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APRIL 2017 - Welcome

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel
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The Man with Bullets in his Socks
Tom Coote

A man grabbed my arm, flashing his ID as he pulled me into an alley.
Getting to Dublin
Chris Brauer

It started with what was probably good advice from my travel agent.  “Small airports have a tendency to cancel their flights without much notice.”

Night Fishing:
Chasing Tail in the Tropics

John M. Edwards
Well, the problem was, I thought I saw a real live mermaid. The genuine article. This was a fantastical phantasm (or orgasm) that was hard to shake.

Riding the Elephants
Joe David

When I hopped my silver jet to India, it was only with one thought in mind: to ride the elephants.

When an Armada is Not an Armada
James Campion
And Doomsday is Delayed For a Lark
...it appeared from that announcement that conflict was nigh – and not just any conflict; nuclear war level conflagration or millions-die-in-an-instant kind of level.
The Trump Doctrine
James Campion
Spoiler Alert: There Is None

When an unhinged simpleton is commander-in-chief of the most power and richest armed forces on the planet you get the week we just had
Brexit Trigger and Spain
James Skinner

It is ‘Brexit’ month when most public transport around Europe including the United Kingdom will have a large sign that says ‘ALL CHANGE’.

Will Someone Please Have Sex with Bill O'Reilly - James Campion
Tales of Old, Unattractive Perverts & Other Sociological Phenomenon
Three continents -Twenty countries - Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East
Podgorica, Montenegro to Serbia / Kosovo border - *Rebecca is finally back in UK safe and sound.
Government Zero
James Campion
What Transpires When People Who Hate Civics Run Things

Trump said about four hundred times during his campaign that he would repeal and replace the ACA on his first day, which, of course, is insane ...

REVIEWS Film & Books
Come to my house

Abigail George

Elizabeth Light was like any other girl her age. She felt she needed to understand more of the world around her which is why she moved to Johannesburg in the first place.
Getting Back to Basics with Brassica - Michael Chacko Daniels
I sit in the dental chair expecting and not-expecting pain. The SF-Oakland Bay Bridge looms large outside the picture window. I turn back the clock over four decades, reflecting on the teeth I still have and the teeth I no longer have.
My Nemisis
Martin Green

“I wonder why Irv Kane hates me?” I said.
“Irv Kane hates a lot of people,” said my friend Abe Silverman.
“Yeah, but he seems to have a special hatred for me.”
Woman in rocking chair
Ma Maggie’s Legacy

Reed Sterling

When my cousin Genny Burke heads out to work, I roam through the old family house as I did when under Ma Maggie’s watchful eye, knowing full well nothing is as it was except for the insubstantial forms that the uncertain mind fashions into numinous facades and peoples with vaguely recognizable shapes.
The Test
Sam Hawksmoor
Whatever you do - don't get on the bus...!

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbæk, Takeshi Kitano
George Wolstenholme review

It’s a fantastic rendition that will serve as a good introduction to the Ghost in the Shell world.
The Fourth Political Theory
by Alexander Dugin
Steve Nolten

A book that presents itself as a road map of where the world might go after the defeat of the current liberal globalist world order ...
Free Fire
Director Ben Wheatley
Helen Reynolds review

Free Fire tries to be a lot of things – from a 70s western, to a mafia stitch up – but namely it tries to be fun.
Beauty & the Beast
with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens
Helen Reynolds review

Emma Watson is resourceful, fearless, emotional and ultimately very likeable for a new generation of girls to look up to.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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