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Day-Tripping Out of Portland:
6 Striking Natural Wonders in 3 Days Tonia Hauser
Visiting the city? Take time to appreciate Oregon’s breathtaking beauty

Spiritual Nepal on two wheels
Junesh Twana

It was ready to leave the dust, noise and disambiguated traffic of Kathmandu behind for seven days.
Palermo’s Inimitable Hotel Orientale
Paul Michelson

Part of me was thinking, “This is great!” The other part was thinking, “What have I gotten us into?”
The Holy See
Fred C. Wilson III

The Vatican City State or Holy See is the world’s smallest country. It’s located in the heart of Rome the Italian capitol.
Dalian Rocks!
Frank Beyer

Dalian, a city in the north-east of China, lies on the southern tip of the Liaoning peninsula and faces Korea across the yellow sea.

On the Road
Mike Blake
I remember I first spotted him standing behind the store, smoking a cigarette.

Middle East Blood Juggle
James Campion

or How To Hold Onto A Fistful of Rain & Not Have Too Many People Killed
A Case for Conflict
Ben Cooke

Whomever says war is wholly bad just doesn't look hard enough
Capitalism’s Slow Suicide
Tom Kilcourse

In seeing people as a cost to be avoided or reduced whenever possible, we forget that they are also consumers
The Importance of Process
Tom Kilcourse

...inflation in a large, but narrow, market is extremely dangerous for the British economy
Is Spanish Socialism Dying?
James Skinner

What is causing this strange political cauldron that is liable to endanger not only the Eurozone but the whole of the European Union?
Where There Is No There...There
James Campion
+Readers Responses
Political melodrama means nothing beyond the massive egos involved
Bagan Villagers Need Water
Help Us Help Them

The jewel in Myanmar's tourism crown is Bagan, an ancient center of power in the central Myanmar arid zone

The Equality of Hate
James Campion

The Delicate Balance of Us - bigotry, in any way, shape or form is never going away ...
Typo Confession
Julie McSmith

Father, I am sorry for I have sinned.  In particular, I am sorry for having made certain typos and mistaken contractual stipulations. 

Salzburg Mozartwoche 2015
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

In Salzburg every year is a Mozart year, when visitors from around the world flock to this lovely Baroque town for the annual Mozartwoche
This language is easy or difficult because I said so
Antonio Graceffo

A kid I met in Phnom Penh told me Korean language was not difficult. He said, “Easy to read, easy to write.”

Truth and Consequences
Dean Borok

People these days are less inclined than ever to state obvious facts, because if the truth came out it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Crow

Martin Green

Caw.  Caw.  Caw. Arnold was jolted out of his doze.  A crow in his back yard?
Life After Death
Namitha Varma

Silence had settled over our house, ready to get into its pajamas and go to sleep.
Getting Out Of Bed
Vanessa Telaro

Deep down Andie wanted to see how her life would end. In her reverie, Andie was about seventeen years old.
You can Call me Al
Sam North
I told Al that I thought the plan was flawed, the sewers dirty, the cops vicious and Frank unreliable.
West of World
Christopher Daniels

She had not told any other students, as far as he knew. Of course, she might have.
The Scrapbook
Abigail George

Divinity: Teenage Infatuation and Pharmaceutical Junkie. We make a ritual out of it. Of saying evening prayers. It is absurd like flying a kite when there is no wind.

The White Shack

Sidi C. Benzahra

I decided to confront my fear and go to the white shack and see all that blood and gore.

Mise En Dread
James Campion

In Praise of 'Cabaret' - wonderfully conflated hyper-sense of mystery and
Director: Neill Blomkamp (District 9)

Stars: Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman
'Five Alive' meets 'Robocop' meets Gangster Hip-Hop all set in a bleak future JoBurg
'Life begins somewhere between the fish and the stars’
a haunting story about a girl who fled the fire into a whole world of trouble. A story about father and daughter and the girl who can read objects...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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