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The International Writer's Magazine - SEPTEMBER 2006
Welcome to a serendipity edition

Precious Water - The Most Rare of Liquids
Kit Chapman
in Kenya

..stranger things have happened. Strange things like finding water in the Mombasa mains supply.
The first thing you say to a friend in the street is. ‘Got any water?

Art for a rainy day
Eric D Lehman at The Clark Museum - Williams College

As we studied their styles, so similar to the French masters, and their subjects, so distinctly American. I didn’t think once about the hike I had missed out on
Gone Kurtz - Mercanaries in Burma
Antonio Graceffo
Anyone fighting today should be doing it for free
The 'Other' Michigan
Ari Kauman - a Great Lakes Roadtrip

...the other unique distinction that separates Mackinac Island from, well, the rest of the country, is that motorized transportation is prohibited.

Sara Towe's Big Test
Murphy's strikes again

Three weeks ago on a beautiful BC sunny day, while out with my two daughters, swimming and enjoying life, I fell and snapped my Fibula and Tibia. My whole life suddenly changed...

Africa on the Move
James Skinner on refugees

a clear message was sent to ‘others’ already waiting in the wings from much larger and poorer countries mainly in Africa. The domino effect opened the European floodgates. The African tropical storm turned into a human Tsunami.
Three Little Words
Lauren Almey

He moved his leg back against hers... Ellen thought he must be awake, looking up at her through the gloom, sensing her insomnia and assuming arrogantly that just his touch could comfort her.
Cashing in on Tragedy
James Campion
Corporate Lunacy in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
'Corporations are far savvier than the governments they manipulate and the politicians they enrich'.
Grace - A Texas girl
Martin Green

I could have called someone at my agency but I didn't feel right about doing this.  I thought of Grace.  Well, why not, I'd bought her a lunch...
Working the Impulse Curve
Antonio Graceffo

Salespeople have to build impulse, create the desire to buy. Behavioral psychology teaches us that our potential customers exist on an impulse curve.
Janel Atwork
Last night, before they had met again, she had still felt the panic, the guilt, even a slight hope that she would see him and it would be different.
New Orleans - Ward 9 One Year on from Katrina
Jack Shenker
A year ago, the name of this metropolitan district meant nothing outside of New Orleans; today it is national shorthand for poverty, racial division and the failings of federal government.
Ari Kaufman

The nicest thing about Indianapolis is how geographically compact it is...
Baku Wedding
Jim Solan in Azerbaijan

As he was tying the ribbon, the atmosphere was electric. I had no idea what was about to transpire.
Crossing into Death
Joanna Valevich-
an icy road
She glides across the glass icing which has layered the road. I began to follow mesmerized…not knowing what the future brings…
Iran in a Football Frenzy
Kevin Widdop

We can come here without thinking about politics.
The Liberman Experiment
James Campion

Joseph Lieberman is going to ignore his defeat as a Democrat and run for senate as an independent. ... he will win, and when he does there will be a minor tremor in Washington politics.
Lessons in Essence
by Dana Standbridge
A Charlie Dickinson review
What elevates it is painstakingly accurate, and faithful observation of the Taiwanese quotidian lived by Teacher Li... the present can be relentless in the toll it takes on all values held as traditional.
Trains Doors Open
Joanna Valevich

Everyday for two years Steven rode the 8:35 morning train to Madison avenue, where his 9 to 5 nightmare awaited him. It was well worth the trip as long as she temporarily surrounded him with her seductive aura.
Working in the WTC
James Skinner

ver been in a bomb scare? I have, twice. First time was in a pub in the West End of London at the height the IRA bomb threats in the mid 70’s
One in Eleven
Mathew Kaufman
pick up in Soho

The corridor was aglow in soft red light. A girl seated on a high chair just inside the doorway introduced herself as Sylvia.
Candy Cake and Cold Coke Jane Shepherd in Harare '97
We are sipping espressos from tiny thick china cups, passing the only spoon in the café back and forth between tables and chasing the coffee with thimble glasses of grappa.
Tanning in Kos
Gregory McGuiness
I was going to get a tan this year no matter what. The yelp from passing wimps walking barefoot in the roasting sand wasn't going to put me off.
The Magdelene Sisters
Dan Schnieder review
rutally psychopathic lesbian nuns and lascivious paedophile priests, what else is new? ....a sterling example that art can be greatly artistic, while also being blatantly political.
Address Unknown
Directed by Kim ki Duk
Robert Cottingham review
Kim Ki Duk's film is one of the most shocking films to be made on the horrors of war, yet it contains no combat. All its conflicts are psychological.
Rift by Beverley Birch
Review by Sam North
- missing persons mystery in Africa - 'Inspector Murothi is a wonderful, intelligent character, all wise and wily, an African Morse'.

The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
A Charlie Dickinson review
is also an especially insightful analysis of the health insurance crisis in the United States.

A Tale of Three Cities
Stewart Mandy
in Mexico

a two-week eastbound journey across southeast Mexico, taking in three contrasting cities absorb the culture, connect with the people, and attempt to reconnect with myself.
RV Vacation in California
Chris Zawistowicz

Hot, cramped car, hours of driving, bickering, flailing legs and arms encroaching on each others precious space. iPods blaring in each others air space, hours to the next Rest Area, sounds like fun doesn’t it ?
The Pyramid Cat Colony
Eva Bell
The place was overrun by cats of different shapes, sizes and colours. They didn’t scamper away but stared me in the eye
  Royal Enfield Bullet
Paul Jeffrey rides India
Every red blooded man dreams of be-striding a Royal Enfield Bullet and riding through the Rajasthan desert...
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Diamonds - The Rush of '72
Sam North - a first chapter...
Suddenly anxious, he patted the coat pocket closest to his heart and was reassured to find a large hard lump still situated there. They’d not been robbed...yet.

Buy this book for one the great adventures of the 19th Century
Become a Better Public Speaker
Antonio Graceffo

The Diane Farris Gallery
David Burns: From Lion's Bay September 7 30, 2006
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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