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L I F E S T Y L E S - 2 0 1 7
O P I N I O N - 2 0 1 7

The Chapel Arts Plant-Based Café - Bath
Kittencat Review
if ever there was a time to loudly FOODGASM, this was it. I immediately Instagrammed the burger saying that this was indeed, the most delicious burger I’d ever EVER eaten..
Give Me A Break
Walli F. Leff
Here’s me gasping for air in this Trump-Nazi-KKK-white supremacist-climate-change-denying-would-be Mexican-wall-building- Muslim-hating democracy across the Atlantic. I got sucker-punched by the fake election and haven’t been able to breathe properly for a good, long time now. 
Crafting the YA Novel
Sam Hawksmoor

Why did they do that?  Show me why they made that decision and the consequences of their actions
The Rise of College Identity Theft
Justin Lavelle
As a college student, you might not think anyone wants to steal your identity. You have no money or credit so identity thieves must not be interested in you…right? Think again.
Stumbling into Fatherhood
James Campion
Dedicated to the Dad in All of Us
I had something happen to me this past week that has never happened before. And for someone only a few months from 55 years of age that is oddly monumental
Lost Weekend in Dover
A Nightmare in Space A Travel
John F. Fisher CAPT USNR (ret.)

I should have heeded the omen, a constant, torrential downpour, and turned back right then.
James Campion
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at 50
It was fifty years ago today…
June 1, 1967, to be exact; the day the cultural axis of the Western hemisphere is altered by a singular artistic event.
Seven Hours
Tyrel Nelson
...after trying the handle, I’m not sure if I can handle what I think has just happened—not this late anyhow.
Heir of Karen Blixen to take over Manor Estate in Denmark - Cecilia Macaulay and Peter Horn
A smooth transition takes careful planning as well as brave decisions. Running a family estate is not a job to be taken lightly.
Observations Catches Up on Things
Martin Green
I’ve become a little suspicious of our new “smart” Samsung TV as it doesn’t always do what we tell it to
Observations 2: View from the Lazy Boy
Martin Green

What I notice between the ages of 85 and 87-plus is that life has become more problematic.   Every day presents a new adventure, often a number of misadventures.
Observations at Sea Once Again   
Martin Green

One of the first things we noticed was that there were a lot of kids on board ...
Martin Green
I had turned 85 at the end of last year, which was now a month ago.  85!  No wonder I felt despondent.
Will Someone Please Have Sex with Bill O'Reilly - James Campion
Tales of Old, Unattractive Perverts & Other Sociological Phenomenon
Charles Edward A. 'Chuck' Berry - 1926 - 2017
James Campion
E=Mc2 – Albert Einstein
Rock and Roll – Chuck Berry
A Comfortable Silence
Tyrel Nelson
We haven’t seen each other in four years. We have spoken occasionally—calls in the evening, motivated by guilt, on birthdays and holidays—but we haven’t actually been face-to-face since the spring after my pop died.
My view through 'The Wild Reeds'
Duncan Shaw
When I first saw The Wild Reeds (TWR), last summer on NPR's online music series called the Tiny Desk Concerts - I was an instant fan.
Crossroads, homeward.
The Journey of a Brazilian Babalawo
Lakunle Jaiyesimi 
...the passion to sap up the elements of the Yoruba culture is all pervasive that it drove Babalawo Ifagbenro to the doorstep of love
From 36 to 63
Tyrel Nelson
One of the first things I did after turning 36 was pull a hamstring. In an attempt to prove to myself and my softball teammates that I hadn’t lost a step, I tried to shift into a higher gear while rounding the bases. I ended up a peg leg instead.
Nature Knows No Borders
Jenny Wright

Early morning and dawn is beginning. I'm walking along the beach, breathing in whiffs of sea spray.  White Rock’s’ lights are fading and ocean and skies turn blue against the backdrop of a glowing sunrise.
How can Indians protect Indian Temple Gold?
Murli Menon
Once upon a time, there was a king in India, who paid his army in gold coins from his treasury. The king decided to conquer neighbouring kingdoms and soon exhausted his gold as he travelled further. So he got a brilliant idea. Demonetisation.
Top 7 Mistakes That Can Keep You Out Of Law School - Robert Everett
As you have intended to apply to law school, you need to know some things in order to avoid frequent mistakes that lead to refusal ...

