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The International Writers Magazine:
2017 Hackwriters Archive Samples
JANUARY: Ground Rules for Donald Trump Commentary
James Campion
A Template for “Covering” a Weird Presidency -
As one can imagine, I have been getting a bevy of advice on what I should be writing or how I should be dealing with the emergence of this thing called Donald Trump 
Petra by Horse, Mule and Donkey
Elizabeth von Pier

It is early morning and the sun is casting shadows on the monumental canyon walls leading into the Siq, a half-mile narrow passage used to enter and exit the “rose city” of Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan.
Things I have no more use for
Abigail George

“God took you out of my life for a reason.”
FEBRUARY: 'Alternative Facts'
James Campion
What The Trump Era Can Teach Us About Our National Illusions  

When world-class political flack, Kellyanne Conway uttered the gorgeously provocative and spectacularly honest phrase “alternative facts” to defend some nonsense blathered by the White House press secretary at the behest of our paranoid new president on NBC’s Meet The Press, it conjured up the kind of joy in my soul that is rarely sparked.
From 36 to 63
Tyrel Nelson

One of the first things I did after turning 36 was pull a hamstring. In an attempt to prove to myself and my softball teammates that I hadn’t lost a step, I tried to shift into a higher gear while rounding the bases. I ended up a peg leg instead.
Crime Fiction
Sam Hawksmoor

“The only thing that's fair about me is the colour of my hair. People should remember that.” Kramer (McClure)
MARCH: Charles Edward Anderson 'Chuck' Berry - 1926 - 2017
James Campion
E=Mc2 – Albert Einstein
Rock and Roll – Chuck Berry
Helen Reynolds review

What if Superman turned super-old?
Wanda's Daughter
Abigail George

Youth is falling. A clever winter dissolve. Light flashes during an afternoon storm and all I can remember is Johannesburg and failing miserably at school.
APRIL: Brexit Trigger and Spain
James Skinner

It is ‘Brexit’ month when most public transport around Europe including the United Kingdom will have a large sign that says ‘ALL CHANGE’.
The Man with Bullets in his Socks
Tom Coote

A man grabbed my arm, flashing his ID as he pulled me into an alley.
The Test
Sam Hawksmoor
Whatever you do - don't get on the bus...!
MAY: The Trump Century Mark
James Campion
Dissecting the Worst First 100 Days of a Presidency

Congratulations to Donald J. Trump. Not since 1933 when they started using this century metric to measure the length and breadth of a newly minted president have we seen more chaos, failure and mayhem in the first 100 days of an administration.
The Bickford Fuse by Andrey Kurkov
Maclehose Press, London, 2016
Charlie Dickinson book review
The latest work by Andrey Kurkov to be translated into English, The Bickford Fuse, just might be his magnum opus.
Jaipur - the Pink City
Murli Menon

It's Holi and where else to enjoy it other than the colourful state of Rajasthan. Boarding the Aravalli Express at Ahmedabad, I arrive at Jaipur Station at 8 p.m.
JUNE: Love...To...Turn...You...On
James Campion
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at 50

It was fifty years ago today… June 1, 1967, to be exact; the day the cultural axis of the Western hemisphere is altered by a singular artistic event.
Endtime Chronicles
Hawksmoor & North

Chapter One: Warning Signals
‘Those who stay in this city will die by the sword, famine and pestilence, but they who go out beyond to places of safety will survive. Our cities will be overwhelmed by darkness.’
Prophet Arnold: Church of Final Redemption 29:1-5
Come to my house
Abigail George

Elizabeth Light was like any other girl her age. She felt she needed to understand more of the world around her which is why she moved to Johannesburg in the first place.
JULY: Despondence
Martin Green

I had turned 85 at the end of last year. 85! No wonder I felt despondent.
Bill and Sissy
Abigail George

There were of course things that Sissy had said and did in her short life that she regretted. In the end, didn’t it make her stronger, she often thought to herself. 
Stumbling into Fatherhood
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
Dedicated to the Dad in All of Us
I had something happen to me this past week that has never happened before. And for someone only a few months from 55 years of age that is oddly monumental
AUGUST: Can of Tuna
Allen P Cook

Her head travelled horizontally back and forth trying to get its bearings--restless wheat in a breeze. The Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pillar lay in front of her, big as a football field.

Earworms in Bohemia
Jane Anderson

What is it about Smetana? As we walked across Charles Bridge, having been in Prague less than an hour, I realised that I had developed an earworm.

The Unsinkable ACA
James Campion

After the Healthcare Repeal fails again - Bulletproof “Obamacare” Rolls On - The Affordable Care Act is the most hearty, defiant and impenetrable slice of legislation this nation has seen in a century or more. It may take a second Civil War to take it down.
SEPTEMBER: That Sweet Young 'Thang'
John Richmond

They didn’t go looking for anything, no, they just wanted to listen to some good music, but the moment she walked in the door- everything changed.
Crafting the YA Novel
Sam Hawksmoor

A journey's end for the Master's students
at Lincoln...
Making Love on an Island in a Wine Dark Sea
Larry Clinton Thompson
During her business travels, Maggie had several sexual encounters. They were hurried and self-conscious and with married men as nervous as she was.
OCTOBER: Referendum & Chaos in Spain
Catalonia Breakaway and a 1000 year history - James Skinner

What happened on ‘D’ day 1st of October? One thing is certain, whichever way the pendulum swings it's going to mark a new era that will change Spain for good. For better or for worse is yet to be seen.
Keith Perkins

It’s a sunny, breezy late September morning as my son Colin and I stand on the docks at the Port de Foleaux--a collection of a few hundred sailboats on the Vilaine River in southern Bretagne.
Vagabond’s House
by Don Blanding
Dodd, Mead & Company, 1966
Leroy B. Vaughn review

The 1920’s was a time when a writer could actually make a living, writing poems for a daily newspaper.
Allen Cook

Joan first met Patrick in a dumpster.  This altercation had a lot to do with the neighborhood in which she lived.
GIRL with CAT (Blue)
by Sam Hawksmoor
(First Chapters)
There was no warning this time.  The enemy bomber swept in from the east, spilling its deadly guts onto the street market. Saska was running, heart in mouth, a hundred paces from the nearest underground shelter. Cat, her precious Blue Lynx was ahead of her, ears back, sick with panic... 

Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay
Steven Slavin

Let’s face facts, folks: The audience for the music I play is dying – in more ways than one – and there’s zero chance it will ever revive.
DECEMBER: Who Will Replace Dimma’s Teeth?
Odimegwu Onwumere

It was the hour when men of goodwill ought to have retired to bed that the deafening noise emerged from Mazi Egede’s house.
Shadow Trails - Adventures in Dark Tourism by Tom Coote
ISBN: 978-1-78808-765-0
Tom Coote goes to all the places in the world you don't want to go to on our behalf. Holidays in Chernobyl anyone?
Great Travel writing from a real adventurer.
The Tax Reform Shuffle
James Campion
...according to the aforementioned Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office, people making $40,000 to $50,000 would pay a combined $5.3 billion more in taxes, while the group earning $1 million or more would get a $5.8 billion cut.
Wha…? Yeah…it ain’t good
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