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Bikes on a barge
Explore authentic Amsterdam during your first visit

Paul-Christian Markovski

Amsterdam is fun. The tourist crowds not so much. They can tire you when you are keen on exploring the city and the locals' way of living. Check out the following advice on how to avoid the tourist crowds
Falling off the Wagon at the Chicago Lowrider Festival
Todd Wells

My brother-in-law is a car guy who likes tinkering. I thought a bunch of cars that have been trained to sit up and hop would be perfect, both for him and our kids.

Raipur Fort
Raipur Fort Rajasthan
Murli Menon
+ Vegan Eating
Visiting the Raipur Fort luxury homestay at Raipur in Rajasthan. High velocity winds are a constant feature of Raipur and they blow through the Khejri groves and coupled with the sounds of crickets ...

Radical Caucasian Terrorism & The President Who Defends It
James Campion

Trump’s spectacular streak of stupidity mixed with the world’s most effective promotional tool for abortion has revealed much about America ... an astonishing pile of puke was on display this past week during a white nationalist coming-out party in Charlottesville, Virginia ...
The 'Daddy Love Me' Nuclear Stand-Off - 2017 - James Campion
Who didn’t see this coming?
The second Donald Trump took the oath of office, all of it; wildly manic Tweet storms about TV hosts and obsessions with fabricated inner demons and spastic firings and institutional in-fighting and ill-advised bluster ... It is the Trump branding. This is what we voted for ...
(The town that dares to say no)
James Skinner

Corruption and Nationalism rolls on as Spain enjoys a prosperous summer
The Unsinkable ACA
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
After the Healthcare Repeal fails again - Bulletproof “Obamacare” Rolls On - The Affordable Care Act is the most hearty, defiant and impenetrable slice of legislation this nation has seen in a century or more. It may take a second Civil War to take it down.

Annie Hall
The Summer of 'Annie Hall' at 40.

James Campion

Alvy and Annie’s relationship reveals the deeper truths in the insecurity of the dating world circa mid-70s (Alvy insists that he and Annie kiss in the middle of their first date to avoid nausea later)
The Rise of College Identity Theft
Justin Lavelle

As a college student, you might not think anyone wants to steal your identity. You have no money or credit so identity thieves must not be interested in you…right? Think again.
Happening on Claddagh
in Ireland: 2 Hands, 1 Heart
Carrie Bailey

Outside of Catholicism, Celticism, and faeries, the Irish lesson is one of human stubbornness: authenticity. Protect what you believe.

REVIEWS Film & Books
You look so lovely, even when you cry - Abigail George
You’ve been living on a diet of caffeine and cigarettes for weeks now, Gus. Tell me what’s wrong. Tell me what’s wrong, right now.
Girl Bar
That Sweet Young 'Thang'
John Richmond

They didn’t go looking for anything, no, they just wanted to listen to some good music, but the moment she walked in the door- everything changed.
Abigail George

It’s winter. Johan is writing on his laptop in the kitchen while she’s making coffee. This love affair was finally going to turn into a marriage. This Saturday morning felt as if she was living on an island with her favourite things. Food and Johan.
Martin Green

Paul Lerner opened his eyes and looked at the bedside clock---8:15.  He’d made it through another night, he told himself.   Since his last birthday, 87, he’d found himself thinking this every morning.
Bumbletuna can
Can of Tuna
Allen P Cook

Her head travelled horizontally back and forth trying to get its bearings--restless wheat in a breeze. The Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pillar lay in front of her, big as a football field.

2020 World of War

Paul Cornish & Kingsley Donaldson
Published by Hodder and Stoughton - July 2017
Sam Hawksmoor review
'Essential reading for troubled times'
Three Hours Past Midnight
Three Hours Past Midnight
by Tony Knighton
Sam North review
'Fast paced Philadelphia crime thriller that gives Jack Reacher a run for his money...'

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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