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The International Writer's Magazine - OCTOBER 2006– Welcome

Hackwriters '06

Reality Moment in Vietnam
Lila Nordstrom

I was apparently very funny looking to most people in Vietnam...

Sumatra: Brain Fever
Steve Wheeler
A sort of fatalistic resignation takes over on breakneck bus rides through the countryside of Sumatra. It was too hot to care.
Wild, Wild, East in Romania
Samantha Cliffe

The main reasons for tourists is the legend of Count Dracula, thanks to Bram Stoker, an Irishman who had personally never visited Transylvania...
Montezuma - Costa Rica
Mariska Van de Linden

Brad had settled in Montezuma to smoke quality soft drugs in a surreal setting.
Weekend in Amsterdam
Natalya Popova

I, however, wouldn’t want my son to stay here during his gap year in case he develops a strange passion for botanical studies...
Driftwood to Ontong Java
Chris Parrish
Always wanted a big adventure, and this is it!
Leda Revisited
Brett Hardman
in Greece

Black slugs dotted the toilet like a plague of large protuberant blackheads.
Learning from Daouda
Kari Masson in the Sahel

My western mind began thinking of ways to help Daouda
A House Divided - '06 Elections
James Campion
In the grand make-up of this republic there is little more convoluted a practice than midterm House of Representative elections.

2006 Senate See Saw
James Campion

Who will get the Senate?

Iranians in Israel
Ali Beach

I love Israel very much, but I still know myself as Iranian
Cashing in on Tragedy
James Campion
on corporate corruption in New Orleans

The Bull and Penelope Cruz
E S Morford

We are no longer intrigued by what Hemingway called ¨Death in the Afternoon.¨ Why?
Inconvenient Truths
Michael Levy
we can all save the planet

Fight Fire in South Africa
Julie Thompson
on volunteers in Africa

Climb the Mountains
Joshua H Silavent

outdoor recreation is a practical solution to many troubles facing our youth

Voices of Louisiana
Rose Marie Sand

All of the members of the Evacuation Theatre Troupe on the road trip have been devestated by Katrina.
Impressionist Affair
Eric D Lehman
discovers Monet

I stared and stared and began to wonder if I had been wrong all this time.
My Internet Diet
Charlie Dickinson
looks a for way to beat his web obsession

Polly, Me and Nureyev
William Cunningham
I was determined to try to see Nureyev after the show.
Ari Kaufman

Buy Ari's new book on USA Road Trips
On the Buses in Korea
Jim Sutherland

Take the No.50 to real Korea
Lollopalooza 2006
Jesse Johnson

70,000 rockers between Lake Michigan & the Chicago skyline
Charming Irregularities of Brussels Bureaucracy
Stefanie Stiles

The half-hidden details of the place are actually its most likable elements
Reflections on reflection
Simon Mussell

What disturbs is that in the contemporary world, most people seem to merely ‘do’
Arrested Development
Susan Mintz in Ghana

"We have to get rid of him," she said "He’s going to try to rob us."

Three Men and a Glob of Spit
Peter Leonowitz

"Don’t think you’re talking to an idiot because you’re not talking to an idiot."
"I know you’re not an idiot, sir."

Emma's Dilemma
Lalita Kakanadan goes on-line
Her expectations were not too much…a well educated guy who should have fear for God, compassion and love for his fellow beings and above all he should have a generous mind.
The Old Lady of San Pedro
G David Schwatz
'Sometimes God takes it to mind to dislike people. This is a trial,' the village free-thinker proposed.
Train Confessions
Jeannie Mark
It made her wonder about the historical thread of human consciousness that connects us
Memory Block
Mark Cunliffe
Guy Block remembers Cambridge '69
Jodie Louise

I was ten years old when I first thought about killing myself

Friendship and College Days
David Tavernier

His beaten up Chevy pulls up in front, and I hear a car horn...
Summer of Sadness
Colin Todhunter
I always knew deep down that her beauty was doomed
Dating Kate
Martin Green

She was in a bad mood and then her eyes seemed to darken

Brushstrokes with time
Steven Bush

We don’t know how long we’ve been here. We don’t know how Time got in the room.
Booboola- the black dog
Sidi Cherkawa Benzahra
good dog-bad dog

Salvage Rights
Richard Corwin

The ketch was not strong enough to withstand a collision.
In the Pool by Hideo Okuda
A Charlie Dickinson review

This comedic collection has some intellectual backbone.
Riding with Strangers by Elijah Wald
A Charlie Dickinson review

Elijah Wald is a modern-day Huck Finn and a guitar-picker to boot.
The War Against Cliché,
by Martin Amis
Dan Schneider review

He is especially good at nailing pomposity
A Great Day In Harlem
Dan Schneider review

the film is not about jazz, but the photograph, and the music takes a backseat to the personalities
The Devil wears Prada
Gabriella Davies

About shoes

Evanescence, The Open Door
Claire Murray

Highly Polished Metal
Man v Beast by Robert Muchamore
A Rosie Wheatcroft review

Innocent by Anne Cassidy
Jo Green review
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The Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North
December 1939: Four British spies have perished in strange circumstances in Nuremberg trying to discover the biggest secret of the Third Reich. Sherlock Holmes must enter Germany with Watson and solve the mystery. The truth of Nuremberg is far more sinister than even Holmes could imagine; their chances of getting back alive are very slim indeed!

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