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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

Vancouver Pandemic

>'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, this will terrify you and thrill you.'
Roxy Williams -

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
'Chocolate will never seem the same again'
Sunday Express

Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
Buy now direct from
'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review
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The International Writer's Magazine - March 2008 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Tales of Samos - Part I
Brian H. Appleton
Around '68 I started spending summers in Samos. I fell in love with that Island
Budapest & Nagymama  
Dean Betts
They say Budapest is most beautiful at night, but it’s a tough call. I was sitting on a ledge on the west side of the Danube River overlooking it all.
Jordan Through Foreign Eyes
Noor Al Saleh

Ever since I started working in the Petra National Trust I came to realize that it is not easy to get people interested in supporting an organization that preserves a heritage site.
That Speech
James Campion
Inside Barack Obama's Bold Sonnet To Our Bitter Demons & Better Angels
The Democrats are Burning

James Campion

The unabated immolation of the Democratic Party has now officially become a raging firestorm.
The Emperor's New Factory Girl
The Madam Shoo-In Jive Express - James Campion
There is only one book ever written worth a damn on the subject of politics, The Shining.
The Circle Unbroken
Dean Borok
On Spitzer
Erik Johnson
The slogan for Bangladesh is, ‘Come to Bangladesh– before the tourists do.’ In fact, there may be time yet, they’ve had the same slogan for over 10 years
How I Ought to be as a Writer
Piper Davenport

I can’t predict anything, all I can do is love the words on the page and the language

It and I
Charlotte Hansen
I don’t know how I ever lived without It. I think back to when I was so alone, without even the sound of its beautiful tone
A Post-Women’s Day Thought
Leela Solomon -
No one can say that the media forgot Womens' Day

Marianne de Nazareth
Just a 20 minute drive out of Secunderabad, in South India, the Alankrita resort on the Shameerpet Road is a haven for Indian antique lovers and connoisseurs of Indian cuisine.
A Very Good Day
Tyrel Nelson in Ecuador

During the few days leading up to our first Christmas in Ecuador, my next-door neighbor, Juan José asked us to fish with him in El Cajas National Park, we couldn't refuse
Marianne de Nazareth
What strikes a visitor to this twin city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is its sense of history
Travel India by Bus
Chi Tranter

I missed several buses before I learned that tickets are not purchased from a ticket booth but from an un-uniformed ticket seller who leans out the bus door
To Chiang Mai and Sleep
Aby Davis

Sleeping on a train is a most discombobulating experience. I think I woke up more times than I actually fell asleep.
Teased by Baños
Tyrel Nelson

If you can only visit one place in Ecuador, it has to be Baños,

Small Town Crap - Part Two
Rosalea Hostetler
Getting Established for Acceptance
You are willing to take the risk of being rejected, and don’t mind if you are shunned and isolated. Or you are confident you can play by the rules well enough to fit in and be accepted
Holding On To Illusions
Michael Levy
I explained to her how fear is an illusion of the mind, even though it be a persistent one
The Elastic Always Gives Up
Marcia Dumler

I had gathered up a garment bag of clothing and shoes for my friend and neighbor who had wrecked her car.

No Country for Aches and Pains
James Skinner
Many people, when they retire take up a new hobby, or they go back to college to study

Knowledge, Science & the Problem of Time Travel
Kimberly Pfeifer
Does the concept of time travel belong solely to the realm of science fiction or is it a possibility?

