The International Writers Magazine: Angel of Death

Crossing into Death
Joanna Valevich

he white outlined body plastered flashes on and off which indicated the stranger to step forward. Her white fur coat weighed her tiny body down as she began a rythmatic movement. She glides across the glass icing which has layered the road. I began to follow mesmerized…not knowing what the future brings…and BOOM! Her angelic life was gruesomely interrupted.

Scared, shocked and totally taken by surprise, I took a step back and observed the horror that had just occurred. Her mind and body were slammed by an oncoming ton of metal which had accidentally ran a red light. I watched as her life was thrown down into the artic earth. She lay there trying to recollect what had just happened.

I ran over to the victim and violently screamed to see if she was all right. No response. Just a pair of blue glass marbles moving slowly from left to right. She looked as though her mind was struggling to process any kind of thought. Gently, I scooped her head up with my hands and looked directly into her soul. I could hear the heavens calling. I am afraid and wish to know what will happen next. She rotates her vision one final time up into the irritated gray sky. Suddenly everything stops for this angel and profound silence sucks out all sound except mine.

I try to promise that everything will be fine but in truth I am completely powerless. A spotlight of sunshine highlights her left eye and causes her to squint and look up. Now that the sky has opened up and welcomed the day, her life has ended. I could almost feel all of her senses drain out of her body. She can no longer process out any information and does not respond to my voice. The unbearable pain has won the battle. Her breath became slower and short creating mournful like sighs. A storm of tears flow down her lifeless cheeks.

I placed my hand over he heart and felt it beat slower as a pool of liquid Robatossin created a halo around her head. Her eyes automatically shut and just as easily she came into reality that very morning, she left.

© Joanna Valevich

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