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The International Writers Magazine: Travellers Across the Globe
HACKTREKS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Section 4 - On-line portfolio for world travellers -
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Vienna Philharmonic on the Baltic Sea
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

I have just returned from an incredible musical experience, a 10-day music cruise on the Baltic Sea with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
Riga: The past meets the Future
Ieva Lakute

For 15 years it was my home. I have lived in England for over four years now and my image of Latvia has been put into a perspective.
Sahara Safari
Alison Reed

‘Sahara’ is the Arabic word for desert and in Tunisia there are three different parts: sand, stones and salt

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The Irish Sea time-warp
Quentin Bates

The accent’s not easy to place, floating somewhere between Liverpool and Irish. But this place isn’t Ireland, and neither is it Scotland or England. It’s a subtle blend of them all, with unmistakeable Norse undertones.
Klein, aber fein

A German Excursion
Amanda Quinlan
Travelling across Europe often evokes visions of backpackers hitchhiking through Southern France, holding cardboard signs announcing their destination.

My Fabulous Expatriate Life

Amanda Callendrier

Oooooh, you're an expatriate. That must be so exciting!

Going Walkabout in Iceland
William Carne

How do you react when a dream begins to materialize? When it leaves the comfort of the mind and becomes merciless reality? Me? I sleep like a baby.

The Island of Ariadne
Lily Iona MacKenzie
It’s a relief to leave Karditsa in Thessaly, central Greece, a dry, inland area, and head for Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades.

Camels to Cows - Algeria Overland
Tom Coote

While drifting around a bend – on the wrong side of the road – he suddenly swerved to avoid a dozing cow

The Man with Bullets in his Socks
Tom Coote

A man grabbed my arm, flashing his ID as he pulled me into an alley.

St Gallen - Switzerland
Loraine Balita

I took a deep breath, couldn’t decide where to finally rest my amazed eyes

Being Russian Pt 2- Moscow
David Russell
Visiting Moscow, where we lived with our oldest daughter, who was then working for CARE

Backpackers in Paris
Jason Phelps
We had devised a brilliant plan. We would fly into France and take a late night bus into Paris, even though we didn’t have a place to stay.

A Prayer for Mariame
Kari Masson
Six-year old Mariame and two of her brothers would soon leave their mud brick home to walk the dusty road to my house. Our lives crossed 20 years ago in the West African country of Côte d’Ivoire

Hakuna Matata
- Marianne de Nazareth
As the plane banked into Nairobi I wondered if  I was imagining it. The skies seemed bluer and the cloud formation breathtakingly dramatic.

Prague Spring
John M. Edwards
Bohemian Rhapsody or Bozo Nightmare? Alchemy and Apparatchik Chic in Prague

Pisa. Pizza. Piazza
Natalya Popova
8am-ish on a Sunday morning (a brave, if not heroic) start, we stepped out on a route of exploration of Pisa, Italia.

The Moabites
Michaela Abrera in Berlin

Complacency tends to sneak up on you. What was once a place of awe and wonder becomes a banal aspect of your everyday life.
Welcome to Kalymnos
Julia Reynolds
Kalymnos, a Greek island situated close to Turkey’s west coast about 300km southeast of Athens
Poland - A Country of Doubts - David Russell
"Why are we here? Why, with a world of travel alternatives, had we picked Poland?"
Winter in Warsaw
Marianne de Nazareth
If you come from a warm country, Poland is hardly inviting in the depths of winter
A Trace of Thrace
John Edwards
In Plovdiv, Bulgaria, John M. Edwards snitches on the mystery-shrouded Balkans’ best-kept secret: an ancient (and enduring) heresy
Breathlessly beautiful Bath
Marianne de Nazareth
There was one last wish, one last desire to fulfill before I came home to Bangalore forever. I had to visit Bath, in Somerset,
Beautiful Bonn
Marianne de Nazareth
My invitation to the UNFCCC conference on Climate Change in Bonn in early April had me scuttling around for my visa at the last minute.
Bonn the beautiful
Marianne de Nazareth
This was my second trip to Bonn and this time round, the UNFCCC outdid itself by housing us in the fabulous heritage Hotel Loreley, on the banks of the river Rhine
Fish Eye Was More Than Just A Lens
David Russell
We were a three person Hollywood group plus a technical crew from Munich, coming down from the Austrian Alps
John M. Edwards
Separated from his tour group in East Berlin, a young college student from New York gets seriously lost and says, "Ich bin ein Berliner!" (I am a doughnut!)