The Consumer Consumed
Dr. Claudia K. Grinnell
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: Web 2.0
What is web 2.0? Many people ask about the meaning of this new buzzword. Is it a bubble or hype in the style of the "new economy" of the last century?
Viva Cuba: Got Rolled and Clobbered by a Lead Pipe in a Back Alleyway and Woke Up in the Cargohold of Some Ship Bound for Havana
John Edwards

The Majestic Camphor Shadows - Stone fox watching moths in moonlight
I think I could have found my way to Mitaka by myself. I had found my way to the Sagano Forest in Kyoto

Elephant in the Room
Annie Lalla in Chiang Mai
If you want to feel a King or a Queen, try riding an elephant. Nothing is more majestic than cruising through the rainforest atop this epic beast

Angel in "Abahaya"
Lalita kakanadan

If you drop me in a junction and ask me to find out the way on my own, I would naturally take the wrong direction! It's on my destiny.
Today's Technology & Other Animals
James Skinner
When I retired as Honorary British Consul I lost my fax machine, my high speed digital line, my mobile phone and my PC. Now I had to start over

Stay free in Spain
Beverly Rorem

There is a small village in the mountains west of Madrid that has been transformed into an English speaking enclave called Vaughan Town
The Man in the Orange Suit
Adam Graupe
The driveway winded and twisted through hills and pine.  A mile up the driveway stood a shack surrounded by hundreds of destroyed televisions.

Vincent's Wine
Karen Maxwell
Nothing belonged to him. Only the dry mouth from the shots at The Sky Bar on York last night...
The Photographer’s Model
Joseph Grant

“Life is defined by light and shadow…” The stentorian voice boomed, filling the large empty echo of the front of the photographer’s shop.
Shiny Summer Super Time Ra-Ra-Ra
Mark Cunliffe
This summer has been the best summer ever...

Britt Ekland and Me… in 1973!
Colin Todhunter

The world is void of mass cynicism and instant gratification, of needless complexity and lingering apathy.

La Creta Returns
Dean Borok
Like Satan, she was known by many names, all of which related to that most alluring and reviled aspect of the female form

First Day
Christine Churcher

Monday morning, nine a.m., I tremble as I pass through the long, cold corridors, the acrid smell clinging to the inside of my nostrils
Paulette's Reverie (excerpt from A Symphony of Fear) Dean Borok
Paulette regarded herself critically in the full-length mirror of her bedroom, still trying to decide if it was absolutely essential for her lingerie to match her street clothes.
Film,Game & Theatre Reviews
Jumper (2008)
Director - Doug Liman
Calvin Hussey
Despite its intriguing premise Jumper seems to fall flat on its face in many key areas.

Kidulthood - A Contemporary Classic Directed By; Aml Ameen
Calvin Hussey

A film deserving of being recognised as one of the great contemporary commentaries of our current times.
Burnout Paradise
Developed by Criterionfor EA
Jack Clarkson review
Burnout is about speed and pushing your reflexes to fighter pilot levels
The History Boys by Alan Bennett
Wyndhams Theatre
Chris Churcher

Alan Bennett's style of writing is as topical as ever

The Banished
Joseph Grant

Juan Muytado cursed them; they, who had left him here in this wasteland, alone in hell
Women of Iron by Catherine King.
Claire Holland review
Set in the Yorkshire South Riding during the Industrial Revolution, the story takes place amongst the canals and barges that keep the iron trade flowing.

Diary Of A Chav: Too Cool for School by Grace Dent
Rebecca Wass review
'Enjoyable and fast paced tale' of Shiraz Bailey Wood
Paris Chic & Trendy
by Adrienne Ribes-Tiphaine
(The Little Bookroom)
Tiffany Lee review

Paris Chic & Trendy is the ultimate handbag sized, fashionista bible.

Inca Trails by Martin Li
Review by Lisa Timmermann

A fascinating and engaging study of Bolivian and Peruvian culture and history, ‘Inca Trails’ narrates the author’s journey through the former birthplace and short-lived empire of the Incas.
The Last Vampire, Red Dice & Phantom
By Christopher Pike
Chris Burden
The Last Vampire is a series charting the adventures of Sita, a kick-ass five thousand year old vampire with an attitude. A high octane, gripping novel

Another Place to Die by Sam North
Calvin Hussey
Stunning, scarily feasible, and extremely engrossing throughout,

I am Spartapuss by Robin Price
Publisher: Mogzilla
Stephen Doyle

I am Spartapuss is quite squarely aimed at children. It is also entrancing and highly amusing.
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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