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Hackwriters '06

Sengalese Tabaski Sacrifice
Kari Masson
Learning from Africa

Lorraine Balita
goes beyond chocolate

Translation Treachery
C. Lee McKenzie
signs in China
Volunteer Travel
Help India's poorest
Frontier Country
Nickolay Todorov
at Toroweap and Lava Falls
Cordoba, Spain - Habeeb Saloum- explore the history of the Moors

Lanzarote without a Map
Erica Johansson
in Orzola

Why the Democrats won't surge in '06
James Campion - GOP rule forever?

These guys can do anything. They are here to stay. Count on it.

Fear and Loathing in the UK
Colin Todhunter

I see shopkeepers and cashiers caged in behind reinforced glass
Day in the Life of a Tour Leader
Tariq El Kashef
“Find a job you love” says Confucius ...
Youth, Modernisation and Japan
Richard Stirland on Battle Royale
Could you kill your best friend?
The Gueem
James Campion
celebrating the coolest cat in the world
The Fungus of Friendship
Eric D Lehman
Money has ruined many frendships...
The World in 2050
Sam North
revisits a future prediction of the years ahead
Yenna Acharama? (Are you that traditional?)
iran Kannappan
- Subway

The Journey
Mark Cunliffe
some things in life remain with you for always, no matter how far you've come

Damien- an exorcism
Tom Over -
life in Amsterdam
My First Love
Sidi Benzahra
Bus boy's have feelings too
Dying Wish
Wesley Weyers -
heaven on earth. Wake up Dave...
The Money Tree by Subimal Misra
Translated by V Ramaswamy

Beggars come across a dead white donkey...
Echoes of a funeral drum
Mary Opaluwa
Baba and I were at the Lokongoma crossroads to perform the sacrifice
Blueberry Hill
Raymond K Clement
goes picking berries
From The Horse's Mouth
Welsey Weyers
about a mugging
The Camel
Subimal Misra (translated by V Ramaswamy)
- trying to have the perfect dream?
Writer's Block
Mark Cunliffe
in detention with Guy Block

Atom v Oil?
James Skinner -
is the nuclear option inevitable?

The NSA Tapes
James Campion
on secret calls in the dead of night

Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki
David Gordon

'Probably the most major theme of the film is Miyazaki’s portrayal of mankind’s destruction of nature'
Real Horror in Anime
Kayt Solomon on
Hadashi No Gen

'It took many years for the Japanese film industry to begin to address the issue of nuclear warfare.'
Snow and Blood
Rosie Burbridge on Tarantino & Lady Snowblood

'The incessant similarities between the Fujita’s Lady Snowblood films and Tarantino’s Kill Bill films are impossible to ignore...
Wither The Japanese Family in Film?
Victoria Groom

As a western audience we watch the film feel great sympathy towards the older generation
Temping by Kirby Olsen
A Charlie Dickinson review of this satiric first Seattle based novel

Everything is Illuminated
Dir Liev Shrieber
A Dan Schnieder DVD review

Nine Lives Dir Rodigro Garcia
A Dan Schnieder DVD review

Die Mommie Die!
Dir Mark Rucker
A Dan Schnieder DVD review
Angel on the Roof: Russell Banks short story collection
A Dan Schnieder review
Divine Madness
by Robert Muchamore
Kyla Lacey-Davidson review
At The Inland Sea by Edward Bond
Chris Churcher theatre review
The Man From Perfect
by Andrea Semple
Lynn Ede reviews the perfect beach book
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