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Petra by Horse, Mule and Donkey
Elizabeth von Pier

It is early morning and the sun is casting shadows on the monumental canyon walls leading into the Siq, a half-mile narrow passage used to enter and exit the “rose city” of Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan.
Nature Knows No Borders
Jenny Wright

Early morning and dawn is beginning. I'm walking along the beach, breathing in whiffs of sea spray.  White Rock’s’ lights are fading and ocean and skies turn blue against the backdrop of a glowing sunrise.
Pure Escapism at the Arizona Inn
Jane Cassie

The natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert embraces the cosmopolitan city of Tucson that sprawls over 495 square miles. Signature Saguaros stand at attention with their arms stretched skyward, proudly displaying their heritage.

Ground Rules for Donald Trump Commentary

James Campion
A Template for “Covering” a Weird Presidency -
As one can imagine, I have been getting a bevy of advice on what I should be writing or how I should be dealing with the emergence of this thing called Donald Trump  
Joe Cool ... Out
James Campion
Our Journey From Hope To Change To Trump  

Barack Obama is the only major party candidate for president I have ever voted for with gusto. And he shall be the last. That is my gift to him on his way out.
Quite A Year
James Skinner

No doubt about it! We’ve ended one of the most incredibly tumultuous years this century.

Mark Twain
Observations on Being Really Old

Martin Green

Let’s face it, when you reach the point of being really old, there are certain things you can no longer do.
Visit  Laguna Anjuna Resort
Murli Menon
in Goa
Goa is a paradise for all those who love the sun, the sea, the sand and the surf. Laguna Anjuna is a short walk away from Anjuna beach, one of the many beaches that dot the coastal highway from Goa to Kerala.

A Blindspot in Turkey
Nina Nooit

Ispir, a small town tucked away in the mountains behind Turkey’s Black Sea coast, in the historical area of Pontus, is a blind spot on any travellers’ map. I spent a few days there ...
Headed for the Devil’s Nose
Tyrel Nelson

The northbound coach charges into the night. Not a word can be heard; the roaring of the motor provides the soundtrack to an otherwise silent ride. Sporadic signs—temporarily visible via the bus’s headlights—break up the shadows lining the Pan-American Highway.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Things I have no more use for
Abigail George

“God took you out of my life for a reason.”
The Miracle
Jim Meirose

Jeffrey sat in the darkened bedroom, at the bedside of his dying younger brother. They had called him back from graduate school; they had said someone needs to care for Jacob...

Martin Green

Bud had come for lunch sometime in September.  He’d seemed fine then.  At their lunches, they’d usually have a report that one or another of their old tennis group had passed away, but he assumed Bud would be there forever.
Manbag Bagman
Karl MacDermott

I’m six foot four. I look like Lou Ferrigno’s brother. By day I write film screenplays. By night I collect money for the mob. I am Manbag Bagman
Why? A Book of Thoughts by Khaled H. Nusseibeh
Marwan Asmar review

Poetry can be the greatest form of expression bounding on the aesthetic and the beautiful, rich, heartfelt, melancholic and the exhilaration of nuances, powerful expressions and the sense of beyond-earthily universalism.


with Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
Director Damien Chazelle
Helen Reynolds review

Hollywood has fallen in love again. Five years on from The Artist, a beautiful nostalgic nod to cinema history, here we are again in the land of bygone times.
We Wanted Workers: Unraveling the Immigration Narrative by George J. Borjas -
Charlie Dickinson Review
Immigration is certainly the contentious political issue of our time. The electorate of country after country takes the polarity of immigration to the ballot box with disruptive results.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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