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A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North

ISBN: 13: 978-1-4116-3748-1
ISBN: 10: 1-4116-3748-8

302 pages - Lulu Press USA & UK

Amazon UK

'Chocolate will never seem quite the same again'
- Sunday Express

Revised Edition 2011

Holmes v The Third Reich
What is the greatest secret in Nuremberg?
Revealed for the first time the great detective's role in WW11.


December 1939

Germany and Great Britain are in the fog of the phoney war. The First Sea Lord Winston Churchill knows that England is not nearly ready for the fight. Four British spies have perished in strange circumstances in Nuremberg trying to discover the biggest secret of the Third Reich. Churchill turns to the only man he knows who can solve the mystery. But Lord Sherlock Holmes is now 83, Dr Watson even older. Are they still up to it? They must cross the Channel, pretend to be German sympathisers. If caught, England will disown them. Holmes accepts the challenge; indeed he has been awaiting the call. They will solve the mystery, or die in the attempt. Two ancient men of England and one beautiful nurse Cornelia Hainsely enter enemy territory. Their loyalty will be tested, more than once, and there is no one they can trust. The secret of Nuremberg is far more sinister than even Holmes could imagine; their chances of getting back alive, very slim indeed

Read an extract from the First Chapter here

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The Curse of the Nibelung- A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

available from Amazon and other on-line booksellers. Printed in the USA and UK

First published as a hardback with Arlington under a pseudonym (Marcel D'Agneau). The publisher held on tight to it and just wouldn't give it back. Fortunately death parted the book from his determined grip and now, following revision, it is at last available again to everyone in paperback. I am particularly happy to have it published in America, for the book was never available there the first time around. I hope they like it there as much as British readers have over the years. (Battered copies of the original are still in UK libraries or trading on Ebay). I hope a new generation of readers find the book at Lulu Press and enjoy it as well.'

*Many thanks to Carine 'Kit' Thomas for all her sterling work in de
signing and getting this new edition to press.
Here are some of the original reviews for The Curse of the Nibelung

‘The triumphant return of Holmes and Watson’. Eric Hiscock - The Bookseller

Chocolate will never seem quite the same again. With an irresistable, high-quality Goon-like zaniness, this dynamically-paced thriller follows its own lager-than-life logic. Not to be missed. - Richard Pearce – Sunday Express

‘Supremely enchanting’ – John Stonehouse -Books and Bookmen

A splendid spoof, even better than the author’s earlier parody of Le Carré, ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Mole’. Francis Geoff – Sunday Telegraph

‘Ingenious. So well crafted that the entertainment value is not in doubt. Others will certainly try to update Holmes and do far less well. Follow that, as they say’.
Southern Evening Echo

New Review
The Curse of the Nibelung is a great addition to the growing body of Holmesian adventures ...a lot of fun ...borders on the zany. Charles Dickinson

The Curse of the Nibelung is printed in the UK and USA and is available from the
In the UK buy from Amazon who source in the UK
In Japan order from Amazon Japan
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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Or within the USA and Europe buy direct from Lulu Press USA

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Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
ISBN 13: 978-1-4116-1-088-0
ISBN: 1-4116-1088-1

Buy now from
'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review

Now printed in the UK and available from
& Waterstones

By Sam Hawksmoor and Sam North
Could you live in a world where antibiotics no longer work?
Print & Kindle
Q&A interview with the authors here
A city gripped by fear as a lethal virus approaches from the East. No one knows how many are dying. People are petrified of being thrown into quarantine. Best friends Kira and Liz once parted are scared they will never see each other again. Teen lovers, Chris and Rachel, prepare to escape to the islands. Do you stay and hide, or do you flee?

Review from the First Edition:
'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, Another Place to Die will terrify you, thrill you, and make you petrified of anyone who comes near you...' Roxy Williams -

Another Place To Die


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