Cinema Tourism Comes to Cuenca and Guadalajara
Set-Jetting taking off in Spain. Come and see where the movies are made.
Travellers’ Guide to Transportation in Samui
Khanh Tran
Paradise Navigational Tools - Being overpriced, getting lost and scammed are some of the unfortunate situations you may encounter. Fret not, here’s a little handy guide to help you prepare.
Feasts and Festivals in Chicago
Fred C. Wilson III

November in Chicago is a time for celebration; (shootings don’t count) but especially this year. Those ‘lovable losers’ aka the Chicago Cubs have finally won the World Series after a 108 year wait.
No Heavy Lifting
Sam Hawksmoor

I was asking students to tell me about something significant or life altering that had happened to them and suddenly thought –I’d better just try this thing myself... 
China vs US Olympic Sports Training Compared
Antonio Graceffo, PhD, China MBA
China’s inability to top the Olympic medal charts in all but the 2008 games, which they hosted, demonstrates the limitations of the Soviet sport school system
China Doesn’t Use Japanese Judo Terminology
By Antonio Graceffo, PhD, China MBA
Parallel to my dissertation research on Chinese traditional wrestling, I completed a bit of research on Japanese judo because of the similarities between the two arts.
5 Tips to Become the Most Production Student You Know - Robert Everett
Have you ever met a person that was very productive and fast? Were you amazed by his/her work?
Two Beings
Victor J Castleton

a steely like insect-creature struggled to escape the sweet sticky trapping
Sara Troy interviews Sam Hawksmoor
Q&A with the author of a love story in a post-apocalpyse 'J&K 4Ever'
9 Reasons Why Traveling Has To Become Part of Education
Kelly J. Harris

When you travel, you will discover there’s no one single solution to the same problem.
Understanding Mass Shooting Terminology
Antonio Graceffo

People are crying for laws preventing convicted felons and people under the age of 18 from buying guns. But these laws also are already on the books.
Muhammad Ali - 1942-2016
James Campion

Few lives are as epic as Muhammad Ali’s. It is an American epic, an African American epic, a religious epic, a boxing epic, a socio-political epic, a generational epic, and most of all, an inspirational epic.
Doctor's Visit in Indonesia
Andrea Cox Christen
It was the jarring shock and having to hobble a bit in the mornings that made me do it. And that I kept hearing how everything was covered by insurance.
The Dream Country
Fred C. Wilson III
Dreaming is the cheapest form of travel I know. Everybody dreams; even those who deny it dream only they’re not cognizant of it. All it costs is your subconscious mind to work the magic.
High Yields Reported for UK Airport Carparks
Sean Lee
A new piece of research by a UK based airport parking provider has revealed that investing in airport carparks is a high yield investment.
Ogoni Freedom Charter
Fegalo Nsuke

To say that Ogoni is the worst place to live on earth may just sound like an over-statement. But it is indeed a fact. Everything seems to work against her.
Two Revolutions
Tom Kilcourse
The expectations of young people are now lower than they were in my youth, and with good reason.
Counsel of Despair
Sam Hawksmoor

The benefits of good advice and how to survive it...
The Psychology of the Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It
Phoebe Parlade

If you are afraid of flying, avoiding taking a flight is the worst thing that you can do. Learn why that is true and identify ways to confront the underlying cause of your anxiety.
Prince Rogers Nelson - 1958 -2016
James Campion
During the most prolific musical period of my life, my early twenties, when I wrote and played music for a living, more or less, there was only one artist that mattered; Prince Rogers Nelson.
Beware Of Toasters, They’re Going To Get You
Joe Swain