Hitch-hiking without a map
Robert Cottingham
To make things worse, I don’t have any euros, and what’s left of my Czech money I need to last till Friday. So any form of public transport is out of the question. That leaves me with just one option - hitch hiking
London to Ladakh
Rebecca Stonehill
The barman is staring at me. The intensity of his gaze is unnerving and I look away.
‘I know you,’ he says.

Samos on 25 Ouzos a day
John M. Edwards
"Guard your life!" the olive-skinned Greek hotel owner implored me with evident passion. He was not talking about my "crazy" plan to take a boat over to Kusadasi, Turkey
Denmark -Aarhus getaway
Natalya Popova
when looking to get far away from busy cities but not into a deep country, to get exposed to extreme culture & art while being close to nature – it was Denmark that ticked all the boxes.
A Step Back in Time
Anne Armand
The Azores, Portugal consists of nine major islands. They are actually the tops of some of the tallest mountains on the planet. Located in the Atlantic 1500 Km from Lisbon, this area is also known as the Autonomous Region of the Azores
Another Travel Guide Riga - Una Meistere, Daiga Rudzate, & Kirils Kirasirov an insiders’ look at unknown, mysterious or romantic places in and around Riga
Arriving in Budapest
Olivia Holcombe
The apartment itself smelled like old pickles upon first entering - tantalizing, I know
In Search of the Craic

Daniel Cann

New Year's Eve Dublin
Madness in the Medina:
a week in Marrakech

Lisa Cordaro
If you want to get a decent night’s sleep, don’t visit a city with 500 mosques.
Danish Daydreams
Fredric Hamber

When I think of the Danish I think of mathematicians—and mermaids: twin strains of rationality and romanticism
Bulgaria: Wine, Women, Song and snacks
Lyn Fuchs

I found little there except succulent food, tasty wine, soulful music, and attractive women
Broken Car in Kreti
Melina Lake 

I can’t help but be pleased when Jorgos’ attempt to drive my rented Fiat onto his tow truck platform fails miserably, as it proves the problem is with the car and not me.   
Ski Chalet Winter
Zoe Saker-Norrish

I couldn’t ski, I couldn’t bake, and I most certainly couldn’t cook- so when my partner Dave and I were hired to run a chalet in the French Alps for the winter season, I was more than a tad apprehensive.
Salt Shaker Museum
Derek Workman
The next time you knock over a salt cellar and throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck, bear in mind that those few white grains would at one time have formed part of someone’s wages.

Meeting David
Marianne de Nazareth

Firenze, or as we know it as Florence, was the city where Michaelangelo the famous Italian artist, sculptor was born.

She and I
Nicole Fabian

I dreamt of my mother every night I was in Italy.  It had been two months since she died, and no, I wasn’t there to “find myself,” I was there for my honeymoon.

Travels with a Couchsurfer
Robert Cottingham
goes to Europe
I took one book with me, ‘The Worst Journey in the World'

Touring Spain
Marwan Asmar

The holiday started at the Madrid International Airport. The two came from Amman and Rome with their planes touching down a couple of hours from each other

Birds I Have Loved
Brendan Harding

From the black and white cranes of Estonia to the endangered lammergeyers of northern Spain birds have always held a fascination for travel writer Brendan Harding
Five Easy Pizzas
John M Edwards
Ever since I saw Jack Nicholson in a film, Five Easy Pieces, where he goes ballistic in a diner because the waitress won’t make changes on their set sandwich orders, I’ve been a stickler on having my food done right.

In search of Big Goose
Leah Eades

Xi’an, China, is best known for being the epicentre from which one visits the famous Terracotta Army... but in fact it’s so much more than that
An 18th century watch in Jaipur
Sumeet Lakhotia

“Tu toh Hrithik Roshan dikhe hai” (You look like Hrithik Roshan). In India you always know which hero is ruling the roost based on beggars, especially hijras (transgenders) likening you to him
Morocco Bound
Kalie Schumacher-Smith

No other city of Morocco can compare to that of Fes

The Alternative Trans-Siberian Railway
Steven Tizzard
The lesser known  Baikalo-Amurskaya Magistral (Baikal-Amur Mainline or BAM) runs for 3400 km through beautifully bleak Siberian landscape.
Wenceslas Square-Off
John M. Edwards

John and his ex friend Sue went to communist Central Europe to czech it out, and find out the hard way that private nightclubs mean much more than dancing

Sights & Sounds of Singapore
Sumeet Lakhotia

Singapore has much to offer to its visitors. Sports, nature, nightlife, art and culture, food, adventure, are some of the options that one can explore
Turkmenbashi’s Land of Fairy Tales
Tom Coote

I got lost on my way to the land of fairy tales. I had confidently followed the road to the Promised Land, only to find that it led to ruins.

