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'Remember this, someone always makes money on the way down and it isn't a stockmarket meltdown until absolutely no one will buy your shares - then can you panic.' The Editor - Hackwriters.com - proud Attari investor.  
Workawaying in Portugal: Adventurous Language Learning
Joseph Oberwinzer

My first thought was “I must flee at once.”
Matt in Laos
Hunting for Leeches and Treehouses in Southern Laos
Matt Norcini

“Are you scared of leeches, Matt?” It wasn’t a question I had been prepared for or was thinking about.
In the Shadow of Never Mountain
Matt Norcini

The church bells echoed through the quiet town streets of Berat, Albania. It was 6pm, and it was time for giro. We had read about this tradition of “total town promenade” and, honestly, thought little of it.
Manila on Foot
Fred C. Wilson III

Manila on foot can be an enlightening adventure- it's one big outdoor food court with barbeque grills on most blocks.

Media, Money & Donald Trump

James Campion

For a political junkie, the Donald Trump Show is a welcomed distraction; especially the stuff about how he has made a living off purchasing the system and how it is a sham
Planned Parenthood
James Campion

'What needs to be pointed out is this gnawing penchant for political activists – both on the Left and the Right to go off half-cocked and just make shit up to support its agenda.'
Send in the Clowns
James Skinner on politics in Spain

Weed legal, Salvadore Dali banned. Welcome to the new radical Spain
Jimmy Edwards

Tom Kilcourse

a philosophical shift that took place in teacher training in the nineteen-sixties when new ‘learning theories’ were swallowed whole by teacher training colleges
Watch Your Words
Tom Kilcourse

when the definition of a word becomes sufficiently loose to affect decision making and cause general confusion it is time to clarify its meaning. The word I have in mind is ‘economy’.

UBER versus NYC

James Campion
+ Readers Responses
as a business model, no one wants to have “limits” imposed on your expansion, and Uber is expanding big time. The company estimates adding 25,000 customers every week.
Martial Arts Styles Do Exist
Antonio Graceffo

Recently, I have heard a lot of people claiming that there are no martial arts styles, only “good technique” and “bad technique.” But this is simply not the case.
Western Australia Road Trip: Pros & Cons - Samantha Lego
After 30 days, 7,364 kilometres, $1,500 in petrol costs, countless litres of wine and more than a dozen road kill cows, my travelling partner and I joined the ranks of hardened road trip warriors

REVIEWS Film & Books
Parallel World   

Martin Green wakes up

A thunderstorm in June was almost unheard of where they lived...
Scottie and Zelda Fitzgerald
Abigail George

You loved me to death I am afraid Scottie and now it is too late. I can never be a girl again and you can never be that boy again...
The First Supper
R.J. Fox
(Extract from Love & Vodka)
Katya and I were seated on the couch side of the table. At first glance, the couch appeared comfortable, but in reality, it was far from it. It wasn’t the couch itself, which was rather stiff, but rather, its low height and overall proximity to the table.

New on Print and Kindle
A father's desperate search for a missing daughter who believes him dead. With the aide of Anya - the girl who can read objects they try to track her down

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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