The first time I took a hammer to a machine, it was one of those big Xerox photocopiers with an A3-sized glass slab under its hood and an attitude to suit.
Trump - America's Mussolini?
Fred C Wilson

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte~
The Three C’s
Tom Kilcourse
The three C’s I have in mind stand for capitalism, competition and corporation, or more correctly, corporatism.
The Great Wall of Chinese
and the Internet Resources to Help You Over it
Jenna Orkin
Learning Chinese with on-line tutors
Sir George Martin 1926 - 2016
James Campion

Martin, as producer and creative Sherpa, did the heaviest lifting of all; he cajoled, conducted, re-imagined and realized the music that shook the very foundation of human spirit.
Seeming Rather than Being
Duncan Shaw

We’ve been living for six years now with the massive and destructive academics and athletics scandal at the University of North Carolina (UNC), located in the town of Chapel Hill, state of North Carolina, USA. 
The Other Michaelangelo
Fred C. Wilson III

My painter of choice Caravaggio stands tall alongside Leonardo da Vinci, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele and Alphonse Maria Mucha
David Bowie 1947 - 2016
James Campion

Bowie was our perpetual outsider – zigging when the rest of the thing zagged.
In Defense of Ebenezer Scrooge
James Campion
A Christmas Plea For Leniency For A Misunderstood Freethinking Capitalist
- I maintain, that Scrooge, while being obstinate and crotchety, mostly rude and myopic, is hardly a villain and does not deserve the kind of black mark rendered upon him next to some of the most vile of literature’s rogues
Defacing the Syrian Stigma
John Lambert
These refugees have not set out to change American culture or the American way of life.
How to Beat Rejection
Sam North

Nobody likes to be rejected.  Whether in relationships, business or in a creative enterprise.  It can damage your self-esteem, affect your future work or relationships and how others judge you.
New Jersey Roast
Dean Borok
When I think about Thanksgiving I think about the suburbs and, more specifically, I think about New Jersey. My mother’s family is in New Jersey, and I got slammed with a pretty strong dose of that place while I was still a kid.
Mom, Me, and Boyfriends
Sarah Fils-Aime

I never once woke to the sound of my mother sneaking in with a stranger, heels in her hand. I was not reared in a house where a new man would shuffle out while I ate my cereal. But my mother has had many boyfriends...
Remembering Hotels, Good and Bad
Walli F. Leff
Once I had an exceptional experience in a hotel: I slept on an absolutely perfect mattress. I know that now you expect me to tell you where that mattress was. I would if I could, but, for the life of me, I just can’t remember.
Tom Kilcourse
Every action has consequences, some good, some bad and many unforeseen. Those consequences do not always occur in the domain where the action was taken because, in a sense, everything is linked to everything else.
The world is a big place – Go explore it.

Steve Sherk

Go Explore designs is the name of the store created which showcases photography from all over the world. It’s allowed a unique way to blend fashion and art together...
'Cleaning' the Amman Nymphaeum for heritage
Marwan Asmar
This summer was a good cleaning period for the Amman Nymphaeum. From a blackened relic, its frontal facade, niches and apses are restored again.
YOGI – 1925-2015
James Campion
Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was the best catcher in the history of Major League Baseball. He won ten titles, three MVP Awards...
The Unemerging Writer
Karl MacDermott
I decided to make the appointment with Julie the prospective literary agent in the seated area of the Maxol service station off the M12 near Balgaddy. She wondered why I wanted to meet in such an unlikely place. I told her I lived near- by. That was a lie.
Making an early exit
Sam North

When a friend takes his own life suicide is no easy solution...
A Nuclear Middle-East
Marwan Asmar

Israel has long practiced what it calls its policy of "nuclear ambiguity" of neither denying nor confirming the fact it possess nuclear weapons
Observations on Being Really Old
Martin Green

