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stone carving
Carving A Piece Of Cambodia
Paige Lim

"Clink, clink, clink". Every strike of the hammer sends my chisel plunging into rough sandstone, dislodging tiny chunks which scatter haphazardly across the table.

Hub Of All Action- NYC
Rachel Duggan

Fast pace walking. Honking cars and taxis. Crowded streets. Many cities sound like this but there is no other place like this one. New York City.

Butterflies of a Dark Light
Bad Mike
on Kudle Beach
It is as difficult to hang yourself in a hammock as it is to slip the panties off of a spinster virgin at an Episcopalian revivalist picnic.

Elizabeth Warren Unleashed
James Campion

Elizabeth Warren is what makes writing about politics interesting. She is the Democrats answer to Ted Cruz. She represents the polar end of a national party and can and will make waves to muck up the works when she can.
Musical Chairs in Spain
James Skinner

The circus acts have already started... rest assured it is going to be exciting, especially as the present government are losing ground due to mounting corruption scandals
Dear ‘Comrades’
Tom Kilcourse

So, you lost the election and your leader. No doubt you are reviewing your position and your policies in an effort to discover why you lost. I cannot give you the answer, but I can tell you why you lost my vote.
Baltimore is Burning
+ Readers Responses

James Campion

At some point cops will stop killing black guys and black neighborhoods will stop ending up in flames.

Mysteries of the Philippines
Fred C. Wilson III

A few years ago the Philippine National Police confiscated stolen antiquities smugglers tried to unload on the black market.
Asylum Seekers
Tom Kilcourse

I am presently finding my conscience in danger of being exploited and abused by media images of migrants from Africa who have fled across the sea to Europe.
Fight Night
Dean Borok

The Fight of the Century? Most sportswriters never played sports and they can’t write either...
Nigeria relies on renewable energy
Odimegwu Onwumere

Nigeria targeting to accomplish 7 percent renewable energy use by 2025.
Ben Rietema in New Zealand

Three times a week, we order the linen. Three times a week we receive an arbitrary amount of towels and sheets that may or may not actually apply to what we first ordered

REVIEWS Film & Books
After Leaving Mr Muirhead for God
Abigail George

Grief is waving at me. The animals with their gobbledegook. Geese with their social cohesion.
Marie Dunham's Practical Socks
Julie McSmith

Marie Dunham worked for a charitable organization that sent books to prisoners in jail.  She was a quiet, tiny woman with meticulous habits.
Poppy’s lesson
Chris Castle

Eddie saw her coming, red and white jumper like an old fashioned sweet. Big red hoops earrings, jeans, hair tied back in a pony tail. What she always wore for her lesson
Adultery for Beginners
Martin Green

One thing led to another, as they say, and, yeah, I guess I was unfaithful.   It would had seemed stupid to turn down the opportunity.
Sister Mercedes & the Temple of Doom
Brian Petti
I had a college professor who once said, “Catholicism gives you something infinitely complex to rebel against for the rest of your life.” 

Here is the Desert by Dom Gabrielli
L’aile editions, 2014
Imene Bennani review
'This secret breathing':
The Poetry of Dom Gabrielli
The Great Diamond Rush of 1872
A true story of the American West
Evil bankers, wild speculators, daring prospectors - makes the adventures of Butch and Sundance look like a picnic.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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