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The Heaviness
by Sam Hawksmoor

A Genie Magee adventure


The International Writers Magazine:
2020 Hackwriters Archive Samples

America Alone
James Campion

Welcome to the New Age of Isolation, Apathy & Defeat
Seems like most of this presidency’s maneuvers are knee-jerk, ad-hoc, half-ass WTF kinds of things that end up in ranting tweets and Nuremburg type rallies
The Siberian Dilemma
By Martin Cruz Smith
Sam North review

This is fast paced stuff and there are bears (if you are vegan you might just get a bit squeamish).
The Onset of Menopause
Abigail George

Aren't all women cautious, seeking, seriously breathtaking, and divine in the arms of the right man. They are divine, aren't they. Pain is wasted in youth. It is like driftwood in my hands.

FEBRUARY: The Bernie Problem 02.14.20
James Campion
Democratic Primaries Kick Off with Chaos & Fear
- Will the Youth Vote stick with him and come out in November?
The Day Before the Pandemic Arrived
Sam Hawksmoor
Everyday another shop or factory closed.  The whole city was crumbling as people fled, or were just too scared to go outside.
No Dancing in the Aisle on this Bus
Michael Chacko Daniels
“Seniors, wait till the bus stops before you get up to get off; every 19 minutes a senior dies in America from a fall,” the driver says.
MARCH: Coronavirus: Donald Trump's Katrina
James Campion 3.13.20
To slap some lipstick on this pig, he put on a baseball cap and lied about everyone being able to get a test for it. Hardly anyone can be tested.
Brian Appleton
A boyhood in Italy - There were three other Catholic priests who were important in my childhood

The Last Ferry out of Vancouver
Sam Hawksmoor

Kira looked back at the house and had a strong feeling she’d never see it again.
APRIL: Trump is Failing Crisis Test
James Campion
The president, this poor excuse for a human being, is failing. And it is costing us the very fabric of this country; morally and economically.
Lockdown at 90
Martin Green
It has been three weeks since the governor of our state, California, had ordered that, first oldsters like me, and then everyone, choose your phrase--- shelter in place, self-isolate, stay home.
MAY: The Political Implosion of Spain
James Skinner
Political Fallout from Covid Lockdown
The World’s New Frenemy: Zoom
Grace Samuelson
Zoom Life will be the new normal?
'Little Richard' Wayne Penniman
1932 - 2020 - James Campion

Black. Gay. Primitive. Showbiz. Inventive. Influential. Penitent.
Little Richard was all of these.
JUNE: “Psychopath with a Bible ”
James Campion
A Photo as Microcosm of a Weird, Dying Presidency

Odd. Staged. Cryptic. Grotesque. Defiant. Stoic. Vacant. The image is all of these and so much more ...

Eric Garner Is George Floyd Is Murder
James Campion

“I Can’t Breathe” Part II
Minneapolis is burning. A police precinct is breached. There is the usual looting and insanity, calls for calm, mayoral and gubernatorial speeches....
Life of Jesus by Ernst Renan
Charlie Dickinson review

What a delightful surprise. Ernest Renan, French, has written a sincere biography, based on the four Gospels and Flavius Josephus et. al.

Israel - 2020 - Life in a time before the virus - Tabytha Towe
If ever there was a top 5 for places to travel, Israel was always high on that list.
I am Not a Hero
Damilola Omotoyinbo
When I was younger, all I knew about my aunt - Dad’s sister; her coconut smelling perfume, her throaty laughter
William Barr's Criminal Syndicate
James Campion
The Systemic Anarchy of The Final Days of Trump

AUGUST: The Kamala Harris Factor
James Campion 8.14.20
Strategic, Historic VP Choice
- Harris has media chops, an engaging personality and bulldog debating skills.
Memories of my mother & Mexico - Tyrel Nelson in Chicueyaco 8.1.20
The humidity hangs onto me like a hiking pack while slogging up and down the wooded slopes.

R.I.P. Women's Rights, Healthcare, Reform - James Campion 9.26.20
The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Heralds the End of Progressivism

Bankrupt Again
James Campion
Trump Campaign is Dead Broke and Headed for Defeat 
The Human Train
Kim Farleigh
“It’s money, tickets, passport, torch,” Jones said. "The essentials for travelling. True travellers," Jones said, "use torches."

OCTOBER: Disqualify
James Campion 10.24.20
The Issue That Makes Donald Trump An Enemy of The State -
He should not be president, he should be in prison.
The Hurricane Hits Crepe Myrtle Court 10.22.20
Allen Cook

Storms frequently circled Bob’s head.  Because Florence was meteorological, not simply windy imagination, his whilom fear now registered approximately nine on a disaster scale of ten.
The Importance of Writing from Experience 10.16.20
Indiana Lee
Mark Twain famously said to “write what you know.” ... it’s a good piece of advice to keep in mind whether you’re just getting started as a writer.
NOVEMBER: Lalibela - Ethiopia
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Nothing prepared me for the majesty of Ethiopia.
Resitance Is Legion
James Campion
This is the time for that Voice. One like no other. This is the moment to stand against the tide of authoritarian madness...
DECEMBER: The Trump Coup & GOP Terrorism
James Campion
Will Trump mount a coup on January 6th - there's every chance he will try.
We Feel Your Pain
So you don't have to
Delaney & Asha run the Office of City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep the city safe from unscrupulous people.  When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?  But what if the scam works?  What kind of scam is that?
Jordan 2020 3.12.20
Tabytha Towe's pre-Covid travels

This is the final entry to the travels I did just before Covid 19 struck. I’m not sure when we can journey like this again.
'07 '05 '04 '03 '02
'17 '18 19 2020
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