Let’s face it, when you reach the point of being really old, there are certain things you can no longer do.
A Personal Story about Holocaust

Irene Shaland

I did not travel anywhere to find this story. It lives within me, as it does within most Jewish people’s hearts and minds.
Chinese RMB Devaluation analysis Antonio Graceffo
The recent drop in the Yuan will create more competition for US exporters...
The Myth of MMA Fighting Your Way Out of Poverty
Antonio Graceffo

Rocky Marciano was born poor and die
Mennonites Heritage @ St. Jacob’s Farmers Market
Habeeb Salloum

For years as I watched horse and buggies travel along the roads of the Waterloo region of Ontario, I thought of the Mennonites and their culture, of how they have maintained their traditions in the sea of modernity.
UBER versus NYC
James Campion
This was bound to happen here. It has happened elsewhere. The grassroots ingenuity of transport services, more specifically Uber and to a lesser extent Lyft, offer a convenient alternative to mass transit and traditional cab services.

Why the Pissing Contest?

What could I possibly say that wouldn't make me out to be one of those brutish and selfish men that make me look bad by association?

800 attempts to change the world as a Londoner - Nick Millman

In May 2012, I decided to change my life with the assistance of my step-dad, David. He kept saying to me, ‘Why don’t I do things?’ ...
Cinema Tourism Comes to Cuenca and Guadalajara
Set-Jetting taking off in Spain. Come and see where the movies are made.

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Jimmy Kimmel & The New Age of Celebrity Politics
James Campion
The political and commercial morals of the United States are not merely food for laughter, they are an entire banquet. – Mark Twain
The Hillary Delusion
James Campion
Loser’s Lament – A Commentary
Clinton, like Trump, the two most vilified and unpopular people to actually gain major party support, are one in the same to the people who defend them; they are symbols. And no matter what layers of nonsense you apply to their failures it will never end ...
The Stinking Gap Between Politics And People
Odimegwu Onwumere
I was youthful when the military took over the political affairs in Nigeria on December 31, 1983, lasting till 1998. Killing of civilians and hounding of activists that were opposed to the whims and caprices of the military, were the first impression that I had about politics ...
Premonition - Spain
James Skinner
For more than a couple of years, and because of the attacks in other parts of Europe, the terrorist threat level was raised to 4, short of a full scale level 5.
Two Decades - One Space
James Campion 
 How The Hell Did This Happen?  
He told me not to worry about petty things like censorship or decorum and to write “whatever the hell you like” ...    
Radical Caucasian Terrorism & The President Who Defends It
James Campion
Trump’s spectacular streak of stupidity mixed with the world’s most effective promotional tool for abortion has revealed much about America. He extracts the poison from the body politic and an astonishing pile of puke was on display this past week during a white nationalist coming-out party in Charlottesville, Virginia ...
The 'Daddy Love Me' Nuclear Stand-Off - 2017 James Campion
Who didn’t see this coming? The second Donald Trump took the oath of office, all of it; wildly manic Tweet storms about TV hosts and obsessions with fabricated inner demons and spastic firings and institutional in-fighting and ill-advised bluster about seemingly innocuous and mostly delusional self-congratulatory nonsense, and now, most likely crimes, was inevitable. It is the Trump branding. This is what we voted for ...
Batea - (The town that dares to say no to Independence) - James Skinner
Corruption and Nationalism rolls on as Spain enjoys a prosperous summer
The Unsinkable ACA
James Campion + Readers Responses
After the Healthcare Repeal fails again - Bulletproof “Obamacare” Rolls On - The Affordable Care Act is the most hearty, defiant and impenetrable slice of legislation this nation has seen in a century or more. It may take a second Civil War to take it down.
Citizens of New Jersey Unite Against Government Suppression!
James Campion

Before heading to Europe to kiss Vladimir Putin’s ass and after spending a week getting into Twitter wars with cable TV hosts, President Trump unleashed his completely unnecessary paranoid-central, daddy-didn’t-love-me-so-even-though-I-won-the-election commission cleverly titled Election Integrity.
Our European Demons
James Skinner writes from Vigo in Spain.

