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'Grandma Swivelhead, fortune tellers and bodies in the Thames, a boy's induction to a ghostworld'
Mean Tide by Sam North
'An engaging, unusual and completely engrossing read' - Beverly Birch-
author of 'Rift'


Another Place To Die

by Sam North

Vancouver Pandemic

'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, this will terrify you and thrill you.'
Roxy Williams -

All opinions expressed herein are wholly reflective of the writers and contributors to hackwriters. All work is copyright of the writers &

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The International Writer's Magazine - October 2008 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
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Happiness Manifesto
Julia Reynolds
Today I went walking down to Parangha Beach, Mykonos, Greece
Searching San Cristóbal
Tyrel Nelson
Breathing in dust and pouring out sweat, I trudged along the sultry gravel road beneath my feet.

To Hell and back in Poland
Andrew Hodgson

"There’s no space left in the sleeper - all we have are regular seats but only in first class."
On my tour through Europe, I set off for a place of wild adventure, dazzling culture, magnificent landscapes, and superb weather. Instead, I ended up in Luxembourg.

Granite Di Belvedere - The Italian Treat- Raymond K. Clement
There is a frozen treat sold on the streets of “Little Italy” in Boston ’s North End. It is called (erroneously) Italian Ice.
So Long, Sidekick
Tyrel Nelson in Ecuador
Fighting off a fierce caffeine headache that made my previous 2 hours on the bus from Quito agonizing, I struggled to keep up with Andrew

A weekend in Helsinki
Aurelie Montfrond
I was taken aback by its calm serenity. There was something beautiful about all of this.

Banquet For Phnom Penh's Rubbish Dump Residents - David Calleja
The limits of my Khmer are obvious to everybody in sight, but I am still able to obtain laughter from those who seek another type of medicine. 
A Weekend in Geneva
Aurelie Montfrond
When people think of Switzerland, They think of Geneva. It is the third largest city in Switzerland.

GOP R.I.P. 10.25.08
James Campion - Exploring The Death Rattle Of Modern Conservatism. No money. No message. No momentum.

John McCain is correct about one thing; he is not George W. Bush. Bush won. Twice. McCain is not going to win. Not unless he begins to stand for one particular platform for more than three consecutive hours or starts throwing ugly and doing it soon.

Self Fulfilling Prophecies of Greed, Fear & Doom
Michael Levy
In the beginning, the greed god said; let there be greed and yay, it was good. Well, maybe not good, but it sure felt good...
My Generation
Des Daly
When I travel, I like to do so quickly, quietly and comfortably. But these days I find that achieving this simple wish is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Thea Zimmer in Italy
Celestial in the semi-dark, the ruins loomed outside her window in the early morning glow—the arches of the basilica, like stone carcasses, full of more holy ghosts than she had ever known.

The Banking Debacle Explained
Antonio Graceffo
Explaining in simple terms, how a bank can become insolvent because of poor credit policies and over-inflated assets.

A Howling Moon
Sean Hastings in Gallipoli
It was a slight surprise that awaited me when I found myself back in Turkey. the smell of home.
Politicians Lies, Truth and Opinions
James Morford
Must politicians lie? Niccolo Machiavelli thought if politicians did not lie they would surely fail because lying was fundamental to politics. Not to lie ignored reality
Joys of the Meditteranean Lifestyle 
Julia Reynolds
There is a certain discrepancy between traditions in the respective cultures of Greece and America

A Night with Casanova
David Russell
On perfect night in Paris at La Coupole
Tropical Depression
James C Clar
Something else that attracts me to Waikiki is the fact that it’s still the haunt of all sorts of engaging and exotic characters
Chris Chapman
At my age if I can start the day by not falling over when pulling on my ‘y’ fronts, I reckon it’s a good omen.

The Winds of October
Eric D. Lehman
Afternoon waves at Hammonasset grasp at the tufted dunes, driven forward by a stiff wind from the southwest. We wander along this windswept beach, trying to catch a sunset on the Sound,

Roman Holiday
Gabriela Davies
It is that time of year when we’re all reminiscing about holidays. Life is too short to work a full year with no holiday, and sick days just don’t do the trick.
Traveling with Mom (I should've known better) - Rick Steigelman
I might’ve guessed what I was getting myself into.

The Raid
Karen Phillips
A Goth club, Mexico City…how or why we had booked a gig there, I have no clear recollection, but los goticos might still enjoy our Mexican-rock-and roll-viva-las Zapatistas type music for a change.

