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The International Writer's Magazine - NOVEMBER 2006 - Welcome

Hackwriters '06

Wall of China
Maria Lambert
A sense of achievement
The Monastry Certosini
Raymond Clement

At Mass, matins and devotions, and meals, not a word is spoken
Night on Kobe Tower
David Tavernier

learn to go with your instincts
Why Toronto is Canada's Least-Loved City
Stefanie Stiles
a great number of its population is mentally living elsewhere

Hoosiers in the Fall
Ari Kaufman

Lakes, hiking, camping
Honeymoon in Bhutan
Jayantee Saha
Come see the Kingdom
In Search of Jeanne d'Arc
Pat Hood-Miller
in France

The Markham Festival - Tibet
Tariq Elkashef
racing bareback
Pat Hood Miller

Still wonderful
OJ Simpson
James Campion
on hypermedia
A Jolie Good Time
Colin Todhunter
on a silverspoon
James Skinner

One Planet - One Water Supply

Indiana and Appalacia
Ari Kaufman
on George Rogers Clarke
and Independence
F-Train - a literary journey
Mathew C Allison
– he dresses quickly realizing how small his living space actually is
Democratic Sweep- GOP Weep
Jame Campion on the smell of victory on Capital Hill
Mex Rex Holiday
James Skinner
some empty ‘military’ cartridges fell out onto the floor
On Prejudice and Japan

I have always been astonished at how unified racist elements can be
James Campion
on the passing of a Rock Institution

Abi Davis
on wasting time
At the Grave of the Roosevelts
Eric D Lehman

A different world
Bath House Etiquette

How to be 'polite' in Japan
In Search of the Rainbow
Jayne Pearson

How can you explain yourself when you have no idea who you are?
Cassie Bond
One of my guilty pleasures in life has to be reading my horoscope
The Gold Coast
Megan Giles

The Gold Coast does have more to offer than one night stands
Christopher Parrish
He was so large he was called Fatty by the jeering kids at school.
Infidelity and the Whistle Blower
Lesley Mathews
on marriage
Kevin Morra
sleeping rough

The Butterfly Effect
A Jen Ames
Pink Girl
Natalie Tehranie
is a softy

Another Place To Die
by Sam North

Be one of the first to read Sam's new novel published this winter.
The Great Flu Pandemic of 2009 is coming. Are you prepared?

'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor' Charlie Dickinson

Read the first chapter on line and order it now.
This might well be the one book you need this winter.
Read more about the Another Place to Die here

Anna J G Smith
A perfect marriage

Girl in a hole
Bex Wilks
has a mean brother
Quentin Bates
The only time for a raid was a Sunday morning
Crystal Moment
Tanya Hannah

Loneliness was a hard stone in the pit of her stomach
Dead Sheep
Frances Lewis
The grass makes my feet itch and I remember nanny telling me to wear socks but it’s too late now
Biography of an Ass
Jayantee M Saha

In one circus troupe there was an ‘ass’
The Janitor and the Little Girl
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Fritz could barely see outside the cloud of darkness he was in
Duncan Dicks

Out of my league
The Long Weekend
Ali Shaw –
No one would suspect a thing...

Jodie Corney
Kimberley is laughing too loudly at a joke...

More Fiction
Please Mummy Don't
Eleanor Creed

I flick my way through the memories, some like the fruit, others more like shards
The Yellow Triangle
Michael Internicola
Hash and I cut through the fog coming into Barcelona
The Purple Rose of Baffins
Paul Martin

And then the door opened...
Wendy Metcalfe -
Kids go wild on Albert Street

The Mirror and the Ghostwriter
John Whalen

This mirror es mala suerte
A Father's Promise
David Francis
misses his Pa
Under the Covers
Ali Shaw
I had stopped sobbing now. There couldn’t be any more water left in my eyes.
Chips off the Block
Mark Cunliffe
- Guy has his turn with the twins
Over the hill
Quentin Bates
Icelandic mystery
'Thank you for driving carefully through our town...'
Diane and the Doughnut
John Demetriou -
a housewife's story

32 C, That’s Me By Chris Higgens
Natalie Tehrani

I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good girly book.
Inka by Angela Vehorn
Gabriella Davies
The modern woman more than filling in the average stereotypes
The Buddah and the Terrorist
Satish Kumar

One well-seasoned omelette of a tale!
Wild Ducks Flying Backward
by Tom Robbins
Dan Schneider

Bankrupt of new ideas
Good Bye Lenin
Dan Schnieder - a worthwhile film
Dead Father's Club by Matt Haig
A Lynn Ede review

one of those must-reads of the year

Signs Dir M Night Shyamalan (DVD)
Liz Barlow
finds God
Flight 93 v World Trade Center
Holly Joy
compares two 9/11 movies
Sin City DVD Miller/Rodrigez
Claire Murray

Desperation, madness, lust, passion and loss are rife...
Iklimler (Climates)
Carly McClain
on this Turkish movie
Children of Men Dir A. Cuaron
Jen Ames review
of Sci-Fi thriller
Los Amantes del Cíclo Polar
Dir Julio Medem
A Gabriella Davis review
All About My Mother
Dir: P.Almodovar
Gabriella Davis review
Douglas Coupland v P.D. James
Claire Murray
takes them both on
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