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The International Writers Magazine:
2015 Hackwriters Archive Samples
JANUARY: Welcome to 2015-
Hopes for the Year ahead by Sam Hawksmoor
Nigeria still at 54
The bad-luck of having Leaders that cannot lead - Adewale T Akande
A set of leaders are now tearing apart what is supposed to be the giant of Africa
Travels with Mathias in the Yucatan
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

“We were told,that this is really the entrance to the underworld.” 
Chennai Express
A city of 4 million, and the Chennai Express, one big road, shared by rusting cycles, three wheelers, vintage bus behemoths, and water buffalo
FEBRUARY: The Anthropology of The Middle Class - James Campion
A Disjointed Primer from the Front

Here’s the deal: There are too many humans on this planet. Way too many
In Memory of Joanna North
'No one is 'just' a mother - I am all I have accomplished'.
Local Color: A Ride on the No. 2 Bus
James C. Clar

The No. 2 bus traverses a portion of the island of Oahu that is as diverse as that route’s eclectic ridership.
The Magician's Land
by Lev Grossman
Sam North review

Satisfying and spirited conclusion to the Magician's trilogy
MARCH: A Case for Conflict
Ben Cooke

Whomever says war is wholly bad just doesn't look hard enough
Capitalism’s Slow Suicide
Tom Kilcourse

In seeing people as a cost to be avoided or reduced whenever possible, we forget that they are also consumers
Truth and Consequences
Dean Borok

People these days are less inclined than ever to state obvious facts, because if the truth came out it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.
West of World
Christopher Daniels

She had not told any other students, as far as he knew. Of course, she might have.
APRIL: Salzburg Mozartwoche 2015
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

In Salzburg every year is a Mozart year...
Madam Shoo-In Part 11
James Campion

Ms. Rodham’s Déjà vu Trail Begins Again - People assumed it, had faith in its coming, and now that it has come, you kind of have to observe it as sort of news
Reflection or Reflexion
Tom Kilcourse

I am increasingly struck by the behaviour of those charged with choosing a government
The Repercussions of Tomas D
A Hero? Or Englands Greatest Traitor?

'Disturbing, poignant YA novel that presents a chilling alternate future for an England that lost the war.' Marcel d'Agneau
MAY: Butterflies of a Dark Light
Bad Mike
on Kudle Beach
It is as difficult to hang yourself in a hammock as it is to slip the panties off of a spinster virgin at an Episcopalian revivalist picnic.
Baltimore is Burning + Readers Responses
James Campion

At some point cops will stop killing black guys and black neighborhoods will stop ending up in flames.
Nigeria relies on renewable energy
Odimegwu Onwumere

Nigeria targeting to accomplish 7 percent renewable energy use by 2025.
JUNE: Crying Wolf?
James Skinner

As Podemos surges - is Spain on the Venezuelan path to ruin?
Tom Kilcourse

So, you lost the election and your leader. No doubt you are reviewing your position and your policies...

The Body Experiment
James Campion

I found a way to cut your cholesterol numbers in half in 40 days and so can you.
Exiled By Fate
Charlie Brown

Your jealousy and flaming temper are things I learned to live with, something I want to experience again because your spirit energizes me
JULY: The Writer’s Guide To Weapons
By Benjamin Sobieck
A Practical Reference for Using Firearms and Knives in Fiction -
Review by Leroy B. Vaughn
Hemlock for Everyone - The Drinks are on Me • Dean Borok
One of the hardest things in life is to face up to your own deficiencies.
Rediscovering Jewish Sicily
Irene Shaland
with Bianca Del Bello
The Semitic people were the first group to colonize Sicily and establish a city-port they called Zis
AUGUST: Media, Money & Donald Trump
James Campion

For a political junkie, the Donald Trump Show is a welcomed distraction

Send in the Clowns
James Skinner on politics in Spain

Weed legal, Salvadore Dali banned. Welcome to the new radical Spain
Scottie and Zelda Fitzgerald
Abigail George

You loved me to death I am afraid Scottie and now it is too late.
SEPTEMBER: Three continents -Twenty countries
Seven thousand miles. One 30-something who deeply regrets not doing any training. Rebecca Lowe's Bicyle Blog to the Middle East
Exile on Main Street
Dean Borok

I once had a cousin who was hanged at the U.S. Army prison in San Francisco as a thief. He did the hanging himself
The City University of New York Medical School Quick Weight Loss Diet
- Steve Slavin

Caroline is a yo-yo dieter.
OCTOBER: Consequences
Tom Kilcourse

Narcissism is now a universal phenomenon, displayed by the most mediocre in our midst.

A Brief History of Time Travel
Sam Hawksmoor

If you could, you would, wouldn't you?
Syria & The Middle East Either/Or Theory
James Campion

The party will soon be over for ISIS.
NOVEMBER: Yemenis Attempt Peace Talks Geneva - Marwan Asmar 
Yemenis have to put their heads together once and for all and re-establish a state away from violence, confrontation and war.
Marikka - Chapter One: A Dog’s Dinner
Marikka woke suddenly.  It was a warm night, the air unusually thick and cloying.  The house was eerily quiet...
Earworms in Bohemia
Jane Anderson

What is it about Smetana?
DECEMBER: Apres Paris Le Deluge
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
The tragedy in Paris last Friday 13th was horrifying; one might say, terrifying, which is the whole point of terrorism
Mom, Me, and Boyfriends
Sarah Fils-Aime

I never once woke to the sound of my mother sneaking in with a stranger, heels in her hand. I was not reared in a house where a new man would shuffle out while I ate my cereal. But my mother has had many boyfriends...
American Hegemony
Tom Kilcourse

American corporatism is devoid of any national allegiance...
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