Visiting Uncle Ho
David Calleja

Hanoi at 7am is buzzing. The narrow streets near Hoan Kiem Lake are alive with the sound of civilian life revving at full throttle.

Visayan Adventure: Island Hopping in the Philippines
John M. Edwards

With over 7,000 islands, it would take at least twenty years to visit them all. Short on time, he picks out some stunners from the Visayas.

Dreaming Sri Lanka
Marwan Asmar

The country is enigmatic, almost like driving through a painting
Discovering Macau
Gisele Ribeiro

The City of Dreams, with its grandiosity and high ceiling buildings recalling great palaces, has received over 6 million visitors since the beginning of this year.
The Rann of Kutch

Anirudh Choaji

The more we explored this parched land, the more we were greeted with surprises.

The Mongol Rally
Adam Smith

On the 18th July I and my teammate Freya Liiv left Goodwood in a bid to drive nearly 10,000 miles to the capital of Mongolia.
Alicia Hunt in Japan
When the doors open brace yourself...
Phang Nga Bay Sea Safari

Simon Ramsden

We clamber onto the traditional longtail boat and head for a turquoise-blue waterway, en route to one of Thailand’s tranquil islands, Koh Yao Noi

Kodai Hill Country Resort
Marianne de Nazareth

With an audible plop a large yellow leaf fell off the African Tulip tree just outside our balcony window, while I sat sipping my coffee.

Solar Flare
Tracey Doxey in China
It is 4.30am, total solar eclipse day Huangshan - China- The residents of the Bei Hai hotel have been shouting and moving outside for over an hour to jostle with each other to find a good spot to see the sun rise.

A Lesson Within the City Walls
- Beth A. Prazenica
"Friends, my friends, you are welcome. Acceptance, support. That is all I understand," our tour guide declares
Boom Town
Charlie Graham
Phnom Phen is hard to imagine. It is a lawless, hectic, smoggy, people-hole and it is not the place for the fainthearted
Best Laid Plans in Laos
Christina Hoag
When I travel, I make a point of doing what the locals do as much as possible, you know, be a traveler not a tourist. But sometimes you’re better off just being a tourist.
Ticket Please
Paul Haire
The huge New Delhi train station towers ahead of me but before I reach that I have to cross the ocean of bright yellow auto rickshaws that form a fat snake on the road in front of me
Night Fishing: Chasing Tail in the Tropics

John M. Edwards
Well, the problem was, I thought I saw a real live mermaid. The genuine article. This was a fantastical phantasm (or orgasm) that was hard to shake.
Roughing it in Japan
Paul Haire
I checked my guidebook to see if there was anything I could do in Kyoto for free. It soon became apparent, no.
Jon W Wick
I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I know the source of those tourist ad campaigns where a sweeping shot of the most beautiful beach imaginable is shown
Chungking Mansions
Tracey Doxey
ChungKing Mansions nestles in prime location on Nathan Road and it is exactly as the guide books and hostel pre arrival email warned
Rainwater Ceremony Song
David Calleja
Today is a very important day in the history of Tropangs Dok village, for the concept of rain and its decision to grace its presence over the village will be honoured with a song
Charlie Don’t Surf
Arya Kazemi
The small coastal town of Baler in the Filipino province of Aurora; is something of a novelty, a fairly well-kept secret gem of a place to visit.

A Ganges Experience
Morgan Helme
Slowly and deliberately, she lowered her face to her hands as they dropped scoops of water over her head.
Coonoor & Ooty relics of the Raj - Marianne de Nazareth
After a hiatus of five years, we decided to hit the road and ‘do’ Ooty (Ootacamund) and Coonoor for three days.

Our Native Village
Marianne de Nazareth
We wanted a break desperately from the pollution and the stress of living in the heart of Bangalore, - we decided to take off to Our Native Village.

The Beypore Lighthouse
Lakshmi Nair
Our mission was to discover the Beypore lighthouse. So we set out on a nice bright day our hearts singing with joy and overflowing with enthusiasm
Karaoke Girls
Shakil Rabbi

I have always been interested in Cambodia and so was excited at the chance of seeing it, in going on an adventure
From Saigon to Angkor by bike - Jeff Fitzgibbon
It’s hot, it’s flat and it’s straight as a rail, but for all that, cycling in Cambodia is an exhilarating multi-dimensional experience if just for a moment, the piglets stopped their squealing.

