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Rozumovskyi Palace
Ukraine Hetmanate
Kateryna Dzekun

The imposing Hetman palace in all its beauty can compete with the most distinguished palaces of the world ...
'Cleaning' Amman Nymphaeum for heritage - Marwan Asmar
This summer was a good cleaning period for the Amman Nymphaeum. From a blackened relic, its frontal facade, niches and apses are restored again.
In Darwin's footsteps, on a luxury cruise in the Galápagos islands

Jean-Marc Theodorowicz

To many visitors, the Galápagos Islands remain the image of a paradise; a mythical place - so symbolic in essence- like a child’s dream that beckons, beyond the wildest imagination.
Belfry Theatre
Victoria BC - Island of Flowers
Fred C. Wilson III

Canada is a plumb of a country; it’s pretty. Victoria in Vancouver Island is like a fairytale.
Three continents -Twenty countries
Rebecca Lowe's Bicycle Blog to the Middle East Latest Update:
Venice and Trieste

The Sound of the Barrel's Bottom Being Scraped
James Campion
Eleven Hours of Political Theater On Your Dime - whatever the hell this thing was, it was a bust
No Rhyme or Reason
Dean Borok
Just because the Republicans are indulging in their Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown does not mean that the Democrats still do not have time to step on their own dicks and mess up
A House Divided
James Campion +
Readers Responses

Who The Hell Wants To Be Speaker of the House? Who wants to lead the leaderless...? Meldown in DC
Selfie stick NO
Tom Kilcourse

Narcissism is now a universal phenomenon, displayed by the most mediocre in our midst.
Syria & The Middle East Either/Or Theory
James Campion

The party will soon be over for ISIS.
The Ace Card - Catalonia
James Skinner

Elections have taken place in the autonomous region of Catalonia, the votes have been counted and the end result is a political mess.
Elections & Democracy in Tanzania Ronald Elly Wanda
Tanzania has a highly charged general election slated for 25th October 2015

Observations on Being Really Old
Martin Green

Let’s face it, when you reach the point of being really old, there are certain things you can no longer do.
New York Trumps Everybody
Dean Borok

I vote the straight Democratic line. It wouldn’t matter to me if the Democrats put up Pee Wee Herman or Lassie at the top of the ticket, they have got my vote.
Making an early exit
Sam North

Suicide is no easy solution for those left behind.
The Unemerging Writer
Karl MacDermott

I guess I’m depressed – trouble is I’m not a celebrity so I won’t be able to exploit my depression and get that all-important six-figure sum book deal.
Yogi – 1925-2015
James Campion

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra - best catcher in Major League Baseball.
Tom Kilcourse

Long ago when they knew your name
A Nuclear Middle-East
Marwan Asmar

Israel has long practiced what it calls its policy of "nuclear ambiguity" of neither denying nor confirming the fact it possess nuclear weapons
Upstate New York
Ivan Maddog Noble

Some stretch of stone between Albany and Syracuse. Generations of forgotten old men lived in these timber palaces.

REVIEWS Film & Books
My Nice Brother
Martin Green

He was slow in getting promoted at his office.  He was too nice to engage in office politics.  
Dear Reader
Abigail George

I admired him from afar. His voltage. Worlds tasting of plums, frost. I am left collecting possessions, ephemera, photographs. In fifteen years, I still want him to say that he remembers me.
Song for the Missing
Andrew Lee-Hart

The Reverend William Southall was many things; vicar, mourner of two children, deserted husband, and worshipper of the devil; well that is what certain members of his congregation claimed...
Andrew Lee-Hart

He arrived in Liverpool at about three in the afternoon, with darkness and lust in his heart.
A Brief History of Time Travel
Sam Hawksmoor

If you could, you would, wouldn't you?

Shout It Out Loud Shout It Out Loud - The Story of KISS’s DESTROYER & the Making of an American Icon
by James Campion

Backbeat Books Oct 13th 2015
Sam Hawksmoor Review
A brilliant forensic insight into the making of KISS and Destroyer
After Dark by Haruki Murakami
Paperback, First Vintage
Sam North review
Ever read a book and realised a few paragraphs in that you have already read it? Sneaky publishers are always changing covers these days...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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