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The International Writers Magazine: Modern Communications and me

It and I
Charlotte Hansen

I don’t know how I ever lived without It. I think back to when I was so alone, without even the sound of its beautiful tone, its insistence that I be with It, pay attention to It, feed It, and keep It close to myself. What comfort I get from its presence – what joy from its voices.

It seems a lifetime ago that I was so alone. How did I ever function without It? How did our species even survive this long without its knowledge, its ability to speak for us, its comfort as we walk hand in hand? Oh, sure, we have Newspaper, Radio, TV, and Computer. Newspaper only likes to be with us for a short while, having coffee or covering our cold feet as we nap. Radio only gives us music and news; sometimes it seems so distant, as if it really doesn’t really need us. And TV, oh, TV, which is so full of itself, hardly gives us a glance. It preens and gloats about its face looking younger and more colorful each year, almost each day. It makes us laugh and cry, but does it really care? Then there’s Computer. It said it would be everything in one to us, but it brings so much grief. Like a mechanical Medusa, it entices us with promises, its tentacles encircling out minds and hearts, drawing us ever deeper into its dark abyss of loneliness. Then it just freezes, refusing to respond to any of our pleas. But, each of these has to stand alone. Each is an entity unto itself, offering only temporary respite from the cruel world.

I remember so well the day It first came into my life. So many emotions swirled and fought within me for attention – apprehension, excitement, glee, anticipation, and even some fear. Yes, I feared that It might not like me – might not want to stay – might decide we weren’t……. Oh, dare I say it? Compatible? Would It like it when we touched? Would It be comfortable in the covering I chose for It? Or, would It too, like Computer, freeze me out of its life? But, none of that mattered. From the day I first set eyes on It, I was captured, captivated, enamored. I had to have It, no matter the cost.

Ah, then I found out that It did indeed cost, and the amount I was willing to pay would determine how much time we were allowed to spend together. I screamed inside, "It’s not fair. I find It, which can give me so much, be my all-in-all, and our time together is going to be determined by money?" I looked at the brochure and knew that I would have to do something drastic, something I’d never dreamed of having to do. I’d take a second job, because I had to have the maximum time with It. Then I kept reading and discovered more – It had to have extra features for us to have a full, enlightening relationship. No, not just a second job – a better job. Maybe I will have to go back to school, get that doctorate. Surely my family will understand.

Things were tough for a while. The kids had to wear hand-me-downs and clothes from Goodwill. The spouse had to start doing all our haircuts. We all had to give up dollar night at the local burger barn. Walking became the norm, but hey, we all got in great shape. Oh, getting to school wasn’t so bad for the kids. Only 5 bus stops and 1 subway ride. I usually just hiked the 15 miles to school. Couldn’t let the kids think I was a wuss. But, I did it all for It. Now, I’m Dr xxxx the only authority on how the Post-It note has affected our society. Even before graduation, I was booked a year in advance to speak at corporations and city hall meetings. My fees were high. I could now afford It with all the bells and whistles. I felt on the edge of completion.

We’ve been together now for several years, It and I. I grow older; It just gets a new face and innards and keeps on going. Oh, sure, we have out spats, especially when I sometimes forget to take it with me, even on a short trip to the grocery store. It’s very sensitive that way. It keeps me in touch with the world, with my friends, although my friends are few now. Some said they just couldn’t compete with It. They should have known that a showdown would leave them out. I’ll never abandon It, after all we’ve been through together. Oh, I do have to get harsh with it sometimes, when It insists on making noise, even when I’m working. But, It responds to the slightest pressure, knowing when I’ve had enough. It becomes silent. Then, It waits patiently, knowing that its allure will bring me back soon.

I’ve given up all the rest for It. Newspaper, Radio, TV, and even Computer – all gone – out of my life for good. It provides all I need. My cell phone and I will never part.

Charlotte Hansen march 2008

HansenHighFive Entertainment

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