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The International Writers Magazine:
2011 Hackwriters Archives
JANUARY: Tunisia's startling revolution
Marwan Asmar

It took a flicker to start a revolution that toppled a ruler after 23 years in power. Many are calling it the "Jasmine Revolution" after the nation's national flower

Spanish Bridges & Economic Choices
James Skinner

Spain’s banking system, the pride and joy of President Rodriguez Zapatero, is in a shambles on equal footing to the other members of the European ‘Finance’ Club

Premonitions of angels
Abigail George
Just keeping on
Flecked with dizzying introspection, difficult, monstrous yet inspiring new things that bring you joy
FEBRUARY: While You're Away
Tips For A Pending Federal Government Shutdown
James Campion

Alternative plans to successfully piggyback a 2011 federal government shutdown

A Rainy Day
Piotr Wesolows
It rained in Jerusalem. It rained in Bethlehem. It snowed somewhere in the mountains across the Sinai; for the rest  … just scattered flurries.

From Page to Screen: a few vexed issues to ponder upon while chewing your popcorn - Chris Mills
I have wanted to have a go at writing something about film and television adaptations of books for a while, but the subject is quite large and unwieldy to get to grips with easily and to do justice.
MARCH:M Panic in Spain
James Skinner

Panic. This is how I see the present situation in Spain resulting from the latest ‘off the cuff’ decisions taken by the Zapatero government to ease the continuing economic pain that this country is suffering.

Live for Adventure
Tabytha Towe

In last said piece I proclaimed that I needed to go away again like a desperate itch that simply won't die and it's true.  When I wake up and think about what I want to work for, the idea of travel is my motivation. 

The Nature of the Universe
Michael Hoffman

“By the way. I have a confession to make. I stole 1000 yen from your wallet the other day.”
APRIL: What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Dean Borok

When I was a kid I refused to accord credibility to any party who did not adhere to classical European leftwing values. Now older, I am starting to discover the charm of utter nonsense. That’s the only way you can appreciate American politics, through Alice’s looking glass.

Amaechi’s Search For Rivers Indigenes Integrity
Odimegwu Onwumere

Why sewage matters in African elections

After The Tennis Match 
Martin Green

Paul had always thought the patio was the best thing about the club, somehow it was always cool and pleasant there, even in the heat of a Sacramento summer
MAY: French Kiss
Dean Borok

It’s a dream come true for me to have French presidential politics determined in a New York City hotel room on the basis of a blowjob
What waits back home
Chris Castle

“Do they know where he is?” Marty asked. He looked around and saw Marie looking far off into the hills

The Rational Optimist
Nick Lewandowski

The sky is not falling. Climate change will not destroy human civilization. Our fossil fuels will last long enough for us to develop alternatives and contrary to popular opinion the world will be a better, cleaner and safer place a hundred years from now.
JUNE: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It
Josephine Green

I bought proper running shoes for the first time this year; the cheap variety. Even at that point the thought of running half a marathon in China was unreal

Life, Literature and the Europeans
Allen Gibson

It is a wet and dreary Sunday morning. Cool rain trickling down, birds chirping, green everywhere. The May long weekend – a bank holiday, as the English would say. And I find myself in a very unusual position, reading European literature

A pilgrimage to Mecca
Marwan Asmar
High-minded, upright, gracious, dignified, stately, awesome pictures travelling between my body, mind and soul, it's inexplicable
JULY: Rupert Murdoch - A Tribute
James Campion

Keith Rupert Murdoch, champion of the fourth estate, whose international media empire and its unhinged influence on law, politics, power and celebrity is this generation's William Randolph Hearst -- a true media giant; no shame, no principle, no soul.

Ship Breaker
Paulo Bacigalupi

Sam Hawksmoor
Nailer is tough, like his name, wiry and small, which is lucky, it means Nailer gets to work on the lite crew that’s stripping the innards of a beached oil tanker on Bright Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a brilliant prescient YA novel

Tales Of the Cocktail
Tabytha Towe in New Orleans

It was an extremely last minute decision for me to just jump on board to this elaborate convention, and not just any bartenders affair, but the head honcho of bartenders, mixologist and aficionados affair
AUGUST: Far Rockaway
Dean Borok
Every summer about this time, the Fort Tilden Beach in Far Rockaway gets hit by an infestation of biting flies that incubate in the Gateway National Recreation Area

Chris Castle

Ryan sat in the strip club trying to look any other place but at the dancers. It was bad enough that he had ended up in such a dive, that his oldest friend, Steve, was drunk beyond all recognition
SEPTEMBER: Things We Didn’t See Coming
by Steven Amsterdam
Sam North review
a wonderful examination of a crack in time, haunting, passive, yet compelling

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
by David Wroblewski
Sam Hawksmoor review
an emotional roller coaster and well deserved of its worldwide success

The Joe Cool Double Reverse Hail Mary - James Campion
Let it be known that on 9/8/11 at 7:10 pm in a joint session of congress on Capitol Hill, the 2012 presidential election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama began in earnest.
OCTOBER: American Youth Movement - Fad or Voice?
Occupy Wall St., Maintain a Presence
James Campion

All you people in the streets from NYC to Chicago to Seattle and all points in between; when the signs come down and the chants die out and FOXNEWS and MSNBC are not frightened or titillated by you anymore, there is something you need to hear:
Sour Notes
John Kujawski 
My friend Anna said she could bring out the worst in me.  I knew that wasn’t possible because she’d never seen my bad side. Besides, in order to bring out the worst in me, she’d have to get inside my head and I knew she couldn’t do that
NOVEMBER: Nantucket
John M. Edwards

When I was a kid with my family on the New England coast, at a protected and isolated vacation spot called “Salter’s Point” (now near mythical to me and impossible to find on a map)

Burning in the rain
Abigail George

It is too cold to swim but she takes his hand. It is beach weather but it is still too cold to swim. She knows she is being brave at this point; even her rage is poetic as she feels the world, her world and the information in it blackening around her
DECEMBER: Do Andorrans Dream of Electric Cheap John M. Edwards
No replicant hitchhiker in his right mind would risk his or her life driving a “smuggled” car through the kingdom of Andorra

The Power of 12
James Campion

This will be the last column I pen this year, in the final days of this twelfth month of 2011, and I choose to write about the number 12.

IQ84 by Haruki Murakami
Books 1-3

It is always a pleasure to discover a new Murakami novel.  Having recently seen Norwegian Wood (the movie) I was reminded of the pleasure of reading his work and how he weaves so many simple inconsequential things into a complex read. 
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