Strike a bargain in Bangkok!
Marianne de Nazareth
"You must be ready to walk as that’s the best way to see Bangkok."
Nicaragua: A view from both sides of the wire- Jeannine M. Pitas
"You don’t know anything about my life," my friend Enrique tells me. We’re sitting on the floor in the Huembes bus station, watching the tortilla vendors and shoe shiners amble by. I think about Enrique’s words. The fact is, he’s right.
Cartamma and Mutamma
Nate Bell
It was with Cartamma and Mutamma that I felt connected to the "real" India. Working side by side and laughing with me
Even in Africa, Mother Knows Best
David Russell

"We’ll stop here", whispered our driver, Meiza. Here, being the side of a dirt road late one afternoon while returning to camp from an afternoon game drive on the Serengeti.

Riding Elephants in Nepal
David Russell

At Chitwan National Park in Bharatpur, Nepal on Lumbini Airlines our planned highlight was to take jungle photos of Leopards or Tigers from up high on the haunch of an elephant.

Learning Vietnamese
Antonio Graceffo
Loan Words in a unique language
Beautiful Bali
Marianne de Nazareth
goes shopping for bargains in lush green landscapes

Forgotten Philippines
Tom Coote

As darkness fell, we walked out into the water on concrete jetties covered in small, scuttling crabs
Running Marathons in Thailand
Jules Kay

Think you are tough? Try the Pattaya Marathon in the heat.
More Tea, Mullah?
Steven Tizzard in Shiraz, Iran

Visitors soon realise that the only fanatical thing in Iran is the hospitality. The only thing you have to fear is repaying this hospitality one day.
The Gateway to the Himalaya

Located in the foot hills of the Himalaya, this holy city was internationally made famous by The Beatles back in late sixties.

The Serai Hotel and Spa
Marianne de Nazareth

We decided to take a drive down to Chikmagalur, to The Serai Hotel and Spa.
Coconuts, Coffee and Close Calls on the Mekong Delta
David Calleja
Dinh promised me that I would get a taste of the real Vietnam, en route to the floating market in Can Tho
Navigating Fort Kochi
Matthew Crawford

The tranquility of the train station in Ernakulam, the largest sub-city of Kochi, signals yet another new version of India: this time an India in repose.
Turtle Bay
Marianne de Nazareth

It’s summertime and the living is easy, it’s time to head out of town. So we decided to head to Turtle Bay in Kundapura, which is on the coast of Karnataka in India.

Hill Country Lovedale
Marianne de Nazareth

Founded by the British in 1812. It is still comparatively unspoilt and a veritable Shangri-la
Bird of Paradise(HomeStay)
Marianne de Nazareth

Sitting on the banks of the slumbering Cauvery river, slapping off the mosquitoes on my bare legs, I was at peace with the world.
The Other Side of Shanghai
Habeeb Salloum

We began our journey in Shanghai’s Old Town, whose history goes back for at least one thousand years.
Mysore Maharajas
Marianne de Nazareth

It was a spur of the moment decision to take a break in Ooty, in the newly refurbished summer palace of the Maharaja of Mysore – his highness Srikanta Datta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Bahadur the 26th Maharaja of Mysore in South-India.

In Search of the Nomads of the Jade Sea - Chris Clarke
“You are mad!” Ken, my Kenyan housemate, concurred. “Why do you want to go there? Turkana is nothing but desert and bandits. Nobody goes there!”
Fraser Island Outrage
Tom Coote
Life on the bus and other stories

Horatio Quiroga's San Ignacio:
Marc d'Entremont

San Ignacio probably would no longer exist if it were not for the ruins of the great Jesuit mission, San Ignacio Mini (1696-1768), a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts thousands of tourists each year

Cloak & dagger Cuba
Ruby Weldon

We wanted to see some Cuban countryside, so we decided to take a bus from Havana to Santa Clara, a trip of around 6 hours – give or take.  We'd been strongly advised to buy our tickets in advance. 

Tiny, Perfect Louisville
Gerald Levitch
Regional American museums get no respect – or hardly any, at least from art lovers.  Nobody goes to Nashville, for example, to explore its art collections. 
Mexican Zip-lining Tour
Lauren Brunck
As we zoom around the bend, kicking up dust from the dirt and gravel path, a tall edifice materializes through the foliage of the jungle. We slam on our breaks and dismount our bikes at the base of the tower

Chilling in Chiloe
Tim Robinson

I was in Ancud on the island of Chiloe, the first sizable town encountered after crossing by ferry from mainland southern Chile.

A Rocky Adventure
Alison Reed

“The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World” as the Rocky Mountaineer Railway is billed, begins with a taxi ride through the deserted streets of Calgary at 5 o’clock in the morning.

