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Winter 2016/17 Edition snowcat

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel
Best Wishes of the Season to all our readers and the coming year ahead - it's going to be a bumpy ride
Travel stories
Politics & Comment
How we live
The Last Costa Rican Paradise
Kimberley Johnston
The name Costa Rica now proves itself to be ironic; a country that was once so naturally rich, threatens to impoverish itself.
Borra Caves in Araku Valley
Murli Menon in India

Araku Valley is a paradise for all those who love the sun, the mist, the clouds and the hills.
The Other Banos
Tyrel Nelson

We finally pulled into a small, dusty lot in front of a giant, light-blue church, which sat atop a small hill a few miles southwest of Cuenca.

Next Up - Oust Christie
James Campion

Freeing the Garden State of Assholes since November, 2016
Turns out standing behind a candidate trying to appear relevant during campaign rallies netted him a whole lot of nothing
The Ballad of District Five

James Campion

How Acting Like a Total Jack Ass Helps Flip the Tide of Politics ...I kicked ass
After Castro
James Skinner on Spain

Two prominent figures have passed away recently. One, of international fame and the other of local national interest. Both will have, for different reason an impact on this country.

closed bank India
How can Indians protect Indian Temple Gold?

Murli Menon
- a parable
Once upon a time, there was a king in India, who paid his army in gold coins from his treasury. The king decided to conquer neighbouring kingdoms and soon exhausted his gold as he travelled further. So he got a brilliant idea. Demonetisation.
Cinema Tourism Comes to Cuenca and Guadalajara
Set-Jetting taking off in Spain. Come and see where the movies are made.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Thanksgiving Dinner
Martin Green

Ah, Thanksgiving. This year we were scheduled to go to Ellen’s sister Sophie and her husband Mort’s for the annual feast.  And I’d have to deal with Mort’s crowing after Donald Trump, to everyone’s surprise, not to say shock, had won the presidential election.
New York
The San Juan Bagels Parking Lot
Dean Borok
La Creta dwelt in perpetual fear of the parking lot, separated from the factory by the Taliban shish-kebob garage where resided the The Forty Thieves of
the spicy halal chicken and rice wagons
Call it a difficult night
by Mishka Hoosen
Abigail George review

Mishka Hoosen is young. She is also intelligent. She is brave and she is brilliant. She is also very clever, funny and wise beyond her years...

LaHaina Noon
Lahaina Noon 

Jim Meirose

I want to catch up to my shadow and walk over it and be in front of it. I want it following me instead of me following it
Sam Hawksmoor

Nadia could barely breathe she was so anxious.  Her hands were shaking.  Raul, squashed in beside her on the bus seat didn’t seem to notice anything unusual.  But she’d already come to the fateful conclusion, after a few casual dates with him, that Raul didn’t really notice much
Let's Make A Deal
Oswaldo Jimenez

I’m supposed to be dead. The deal was that when I reached the age of fifty I would be dead.  Of course, it wasn’t exactly specified how it would happen or when. But I think it was just supposed to happen when I reached the age of fifty.

In Praise of The Daily Show (The Book) by Chris Smith
James Campion review

An Oral History of the Golden Age of 21st Century American Satire
Discussing Movies - Brent Marchant & Sam Hawksmoor on Self Discovery Radio with Sara Troy
Just entertainment or inspiration?
A SOUND FILE 29.11.2016

Slow West movie review
Stars: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn
Charlotte March review

Somehow found myself charmed by Michael Fassbender in a stetson the other day in Slow West: easily the best film I’ve seen all year ...
Gene Hackman
Screenwriting 101
in transition - tips for writing
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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