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The International Writers Magazine:What Me Worry?

Self Fulfilling Prophecies of Greed, Fear and Doom
Michael Levy

In the beginning, the money orientated greed god said; let there be greed and yay, it was good. Well, maybe not good, but it sure felt good to the housing cartel of owners and estate agents who were feasting on an upward spiraling market. It also felt super good to the investment banks that were hatching out leveraged collateralized notes on falsely valued homes with little or no down payments and low interest payments for a few years.

House prices doubled and trebled. Trophy homes sprung up on the mountaintops and the hallelujah avaricious chorus of high-pitched prices echoed in the valleys below.
All too soon the gilt began to fade on the exterior rhetoric of the experts who inaccurately stated... it will be different this time. As prices began to tumble experts began to realize they had been duped by their own cleverness and intellectual education that never taught the meaning of wisdom. Still, they stated all will be well and prices will recover soon, while keeping their fingers and toes crossed.
Then the greed god directed his flock into the hell pits of the commodity markets. The self-acclaimed experts once again sang the praises of greed god's doctrines as oil prices accelerated to $147:00 a barrel. The fact that there was never a shortage was ignored.
And yay, again it was good for the greedy few who knew how to use lies and propaganda as true facts. Many other essential commodities played follow the leader and as the greed grew, people in poor counties began to fight for a bowl or rice.
Still, the stock markets were still doing ok. The USA consumer began to feel the effects of insane gas prices as it moved from $1:00 a gallon, huddling to $4:00 a gallon, in a couple of years. The USA economy slipped into a mild recession without anyone noticing.  As the USA economy slowed, the expert choirs began to sing the praises of the economies of China and India, chanting the world economies will do dandy without the USA. They vocalized companies will still earn big profits from outside the USA as the rest of the world is booming. Yet again, the intellect experts articulated ... it is different this time.
All too soon, the greed god took off his crown and robes dripping in diamond and pearls... Quietly, he snuck back to his hovel, where he eternally lives in his true garb of rags and tatters. On his way home, the fear god, who was racing to earth to inflict his erroneous powers on the gullible and susceptible educated experts, crossed his path.
Once he sat on his thorny throne, the fear god employed every educated trick in his book to teach the intellectual experts how to contaminate the public with fear-laden reflections.  In droves, the fear mongers began to pollute the TV and newspaper audience with their inept expert advice and unsound opinions. Many of them were the same experts who once sang the greed god's praises and now growl the fear god's doctrines in dulcet tones.
News began to break that investment banks had been hoodwinked by the greed god, who was nowhere to be seen now. The banks began to falter and drop like ten pins in a bowling ally. Where once, greed reigned supreme, fear now was at the helm. People realized not all was good it was bad. In fact, it was rotten to the intellectual core and was never a good education.
Governments around the world met and stated they will all work together for the betterment of all. Well, my dear reader, this is the story so far, in a nutshell. The god of doom is getting his horses out the stable and hitching them on to his chariot of condemnation.
If you buy into the misrepresentation of the mythical gods of greed, fear and doom, that feed expert opinion, you may be in for a burdensome few years ahead.
The media experts, producers and anchors can and do manipulate the minds of naive people who view or listen to their programs. This is because media experts, producers and anchors believe in their own educated cleverness, which exists outside the realms of their instinctive and intuitive intelligence. They really believe what they express is sound until it is proven unsound.... They will then declare the opposite of what they first expressed in the past, as if they never uttered it. Confusing ain’t it?
It is no wonder people are confused and do not know how to protect their hard earned savings. If you follow the herd of misguided experts, then for sure the doom god will soon be knocking on the door of your conscious mind, requesting permission to infect your mind. Fortunately, there are a few high-ways of authentic information that can protect your sanity and keep the door to doom closed.
• Panic buying or selling always leads to large losses.
• Decisions made by greed and fear will lead to doom laden anxiety.
• If you are still following the advice of the experts who got you into the confused mess, the doom god may take you to an early grave in double quick time.
• There is a switch on the radio or TV that turns it off, discover the benefits how it works.
• Get out of the habit of listening to the fear mongers.
• Everything good, bad or indifferent passes with time and this too will pass.
•  In every human being, there is a spirit of love & joy that can weather any storm in harmonious tranquility and peaceful grace. That is the only true channel of authenticity to be aware and tuned into.
A simple person understands when enough is enough and never goes hungry for authentic counseling by a higher power; whoever or whatever they deem that to be. However, a person who does not know when to stop consuming will always go hungry for more and more. This type of person will always be in want and lack the real treasures of heaven and earth.

International talk show host Michael Levy, is the author of eight inspirational books.

© Michael Levy October 13th 2008

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