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The International Writers Magazine:
2016 Hackwriters Archive Samples
JANUARY: The Naked Emperor vs The Man Behind the Curtain
James Campion
How Donald Trump’s Political Farce Uncovered Political Farce. Every once and awhile comes an unexpected series of events that transpires, as they did over the past 72 hours, which defies the gravity of our system
Exile on Main Street
Dean Borok
I once had a cousin who was hanged at the U.S. Army prison in San Francisco as a thief. He did the hanging himself, one day before he was scheduled to be released.
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes
Sam Hawksmoor review

Pacy, crazy, messy, morally bankrupt and insanely exciting
FEBRUARY Who Can You Trust?
Tom Kilcourse

Why is it that in today’s society there is so much mistrust, of politicians, the media, businesses, you name it?
The Moment of Truth in Spain
James Skinner

One half, that back socialist Sr. Sanchez are willing to strike a deal with almost everyone on the left ... the other half are dead against. 18.2.16 update
Three continents -Twenty countries -
Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East
MARCH: The Cartagena International Music Festival 2016
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Music lovers from around the world gather in Cartagena, Colombia, for the annual International Music Festival. Renowned musicians from across the globe fill the city’s plazas with music.
You think we can risk Brexit?
Sam North

Do we really have a choice? The Great In or Out debate
Myth Buster In Chief
James Campion

Donald Trump Reshapes GOP Platform, Takes Down Bush Era & Rolls On
APRIL: Jordan Islamists and the precipice
Marwan Asmar

The current tensions between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is clearly rising to the boil with no end in sight
The Most Vital Organ of All
Abigail George

The dimensions of love are beautiful. They can inspire you to wuthering heights or not at all.
Heyday: Britain and the Birth of the Modern World by Ben Wilson
Sam North review

Brilliant & accessible insight into a pivotal decade in world history
MAY: Beyond the Valley of the Hippies
Andy Redwood
Shuffling out of town along the coastal road, it occurred to me how easily the spell of civilization is broken
... In Taghazoute a few yards walk suffice to carry you away, the hustle of a weekend market immediately fading to cactus strewn hills...
Too close for comfort
Andrew Lee-Hart

Whilst I don’t agree with killing people as a rule, particularly not close family, sometimes it is the best solution to an awkward problem. You do the deed and then move on with your life.
JUNE: The Dream Country
Fred C. Wilson III

Dreaming is the cheapest form of travel I know. Everybody dreams; even those who deny it dream only they’re not cognizant of it.

Understanding Mass Shooting Terminology
Antonio Graceffo

People are crying for laws preventing convicted felons and people under the age of 18 from buying guns. But these laws also are already on the books.

J&K4Ever - First Chapter
Sam Hawksmoor

‘You don’t think civilization can stop in a month.  You think, not here, not us, we’re not animals, but reason was the first thing to go and the shotgun took over the rest...'
JULY: The Trump Show
James Campion
Plagiarism, Insurrection and High Theater in Cleveland
Republican National Convention 2016
The most dramatic, chaotic, and in every possible way historic national party convention of my lifetime has ended,
An Uncertain Future in Spain
James Skinner

Brexit & the Spanish Elections
Spain in turmoil yet again as a second election produces stalemate. Is there a way forward? So what now? A good question.
Making Love on an Island in a Wine Dark Sea - Larry Clinton Thompson
During her business travels, Maggie had several sexual encounters. They were hurried and self-conscious and with married men as nervous as she was.
AUGUST: The Cruise
Martin Green

What was I, a young man,28, doing, going all by himself on his first cruise? 
Silky Suzhou: Venice of the East
Eric D. Goodman

Silk is what put Suzhou on the map. That, and the gardens, which date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.
SEPTEMBER: Why Not Alice?
James Campion

As Chaos Reigns: The Coop Launches Late Run for the Presidency
Alvin & the Universal Theorem 
Martin Green

What are the odds? It’s the Universal Theorem.  It explains everything in the universe.  I’ve solved it...
China vs US Olympic Sports Training Compared
Antonio Graceffo, PhD, China MBA

China’s inability to top the Olympic medal charts in all but the 2008 games, which they hosted, demonstrates the limitations of the Soviet sport school system
OCTOBER: The Crooked Kingdom
by Leigh Bardugo
Orion Children's Books 27.09.16 Six of Crows sequel

Crooked Kindgom is hugely rewarding and an urgent read. Highly recommended. Bardugo grows in stature as a writer...
No Heavy Lifting
Sam Hawksmoor

I was asking students to tell me about something significant or life altering that had happened to them and suddenly thought –I’d better just try this thing myself... 
NOVEMBER: Aleppo is Bleeding
Marwan Asmar

Aleppo today stands as the city of death, it is a deserted wasteland. Aleppo stands divided into east, the destroyed, obliterated part and the west which is controlled by the government, the Baath regime, stands as one piece.

Charlotte March
I’d never met an angel. Not personally. But I know angels are blonde because Ella Keeling and Kayleigh Gent are blonde...

President Donald J Trump - An Explanation in Two Parts
James Campion + Readers Responses
Trump was an eight-to-one underdog and he swept the table he needed to sweep. American history was written on November 8, 2016, for good or ill ...
DECEMBER: Call it a difficult night
by Mishka Hoosen
Abigail George review

Mishka Hoosen is young. She is also intelligent. She is brave and she is brilliant. She is also very clever, funny and wise beyond her years...

The Ballad of District Five
James Campion

How Acting Like a Total Jack Ass Helps Flip the Tide of Politics ...I kicked ass

Sam Hawksmoor

Nadia could barely breathe she was so anxious.  Her hands were shaking.  Raul, squashed in beside her on the bus seat didn’t seem to notice anything unusual. 
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