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This is 2006

The Unprofessional
Phil Kayberry in Japan- box man
Dublin Days and Wild Nights
Lauren Almey
Behind the Bar
Anna Kosmanovski - barfly crowd
Graham Attenborough
Let him be happy, while he still can. It won’t be long now.
I sleep in a squat
Punkerslut gets a job

"He's right," Donny said, "You're not a punk any more."
The Little Things
Xara Higgs -
the importance of crystal duck
President on Trial at High School
James Campion

What the hell is the problem here? The very foundation of our democracy challenged?
Traveler v Tourist
Joshua Silvent

...tourists are irritating, helpless, contemptible - locals hate them... debate
Druze: A small peace of Israel
Kevin Widdop

an anomaly in the Arab world
Tremble and Ennui by Edgar Nicaud
A Charlie Dickinson review of the New Orleans satire
Red Moon by Rachel Anderson
Vanessa Hyde review

The Curse of the Toads by Rebecca Lisle
A Gemma Williams review
Diamonds - The Rush of '72 by Sam North
George Olden review
The Full Treatment
Trista Mrema tires alternative medicine in Amsterdam
Scottsdale: Arizona Paradise
Kelsey Havens on USA's best city?
How to become a travel writero
Antonio Graceffo
Snow and Blood
Rosie Burbridge on Tarantino & Lady Snowblood

'The incessant similarities between the Fujita’s Lady Snowblood films and Tarantino’s Kill Bill films are impossible to ignore...
Wither The Japanese Family in Film?
Victoria Groom

As a western audience we watch the film feel great sympathy towards the older generation

Cordoba, Spain - Habeeb Saloum
- explore the history of the Moors

Making Plans to escape by Sam North (Zapateado)
Three Little Words
Lauren Almey

He moved his leg back against hers... Ellen thought he must be awake, looking up at her through the gloom, sensing her insomnia and assuming arrogantly that just his touch could comfort her.
Candy Cake and Cold Coke Jane Shepherd in Harare '97
We are sipping espressos from tiny thick china cups, passing the only spoon in the café back and forth between tables and chasing the coffee with thimble glasses of grappa.
Brushstrokes with time
Steven Bush

We don’t know how long we’ve been here. We don’t know how Time got in the room.
Booboola- the black dog
Sidi Cherkawa Benzahra
good dog-bad dog

Salvage Rights
Richard Corwin

The ketch was not strong enough to withstand a collision.
Infidelity and the Whistle Blower
Lesley Mathews
on marriage
Kevin Morra
sleeping rough

The Butterfly Effect
A Jen Ames
Douglas Coupland v P.D. James
Claire Murray
on Children of Men

A Year in Japan by Kate T Williamson
A Charlie Dickinson review

Pan's Labyrinth
Directed by Guillermo Del Toro
Jen Ames review
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