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Sept Update now live
Seven thousand miles. One 30-something who deeply regrets not doing any training. Rebecca Lowe's
Bicyle Blog to the Middle East
The Mennonites Heritage
@ St. Jacob’s Farmers Market

Habeeb Salloum

For years as I watched horse and buggies travel along the roads of the Waterloo region of Ontario, and thought about Mennonites and their culture...
Amish Country
Fred C. Wilson III

In all honesty I rarely ate so well; mashed potatoes with creamy homemade butter and gravy, yummy roast beef that melts in your mouth, corn bread with dressing, fresh homemade Dutch apple pie

Joe Cool Dominating
James Campion + Readers Responses

Don’t Look Now – Barack Obama Is Beating Second-Term Jinx - the historic Iran Deal will be his second term’s lasting legacy for good or ill.
White Guy Writing About #BlackLivesMatter
James Campion

If I were to say walk down the street in a fairly suburban neighborhood at ten pm, a cop car would not slow down to check me out or stop to ask me where I was going.
Life, Right, Halt!
Tom Kilcourse
The rapid and extensive development of social media offers tremendous learning opportunities... sadly the possibilities are not fully exploited.
Tom Kilcourse

Capitalism, like socialism, is a generic term covering widely varying systems.
Evaluating Conspiracy Media for Reliability - Antonio Graceffo
Conspiracy theories have always existed in America, but they have gained popularity since 9/11 ...
A New Twist on Weekly Shooting
James Campion

A TV guy shoots other TV people on TV and uses social media to promote it.

YOGI – 1925-2015
James Campion

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was the best catcher in the history of Major League Baseball. He won ten titles, three MVP Awards...
star of David
A Personal Story about Holocaust

Irene Shaland

I did not travel anywhere to find this story. It lives within me, as it does within most Jewish people’s hearts and minds.
Chinese RMB Devaluation analysis Antonio Graceffo
The recent drop in the Yuan will create more competition for US exporters...
Spain Awaits a Crisis - Autumn 2015
James Skinner

As Catalonia goes to the polls a political storm is about to hit Spain
The Myth of MMA Fighting Your Way Out of Poverty
Antonio Graceffo

Rocky Marciano was born poor and died rich. But that was boxing, not MMA.
Exile on Main Street
Dean Borok

I once had a cousin who was hanged at the U.S. Army prison in San Francisco as a thief. He did the hanging himself, one day before he was scheduled to be released.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Wild Bird’s Progeny
Abigail George

In a doorway stands an entire choir of voices that bloom in an oblivion and not one of those voices belong to me.
Moscow Olympics
Charlie Dickinson

The years passed. Nearly three and, as Andrei wrote, the war was dragging on endlessly and kept him there. He mentioned that fighting the mujahideen seemed as impossible as eradicating a fungus ...
Julie McSmith

Today young Monica and her mother are at the Discount Barn Emporium - for the first time, Monica requests her mother's consent to circumnavigate the store alone. 
Three Plums
The City University of New York Medical School Quick Weight Loss Diet
- Steve Slavin

Caroline is a yo-yo dieter. Name any diet – Scarsdale, Weight Watchers, Dr. Atkins, and even Dr. Romano’s lettuce leaf diet – and she’s tried it. But nothing worked for her...
Want to write and publish fiction yourself? Going For it
Here's some tips by Hawksmoor & North

Interactive Democracy:
The Social Roots of Global Justice by Carol C. Gould
Ronald Elly Wanda
When we think of ethical problems involving the nature of democracy in Africa, probably none is more paradigmatic than the issue of social justice
A father's desperate search for a missing daughter with the aide of Anya - the girl who can read objects...
Inspiration for becoming a writer

Sam North

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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