So You Want to Teach English in Korea?
Austin Wallace
In 2000 there were close to 20,000 Westerners teaching English in Korea I thought it would be a good public service to offer my fellow
Original Shorts
REVIEWS Film & Books
The Last Hour
James Nantau
The fire pit was equal distance between the hundred year old cabin and the shallow lake. It was laid there by his great grandfather and it was still the perfect place for it. How many fires, conversations, songs, laughs and tears took place around that venerable pit over the countless years, Cory could only imagine.
Playing Cupid
Martin Green
He was glad to see that Anne Lewis was there.   Paul had introduced Anne, a widow, to a friend of his, Gary Palmer, a while ago in the hope that something would develop

Luke Gittos
Apparently if you stand by the thing for a while, and wait and wait and wait for loads of people to use it, and loads of people don’t get any prizes, you can go in and get the prize, because the machine has more money than the actual toy is worth. I saw it on a show about how to wins things from people. Great show.

Freud in the Fridge
Guy Edwards
It was the morning after the house warming party in my new flat that I found a book on the interpretation of dreams by Sigmund Freud on a shelf in the fridge. That was the same party that I met the Marxist chemist, wearing an oversized dark blue beret, who had argued convincingly that Marx had stolen his ideas on communism from organic chemistry.
In the Grand Tradition of Grand Traditions
Charles E Accetta
In a neatly trimmed fenced-in Southern California backyard, an older gentlemanly type person stood facing the back of the property with his arms raised to the sky.
Reversal of Survival
Gordon Ray Bourgon
“Her name is Jane Doe.”

Slingshot showdowns in Southeast Asia
Alexander Hanke
You meet a lot of other travelers and backpackers while on the move. Some are outgoing, adventurous and independent, others are not

The Purim Code (First Chapter)
James Skinner
USA has blown your cover. Your position at risk. Return to base immediately
- a new thriller from the author of The Goa File
The Wave and the Thing
David Russell (For Kids)
We looked up and saw it. The biggest, most gigantic wave anyone of us had ever seen. And it was coming right at us

More Young Fiction Reviews
Last Kiss of the Butterfly
by Jill Hucklesby
Monique Wintle review
Jaz is a 13 year old girl who is an incredibly determined young lady, whether it is finding cures for her mother’s cancer, or learning her new moves for tae kwon do

Spray by Harry Edge
Callum Graham review
In a citywide water assassination game, with more at risk than just a place in the final, adults and teens run amok with everything to play for...

Out of My Depth by Helen Bailey
Jess Armstrong
How far can you get a piece of melted cheese to stretch without breaking it? One of the many concepts Electra Brown teases us with as she innocently causes minor chaos between her recently separated parents.

The General by Robert Muchamore
Review by Dan Crossen
This action packed story manages to keep surprising as each page is turned

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Review by Michael Luzanycia
The second person ever to escape Incarceron, Finn, the returned king to the outside world of "The Realm" is in for a shock
Shout - The Musical
Linda Regan review
Shout, currently touring the country, is one of the few shows on the circuit playing to packed audiences?

Burn After Reading
Samuel James Richards
The Coen Brothers have done it again

The Legend of the Philadelphia Story
The Saving of a Screen Icon’s Career
Rick Neal
Who is the greatest Hollywood star of all time? Ask six different people and you’ll get six different answers.
Gone by Michael Grant
Sam North Review
It’s odd but increasingly true that the best and most exciting writing these days is not coming from adult literature but young adult or teen fiction.

All the Fun of the Fair, Sex in the City (The Movie) and Mamma Mia (The movie). Linda Regan review
Two movies and a show

Directed by Pierre Morel starring Liam Neeson - Russ Thomas review
A vigilante’s dream
Black Market: Inside the Endangered Species Trade in India by Ben Davies and Adam Oswell
Shivani Shah review
Leave your conscience behind, then pick your copy of the Black Market.

New Young Fiction
Bras, Boys and Bad Hair Days
by Anita Naik
Kathryn Honeycombe review
Having a bad hair day? Fancy that guy in school who’s just too cool for you? Or just in desperate need of some advice? Bras, Boys & Bad Hair Days says it all.

Everything I Know About You by Belinda Hollyer
Sam Richards review
Belinda Hollyer’s honest and open style of writing is a key reason why this book is a pleasure to read, regardless of the age or gender of the reader

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
Sophie Berry review
For Californian teen Audrey, life would never be the same. She was now an overnight celebrity,

Borderlines Vol 2 A Literary Spark -
A University of Portsmouth publication from the School of Creative Arts, Film & Media - Order now - available from Lulu Press & Blackwells, Amazon on-line

Borderlines Vol 2 - A literary Anthology of new fiction, travel writing and poetry from the Creative Writing Programmes and invited writers at the University of Portsmouth, UK, under the direction of Sam North
'An exciting insight into the amazing talent and diversity of new writers' Stuart Olesker - Playwright

Hey: We are looking for submissions to BORDERLINES Vol 3 2009
If you have a good original travel story, or short fiction (2000 max) or Cultural/Socio Feature and you want to get into print send now to:
There is no payment but this is a peer reviewed journal based at the University and growing in reputation.

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