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Turkmenbashi’s Land of Fairy Tales
Tom Coote

I got lost on my way to the land of fairy tales. I had confidently followed the road to the Promised Land, only to find that it led to ruins.
Tittle-Tales of Time
Indrani Bhattacharyya

‘No more flirting. It’s the perfect phase to take life more seriously, right dear?’ My four years younger sister asked me with all sincerity.

Tom Clifford

Death still stalks the crumbling mineshafts and the mountain, a grave for millions, looms over the town cursed by silver. The Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) remains a deadly place for miners

Cheaters Prosper

James Campion 1.17.20
A Guide For Our Children

...they were granted immunity to come clean. They did. They told MLB that they all cheated, all season, and during the playoffs.
America Alone
James Campion

Welcome to the New Age of Isolation, Apathy & Defeat
Seems like most of this presidency’s maneuvers are knee-jerk, ad-hoc, half-ass WTF kinds of things that end up in ranting tweets and Nuremburg type rallies
The Iran Mistake
James Campion 1.3.20
Forget Impeachment, Crimes, Lying, Stupidity: We are at the brink of war with Iran. The executive branch is at war with Congress. The Senate and the House are at war. A game show host is in charge of all this. - Welcome to 2020.

Navajo School
Duncan Shaw

For a year our surrogate home, the town of Thoreau is a meager bit of civilization
El Watusi
Dean Borok
(In memory)
I finally figured out a system for keeping my feet moving at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio’s Friday night dance party. I stuff live M-80 firecrackers into my shoes and light the fuse.
Lionel Darmendrail
a favourite Aunt
I come from Euskadi, the land of the Basque, located on the Pyrenees between France and Spain, lapping at the Atlantic ocean, the very same place where Maddalen was born
James Morford

In 5th Century B.C. Rome lived a farmer named Cincinnatus. In 458 BC Cincinnatus was suddenly elevated to Dictator of Rome, and asked to save the city-state from foreign conquest. He did just that, refused public honors and material awards for his accomplishment, and l6 days after becoming Dictator resigned and returned to his farm.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Original fiction from writers all over:

The Photographer’s Model
Joseph Grant

“Life is defined by light and shadow…” The stentorian voice boomed, filling the large empty echo of the front of the photographer’s shop.
Coming of Age in San Francisco   
Martin Green
“The new campaign stinks,” interrupted Fiegelman.
Chronicles of lives lived:
The Onset of Menopause
Abigail George
Aren't all women cautious, seeking, seriously breathtaking, and divine in the arms of the right man. They are divine, aren't they. Pain is wasted in youth. It is like driftwood in my hands.

Death of a Snowflake
Mike Wysminity

“What a fitting life it is.” Those words were produced from an individual admiring the freshly fallen snow upon the unemployed tree branches.
Karma in a parking lot
James Leonard

Help will come soon. It has to.

Books & Film over the last 20 years archived here:
The Siberian Dilemma
The Siberian Dilemma

By Martin Cruz Smith
Pub: Simon & Schuster 5.11.19
Sam North review

This is fast paced stuff and there are bears (if you are vegan you might just get a bit squeamish)
Perishable by Dirk Jamison
Charlie Dickinson review
Dirk Jamison's childhood memoir, PERISHABLE, is about, among other things, a dad who decides a few minutes of daily Dumpster diving will  put food on the table for the family.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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