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The International Writer's Magazine - September 2008 - Welcome

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How to Build a Cemetery
Eric D. Lehman
We drove to Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, to see the graves of a few famous writers. We turned into the long drive of Forest Hills Cemetery, coasting through tall, ornate stone arches, completely unprepared for what we found there.
Riding Powderface Trail
Joel Palenychka in Alberta
If you want a traveling adventure then travel with an adventurer
Hitting the Chor-Princi Trail
Tyrel Nelson
The gloomy Sunday morning sky chilled our bones the two of us were an hour east of Cuenca.

Five Days in Tehran
Brian H. Appleton

Tehran is a very large and beautifully picturesque city with many hidden worlds within worlds to discover,

A Hike in Girón
Tyrel Nelson
According to the Tica, there was no reason to visit Girón. It was ugly, boring, and a waste of time. I mentioned I might visit the pueblo, my friend looked at me like I had completely lost my mind.

Shadows of Hope
K. Bond
Silently, the babushka adjusts the coffee-colored headscarf while gazing at the alluring bride glide across the cobblestone of the Red Square in Moscow
Addio Stadia (Shea Dreams)
James Campion
Maybe, if you're lucky, there are a few places you can say you've frequented for a lifetime; places experienced through the eyes of a child to young adult to adulthood and so on

Welcome to the People's Republic of America - James Campion
Presiding Over The Ashes Of Free-Market Capitalism In The Age Of Avarice - It became frighteningly apparent these past weeks the gang running for high office knows even less about this than you
The Shape of Things To Come
Dean Borok
What we are witnessing here is an epic Republican meltdown of historic proportions, just like I pictured it. This beats 1974, 1932 or anything else you can name.
The Total Eclipse of McCaine
James Campion
There is no point ignoring it any longer- Sarah Palin is in charge now.
The Long & Short of it
Michael Levy
How can the world financial system allow a trillion dollars to written off within the last few months? It sounds like an economic war.
Economic Suicide without Frills
Joe David
Once upon a time airline travel was a pleasant adventure. The crew actually served food and drinks gratis, and passengers even had enough space to store legs and other needed bodily parts comfortably during the flight.

Doing Something is Better than Doing Nothing
Antonio Graceffo
When I read that Elvis had to rent out an amusement park, just so he wouldn’t get mobbed by his fans, I said, "that is exactly how famous I want to be." I am still not there.

Maybe It’s Rude to be Polite
Gabriella Pessin
I don’t realize I’ve allowed my Israeli passport to expire until I pop over for a family wedding last month

Summer in France
Sam North

Seems I'm allergic to chickens and sheep. Cat is a bit off with me too despite carrying out specific feeding instructions

Shurniak Art Gallery
Habeeb Salloum
It’s one of Canada’s great museums here in the heart of the prairies.

What inspired Monet’s Paintings?
David Russell
Looking at his body of work, it would seem that everything he saw that was water related found their way onto his canvases: boats, ports, shorelines, stormy and calm waters; with obvious palette changes as he matured.
In Praise of…The Marcus Garvey Library,
Ronald Elly Wanda
I first discovered The Marcus Garvey Library at Philip Lane in Tottenham over a decade ago and have remained a frequent visitor ever since. It is, to say the least, ‘Radical’.

The Best $5.00 Meal I Ever Had In Spain
David Russell
In the middle of the tables sat a huge bubbling cauldron, positioned over burning wood logs. I learned that the fire never went out. And the fish soup in the cauldron never stopped bubbling.

Say No to Skateboarding in Olympics
Matthew Allison
Sure there are standards like the 360 flip, but there is also an almost artistic range for creativity in the sport. Standardization would ruin that

Remembering 9/11
Dr Marwan Asma
Al Zain’s documentary 'Palestine Post 9/11' becomes ever more relevant
Original Shorts
REVIEWS Film & Books
Mrs Fletcher
Eric V. Neagu
"Can’t be," said the woman.
"Mrs. Fletcher, I, I," he stammered, a reaction to both her statement and to her new position, once again on the examining table. The doctor collected himself, smiled, and said, "I assure you, the tests are positive. We should just monitor this, and then...

On Being Nowhere
Lois Tietzel
Purgatory for the brain - the delightful bliss of being nowhere at all – flying over the Atlantic Ocean: how places shape the way you think, be, type, eat, view the world in its entirety.

The Hardest Part
Adam Graupe
Joe dropped his wedding band off to have it polished at the jewelry store; without the wedding band, Joe was a free man.  He stepped inside the candy store and saw Amy alone in a sleeveless dress.  He stared at her thick bare arms and wanted to rub them.
Sound of Death
Heather Parker
Helen covered her ears, desperately trying to block out the incessant, thudding sound of Death. How did it choose its victims? What quirk of fate decided who would be alive when the planes finally returned to Israel, their bellies empty?

Five get me into Trouble
Claire Holland

Four days after my ninth birthday, my parents moved house and so did I. And my little world fell apart.
Soldiering On
Mark Cunliffe
The air around the soldiers was filled with a frequent and incessant distant clapping sound and an equally incessant but much nearer metallic pattering sound, almost as if a demonic and somewhat industrial thunderous rain was falling down upon them
What I talk about when I talk about running:
a memoir by Haruki Murakami,

Charlie Dickinson
What makes Haruki Murakami-Japanese novelist, often suggested as Japan's next Nobel Prize winner for Literature-run? Here, told in Murakami's irresistible prose style, abundant with droll humor, is the straight skinny on why this man of letters, who turns sixty next year, runs at least one marathon every year.
Red Clay, Blue Cadillac
by Michael Malone
Dan Schneider
Michael Malone is most well known for being the lead writer on the American soap opera One Life To Live. As someone who has watched soap operas and other serial fictions for years. I do not hold this against him

Singing for Life: HIV/AIDS and Music in Uganda
By Gregory Barz
Ronald Elly Wanda
The question "where were you during the millennium revelry?" has now become a historical. I will always remember it as the time I lost a dear aunt to the "plague".

Rhyme Asylum – State of Lunacy
Rekabet Records
Calvin Hussey

State of Lunacy is the long awaited debut album by London based rap crew Rhyme Asylum consisting of Mc’s Psiklone, Plasma, Possessed, and Skirmish, who all display their wide range of talents over some masterful production supplied by producer Leatherface

The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd
Sam North review
This is the UK and Europe’s future. Carbon rationing, civil disobedience, petty officials running your life, the death of consumerism and cheap holidays, any holidays abroad as the economy collapses with no energy to keep it going

Borderlines Vol 2 A Literary Spark -
A University of Portsmouth publication from the School of Creative Arts, Film & Media - Buy now - available from Lulu Press & Blackwells Bookshop Portsmouth and of course, Amazon on-line

Borderlines Vol 2 - A literary Anthology of new fiction, travel writing and poetry from the Creative Writing Programmes and invited writers at the University of Portsmouth, UK, under the editorship of Freya Scott, Ryan Sirmons, Aby Davis and Sam North

'An exciting insight into the amazing talent and diversity of new writers out there today' Stuart Olesker - Playwright

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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