...instead of agreeing that rights should have been guaranteed 100% on both sides of the Channel, there is still an air of confusion. As far as Spain is concerned it has just added more anxiety to the over 200,000 Spaniards presently in Britain
COMEY Speaks
James Campion
Fired and Vilified Former FBI Director Takes His Swings
 - The entirety of the United States intelligence community, including the NSA, CIA and FBI has all confirmed that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 presidential election.
Third Time Lucky in Spain
James Skinner

Spain has had a month of political upheavals that once again may change the course of a country that is constantly travelling on a funfair roller-coaster.
Apology Syndrome 2017
James Campion
... we all know Griffin apologized because everyone went nuts. So she is not apologizing for her opinion or the way she chose in a very strategic way to express it.
Donald Trump: Stupid, Guilty or Both?
James Campion
+ Readers Responses 6.1.17
The firing of FBI Director James Comey confirms two things; the president of the United States is probably guilty and most definitely stupid.
The Trump Century Mark
James Campion
Dissecting the Worst First 100 Days of a Presidency

Congratulations to Donald J. Trump. Not since 1933 when they started using this century metric to measure the length and breadth of a newly minted president have we seen more chaos, failure and mayhem in the first 100 days of an administration.
When an Armada is Not an Armada
James Campion
And Doomsday is Delayed For a Lark
...it appeared from that announcement that conflict was nigh – and not just any conflict; nuclear war level conflagration or millions-die-in-an-instant kind of level
The Trump Doctrine
James Campion 4.14.17
Spoiler Alert: There Is None

When an unhinged simpleton is commander-in-chief of the most power and richest armed forces on the planet you get the week we just had
Government Zero
James Campion
What Transpires When People Who Hate Civics Run Things
- Trump said about four hundred times during his campaign that he would repeal and replace the ACA on his first day, which, of course, is insane ...
Brexit Trigger and Spain
James Skinner

It is ‘Brexit’ month when most public transport around Europe including the United Kingdom will have a large sign that says ‘ALL CHANGE’.
Health Care: Here We Go Again
James Campion

An Agitated Psalm to the Curse of Deja Vu - The Congressional Budget Office has yet to let us all know how much this boondoggle will cost us...
More Fun with The Russian Thing
James Campion
Attorney General Commits Perjury In Expanding Cover-Up - It has now become a weekly thing for an official of this current administration to commit some kind of malfeasance and seemingly every other week for something to emerge that ties the president of the United States to Russian meddling in the 2016 American democratic process.
Corruption in Spain
James Skinner
Corruption has and still is a worldwide malaise. It is endemic in all sectors of humanity and related to every area of public and private institutions. In other words, it is rampant and everywhere.
China-Trump the First 30 Days
Presentation on Youtube
Antonio Graceffo, PhD, China-MB

Insights into the New World Order
Out Like Flynn
James Campion
Or How To Go From Inauguration to Constitutional Crisis in 25 Days - For the record, I whole-heartedly agree with the president’s defense that his administration is not in chaos, we’re more into the territory of outright mayhem now.
How Should One Live in Africa?
Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal
You must have heard about the clamour for change that is almost turning sour in the mouths of citizens, what you have not heard is the hunger wracking the very soul of the masses.

