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Voices of Louisiana
Rose Marie Sand
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am on the road until mid November with the Voices of Louisiana - I am on the board of a non profit organization, The Voices Foundation, and lived in Slidell, Louisiana since Katrina destroyed my home in St. Bernard.  The Voices Foundation is mounting an ambitious project called the "Voices of Louisiana" and our mission is to spread the word about the history, hardships and humor of Louisiana, from the Purchase to the Present.

I am hoping that you would help me in the effort to tell your readers about our project.  We are on a road tour of 12 states in 12 weeks, since September 3, 2006.  We perform today at McPherson University in Kansas, then travel for performances in Omaha and then Denver later this week.
You can also visit my web site at - but here are the facts:

My partner, Barry Lemoine has written an amazing script for Voices of Louisiana, which covers the history of Louisiana in a 90 minute, fact and fun paced show that's both educational and entertaining.  Seven actors, writers, educators and producers have left jobs, home and family to bring the show to the nation, beginning with the Louisiana Purchase territory.

The Voices Foundation has also awarded scholarships to two  students, with funding from the Milton Sand Memorial Scholarship award begun after my husband's passing in January.
We are performing this show in schools, community centers, and university campuses throughout the Louisiana Purchase territory.  We have received donations from New York's Jackie Factory of costumes that have helped tremendously, as our entire costume inventory was lost in the flood.  Many local businesses have supported our efforts with donations.

The show features characters instrumental in the Purchase (Napoleon's bathtup decision to sell Louisiana); modern day Louisiana characters (Richard Simmons interview with Gov. Blanco and Anne Rice's exploration of "This Old Haunted House" inhabited by the ghost of Truman Capote are but two noteworthy scenes); and the Voices of the Storm - real accounts of Katrina's survivors, to tell our story.

All of the members of the Evacuation Theatre Troupe that are on road trip have been devestated by Katrina.  Five of the seven lost our homes and all possessions in Katrina, and everyone has lbanded together in a rented RV to fulfill our mission.  We've been on the road about two weeks now, and have formed an intimate family can read our "road journals" on the web site for up to the minute info. 

I am also a Hurricane Betsy survivor, and  met my husband during Hurricane Betsy's aftermath.  Hurricane's have shaped my life, and this important project has given me purpose at this difficult time of my life.

Rose is a writer, formerly freelance with the Times Picayune newspaper in New Orleans (pre-Katrina), and has been published in two Chicken Soup books.

Rose Marie Sand

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