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The International Writers Magazine: 2008 Archives

Heart & Soul of Politics - Part II
Democrats At The Crossroads 2008

James Campion
Standing at the crossroads of revisionist hard-sell, old-fashioned populism, and disenfranchised symbolism are threee wild-card presidential candidates
The Fall of Me
Tessa Foley
I did care for them. You learn to care for anyone you work with every sunlit hour God sends. I watched the children grow like weeds in Spring. I would be lying if I said it didn't touch my icy, red heart when they smiled or cried
Save Your World
Tabytha Towe
Oh what a day! Hanging out with my girl friends nude on the beach, I can’t think of anything better
Cultural Receivers
Marwan Asmar
Like it or not we are cultural receivers, and I dare say, if western audiences were exposed to "our culture," the influence would be much more balanced
La Creta Returns
Dean Borok
Like Satan, she was known by many names, all of which related to that most alluring and reviled aspect of the female form

Small Town Crap - Part Two
Rosalea Hostetler
Getting Established for Acceptance
You are willing to take the risk of being rejected, and don’t mind if you are shunned and isolated. Or you are confident you can play by the rules well enough to fit in and be accepted
That Sucks -I'm Fine but you're screwed
Gabriel Constans
The way we speak drives me crazy!  Well, it doesn’t really “drive me” anywhere, nor causes me to have a psychotic break, but it can be intensely frustrating.
White Oleander
Alun Williams

We decided to run away after Betty’s parents found out she was pregnant.

James C. Clar

"Liam, I’m not much of one when it comes to pets," she began.
The Last of the Warrior Kings
by Sarah Mussi
Anona Evans review
Max is portrayed as a modern day hero. He is a lone crusader, fighting to restore the faith and property of an ancient civilisation.
A World Apart
Gabriela Davies on film
'Things we lost in the fire' comes as a clean break from the happy endings we are used to. The narrative is strong, yet simple.
Health and Safety in New York
Dean Borok
You’re never safe in New York. 
Things You Never Knew You Never Knew
Emmanuel Iduma
I am going to tell you the truth. I have lied for so long and I am tired of living a double life. You know how it was when we first starting seeing each other
Health and Safety in New York
Dean Borok
You’re never safe in New York. 
A Crossroads in Serbia
Brian Rogers
In downtown Belgrade all eyes are on an orator who’s words I do not understand ... but who’s meaning I perceive innately.
The Drive to Olympos
Sean Hastings in Turkey
I find myself in the sleepy seaside town of Fethiye. I must yield to the pressure of depleted budgets and depart this country for more financially fertile climes
Carol Falaki
Today we are in Iran. Tomorrow we fly back to England, but first I have a promise to keep. I am waiting for Shahyar. From here I can watch for his arrival.
The Total Eclipse of McCaine
James Campion
There is no point ignoring it any longer- Sarah Palin is in charge now.
Summer in France
Sam North

Seems I'm allergic to chickens and sheep. Cat is a bit off with me too despite carrying out specific feeding instructions
Traveling with Mom (I should've known better) - Rick Steigelman
I might’ve guessed what I was getting myself into.
GOP R.I.P. 10.25.08
James Campion - Exploring The Death Rattle Of Modern Conservatism. No money. No message. No momentum.

Slingshot showdowns in Southeast Asia
Alexander Hanke
You meet a lot of other travelers and backpackers while on the move. Some are outgoing, adventurous and independent, others are not
Night Fishing: Chasing Tail in the Tropics - John M. Edwards
I thought I saw a real live mermaid. The genuine article. This was a fantastical phantasm that was hard to shake.

Secret Door
Freya Scott
I used to drag all my little school friends upstairs before tea and hide in the airing cupboard.

Laura Marling
Aby Davis Review
The Wedgewood rooms, Portsmouth. Amidst the company of young girls with un-straightened hair and charity shop scarves, and some mums wearing embroidered jeans I anticipated excellent live music from 18 year old new folk-ist, Laura Marling.
Java Journey
John M Edwards
Café Hopping in Indonesia
I went out to get a cup of java in Java and ended up on an infernal coffee odyssey through the Indonesian archipelago
The Bogus Battle for Christmas
James Campion
This just in: Christmas has nothing to do with religion. Around here, and by around here I mean America, it is the granddaddy of consumer holidays

Chick Lit & Chick Flicks
Callum Graham
It’s sexist, elitist, self indulgent and often badly written. And you know what? It’s exactly the same as men’s
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