu Purhar

I hear the merry ping of a horn behind me and automatically step aside; my short stay here has already schooled me in small-town road etiquette.

Indianopolis- Unbound
Ari Kaufman

Geographically compact
The Emperor's New CDOs
Dean Borok on sub-prime lending
Broken down into bite-sized pieces that even I can understand, this is how the racket was set up
US Intervention in Middle-East
Brian Appleton

I think that it does Iranians a grave disservice to dismiss their 70 million population as Islamic fanatic madmen
Ten Years of Reflections

James Campion
Pt 11
'Know this, as long as this nation is at war the truth can no longer be considered an absolute'

Being French
Dean Borok - real power revealed

No amount of money can induce a French woman to go along with the program if it’s against her nature
The Mezquita and Rabo de Toro
Christian J Perticone

Coming upon the Mezquita with open doors there was little I could do to resist

Albuquerque’s Hot Air Balloon Festival: Southwestern adventures - Adee Braun
Today I realize a dream. Perhaps not a lifelong dream, or even a year-long dream, but maybe a four month long dream ever since the idea of circus-toned flying objects in a southwestern sky first lodged itself into my stubborn imagination
The Guns of Central America

This bizarre trip, from Havana to San Salvador, took me through five levels of Central American gun culture

Bonjour Blueberries:
Kathleen Hegedus-Beeksma

Where is this treasure trove of wonders: cultural, natural and wild? North of Quebec City in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of the belle province.
The Key to Japanese Architecture

Kelly Waterbury
The word ‘pub’ is misleading to a foreigner in Japan, misinterpreting a simple word can take you places you never dreamed of going.
Morro de Sao Paulo

Annie Lalla
in Brazil
There are no cars here.  You walk everywhere by foot.  All transport of goods is accomplished by wheelbarrows marked "Taxi" on the side with unintentional humour.

Why You Travel
Richard Turner

How to arrive...
Chasing Dragons
Nicole Trilivas on wanderlust

I’m constantly chasing the dragon. This isn’t wanderlust - it’s wanderlove.
Travel Without Destinations
Claire Kulikowski on crossing borders

Travel, purposefully purposeless travel, helps a person live better than they might have otherwise
Processing the Travel Experience
Eric D Lehman on communication skills

My friend Ford can boast many of the adventures the rest of us only dream about.
Letting Off Steam
Ed Freeman
Mistakes on the Road Well Travelled

Washington DC on Foot
A new tour of the National Mall conveys the history that inspired the monuments at a price perfect for any budget: Free - Ben Hindman

Conan Doyle Collection: New Fiction Prize
Four Categories:
Detective: Contemporary or Historical
Amazing Adventure
Young Sherlock Holmes: 14-17 age group
Go here for details: Nov 2007 deadline
Ist Prize 1000 with four runner ups 250 each
The Judges:
Michelle Spring - (The Night Lawyer)
Sam North - (Curse of the Nibelung)
Steven O'Brien - (Dark Hill Dreams)
Neil McCaw - Director of Conan Doyle Collection

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Fiction on Hacks
Over the hill
Quentin Bates - Investigates
The ‘thank you for driving carefully through our town’ sign disappeared in a cloud of dust kicked up from the dry road as the inspector put her foot down.
"It’s not as if we have to worry about speeding," she grinned. As the road climbed, the team from Reykjavík in the van in front slowed as the mist drifted across the road and the inspector drummed meaty fingers on the steering wheel.

Conversations With the Trees
Karen Maxwell

We pushed off from the side of the lake with Jonathan’s strong arms and his paddle extended onto the shore line. We paddled into the center on our way, to cross over, to the other side. I sat straight with the paddle in my hands grasp.
The Sepulcher
Lakunle Jaiyesimi
Are words thrown up, like mines, from relegated sepulchers in the manner of whispers heavier than the songs of heroes?

Heart Break Pass
Joeseph Brooke

Heart break pass, broken dreams and nightmare screams, visions of some corporate monkey drilling deep into your soul with carbide eyeballs

Vinegar In The Salad
Mark Cunliffe

Nina Bale stood by the window in the office and looked out across London’s docklands. It was 1987 and it was her year. She could feel it in her bones,

Variety Lights
Dan Schneider
If you have ever wondered why Federico Fellini's film was called Eight and a Half , the reason is simple. It was the eighth full film he had directed, till that point, along with a 12 film credit, which was his debut effort,
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Directed by David Yates
A Gemma Ayres review
New thrills and chills....

Research: When to stop reading and start your novel
Sam North
A profile of three novels and the research behind them

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