Sorry - No 'Do-overs'
James Campion
Trump is in Vladimir Putin’s back pocket, diplomacy is alien to him, he’s afraid of Steve Bannon, and he had no interest in divesting himself of any of his current business dealings ...
Of Trump and World History
Ogbonna Nwuke

The signs had been there right from the time the new sheriff in town bared his fangs on the campaign trail.
'Alternative Facts'
James Campion
What The Trump Era Can Teach Us About Our National Illusions  

Fact: The earth revolves around the sun.
Alternative Fact: The sun revolves around the earth.
Special Alliance
James Skinner
'Spain vs UK'
Brexit Mania - 'many if not most in Europe consider it the worst disaster to hit both the UK and Europe since the II World War'
Ground Rules for Donald Trump Commentary
James Campion
A Template for “Covering” a Weird Presidency -
As one can imagine, I have been getting a bevy of advice on what I should be writing or how I should be dealing with the emergence of this thing called Donald Trump  
Joe Cool ... Out
James Campion
Our Journey From Hope To Change To Trump  
Barack Obama is the only major party candidate for president I have ever voted for with gusto. And he shall be the last. That is my gift to him on his way out.
Quite A Year
James Skinner

No doubt about it! We’ve ended one of the most incredibly tumultuous years this century. 10.1.17

Next Up - Oust Christie
James Campion

Freeing the Garden State of Assholes since November, 2016
Turns out standing behind a candidate trying to appear relevant during campaign rallies netted him a whole lot of nothing
The Ballad of District Five
James Campion
How Acting Like a Total Jack Ass Helps Flip the Tide of Politics  - What really happened is I got involved. For the first time. And I kicked ass.

After Castro
James Skinner on Spain

Two prominent figures have passed away recently. One, of international fame and the other of local national interest. Both will have, for different reason an impact on this country.
President Donald J Trump
An Explanation in Two Parts

James Campion + Readers Responses
Trump was an eight-to-one underdog and he swept the table he needed to sweep. American history was written on November 8, 2016, for good or ill
Final Thoughts on Election 2016
James Campion

Rogues, Insults, Sexual Assault, FBI Investigations & Treason - The very core of our nation’s grand experiment has been revealed and it is all the things it should be – ugly, petty, furious, passionate, covered in bullshit and innuendo ...
Aleppo is Bleeding
Marwan Asmar

Aleppo today stands as the city of death, it is a deserted wasteland. Aleppo stands divided into east, the destroyed, obliterated part and the west which is controlled by the government, the Baath regime, stands as one piece.
Spain needs a Nostradamus
James Skinner

So what happens now? Predictions are hard. These will be in order of priorities, untouchables and uncertainties in hands of - at least - a constitutional government, one that upholds the Constitution and the State of Law, vital for the future of Spain and the European Union.
Scott Garrett's Intimidation Machine Versus Me
James Campion

Humorless NJ Congressman Sics Local Police on Lil’ Ol’ Journalist
Scott Garrett Pt 1
James Campion

Garrett is proudly anti-gay, steeped in religious falderal. He reeks of hatred. It steams from his pours like cat piss in the sun
After Trump
James Campion
What Will Be Left of the Republican Party When Trump Loses?

The end game for Citizen Donald J. Trump has begun in earnest, and it is ugly, spiteful and completely nuts, but do not be fooled; it is not without method.
The Joke's Over + Readers Responses
James Campion

Donald J. Trump -
Myth Buster Busted

Those 90 minutes in front of a record 84 million viewers has eradicated any and all plausible reasons why Trump could govern anything at any time with even the remotest efficiency, never mind be president... but as debates will do, and should do, the veil as been lifted on this particular canard.
Yes is Yes in Spain
James Skinner
A new face has appeared on the scene, Sr. Javier Fernandez, President of the autonomous region of Asturias, to take up the slack and start talking to Sr. Rajoy before the end of the month. His first speech was to remove the ‘Podemos’ (Sr. Pablo Iglesias communist movement) element from the party...
Stiffed Indeed
Nigel West

Towards the end of April 1964 a slightly disheveled, disorientated middle-aged man stumbled through RAF Northolt after his arrival from Berlin where he had been exchanged in a spy-swap for the former KGB illegal rezident in London, Konon Molody, who had been arrested in January 1961
Time for Chris Christie to Go to Jail
James Campion

Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, Abuse of Power - Time for our governor to go to jail. - He won’t. - But he should.

The Gary Johnson Factor

James Campion

Libertarian Candidate’s Mighty Wrench Any way you slice it, Gary Johnson is a factor in 2016, which is why he should be allowed to debate on September 26
Why Not Alice?
James Campion

As Chaos Reigns: The Coop Launches Late Run for the Presidency
Madam Shoo-In: Daily Crisis
James Campion

...when people ask me how a woman could become president, look no further than her opponent and the party for which he stands – antiquated, racially insulated, unrealistic and tone deaf.

Will there be a Government in Spain?
James Skinner
Can a Spanish Government be formed or face a third election on Christmas Day. Madrid is tense as the political divisions seem entrenched.
ISIS - The End is Nigh
James Campion
Out of Money, Losing Ground and Soon Mosul- What appeared as a rather aggressive prediction in this space sometime this past winter is now all-but a reality. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will soon have to remove Iraq from its fancy acronym by Christmas.
The Last Gasp for Citizen Trump
James Campion
The Lunatic Fringe Just Got A Whole Lot Loonier - There are few people remaining with any idea of what is happening in the real world which operate under the delusion that Donald Trump is not doomed, and he just grabbed two of them...
New Yawk, New Yawk
James Campion

All Empire State Presidential Election & Its National Referendum - Trump is silly with New Yawk. There isn’t five seconds of anything Trump says whether in interviews, rallies or on the stump that doesn’t reek of it.
Revenge of the Politicians + Readers Responses
James Campion
Democratic National Convention 2016
The System Punches Back “Old School” In Philadelphia - This is all you need know about what went down for four days in late July in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.
Impasse 28.07.16
James Skinner on the lack of a Government in Spain

Spain is back to square one. It’s like a game of musical chairs, except that they are all sitting without moving.
The Trump Show
James Campion
Plagiarism, Insurrection and High Theater in Cleveland
Republican National Convention 2016
The most dramatic, chaotic, and in every possible way historic national party convention of my lifetime has ended, and with it what you know of the Republican Party.
Hypocrites & Sore Losers on Parade
James Campion
Republican Lifers
are either sitting this one out or openly running for cover
Now... It's Over

James Campion

Madam Shoo-In Avoids Prison & Will Coast to the White House:
The “Broom Handle” theory, soon to be an iron-clad axiom, is simply this: You can run a broom handle for president as a Democrat now...
An Uncertain Future in Spain
James Skinner
(Our Vigo correspondent) 27.06.2016
The Repercussions of Brexit & the Spanish Elections
This last week has seen two unprecedented political events in Europe that could be considered as a Tsunami followed by a Hurricane.
Second Chance in Spain
James Skinner 17 June update
Not since the end of the Franco dictatorship and the introduction of democracy 40 years ago has this country been faced with a new and dramatically uncertain future.
Back to the Voting Table in Spain
James Skinner
The shortest Parliament in Spain’s history has been dissolved. New General Elections are schedule for the 26th of June. It’s party time all over again.

Why Bernie Sanders Matters + Readers Responses
James Campion

At this juncture it would take an act of God or the teamsters or something dreamed up by the ghost of Frank Capra for 74 year-old Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to wrest the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Rodham Clinton
Donald J. Trump, Republican Nominee - WTF?
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
“Outsider” Donald Trump became the voice of the disenfranchised tired of the GOP lie. His support was that of a defiantly powerful weapon against bullshit. This is the social media era and Donald Trump is its demigod.
What's the Point of Ted Cruz?
(Or For That Matter John Kasich)
James Campion
Maybe I’m mistaken. It would not be the first time and will hardly be the last. But someone please tell me that the point and purpose of the presidential candidacy for Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not just “Vote for me, because I’m not Donald Trump.”
Jordan Islamists and the precipice
Marwan Asmar

The current tensions between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is clearly rising to the boil with no end in sight

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