PEI Memories
J E Biggar

There was one place where I was allowed to be a child and that was during our annual vacations to Prince Edward Island. 

Cuba Meets Classic
Nick Constance

We sailed 1,800 miles and made 7 ports-of-call, in total on the classy Sea Cloud II.

Tayrona Park
Andres Botero

piece of paradise on earth rich in nature and archeology

An Oxnard Thursday
Ben Hill in California

I came for Point Mugu State Park, the five-mile stretch of raw land between Malibu and Oxnard where Pacific Coast Highway runs free

A Rare Wildflower
Floyd Frank
When I first came to the Northwest at the age of twenty I was introduced to lots of animals and plants that I had never seen. Marmots, mountain goats, skunk cabbage
Contrasts in Canada
Jane Anderson
There were no cowboys at Calgary Airport. A small observation, but important to travellers like us, whose total experience of Canada was gleaned from books in which the Mountie always got his man.
How to Build a Cemetery

Eric D. Lehman
We drove to Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, to see the graves of a few famous writers completely unprepared for what we found there.
Catch a ride to Whistler
Jane Cassie
Whistler is definitely the place for making tracks -now you can get there on The Whistler Mountaineer

Keith Perkins
It was of Vermont in winter that the poet Robert Frost once mused: "The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep..."

BC's Sunshine Coast
An Eco Adventure
Jane Cassie
This lush 180 kilometer strip of shoreline, sandwiched between Pacific waves and coastal peaks, receives around 2,400 hours of annual sun.

A Personal View Of Whistler
Jane Cassie
Being a Vancouverite, I’ve always had a soft spot for North America’s favourite playground
A Peak Experience
Jane Cassie
We’re standing with other skiers at the top of Sunburst Express. In spite of the chilly mountain breeze, both of my hands feel hot & clammy.This is clearly fear factor.
Glancing Back from Guayaquil - Tyrel Nelson
I vividly remembered walking to the baggage claim in Quito a year earlier, scared to death and wondering how I was ever going to get my feet under me, let alone teach English.
Planning the Trip
Sam Black in Alaska
I believe in having goals.
North to Alaska Pt 2
Sam Black
Petoskey sits on Lake Michigan I suggest you visit it someday.
North To Alaska - Part 3/4
Sam Black
The state of North Dakota is rather boring until you get to Devils Lake
North to Alaska - Parts 5/8
Sam Black
We left Jasper National Park at 0600 hoping to find a bear early in the morning.

North To Alaska
- Part 9
Sam Black
Headed toward Homer, Alaska, a 180 mile run.

Pennsylvania Dutch
Virginia Hobart
There seem to be two guiding principles involved with possessions, namely: none that facilitate travel, and none that connect directly with the outside world

Bears in the Woods
Floyd Frank
I saw a trail up Pompey Peak on a topographic map. It looked like it started at an elevation of 1000' just east of Randall
Martha's Vineyard - Tranquility on the East Coast - Sabina Lohr
Martha’s Vineyard, popularly known as an exclusive summer spot for the wealthy and well-known, is, in actuality, a vacation locale where thousands of visitors pour ashore each year.
La Quebrada: Acapulco's Most Iconic Attraction - Habeeb Salloum
Ask a half dozen people in Acapulco, what the most important attraction was in their city. Everyone without hesitation answered "the Cliff Divers at La Quebrada. You must see them"
Expanded Horizons
Maria Ausherman
Lydia, my youngest daughter, has spent most of her life on the tiny island of Oahu. I arranged for Lydia and I to take a journey together to some unfamiliar territory where she could practice her Spanish.
Discover Historic Quebec
Habeeb Salloum

We drove on the Côte de Beaupré following one of the oldest thoroughfares in North America on our way from Quebec City to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Tyrel Nelson
Passing through the Perennial Garden, we analyzed another yard full of annuals before skirting an area flaunting peonies, lilies and daylilies.
The Cemetery & Me
Tyrel Nelson
The dog days of summer were biting. I felt the humidity of this mid-August afternoon sinking its teeth into me; the air so thick I could almost gnaw it myself
Moonlight ride in St. Maarten
Cheryl Gregory
Where was my Cowboy when I needed him?
Las Vegas for Poor People
Tom Coote

Nobody tells you that visiting Las Vegas will make you fitter, but it does... you’re going to do a lot of walking.
The Puertos of Patagonia
Tim Robinson

In shades of grey rather than clear black and white - that is how many people imagine dolphins to appear

The Megalithic Civilization of San Agustin
Andres Botero

Anyone that visits the San Agustin Archeological Park in Colombia (South America) can experience an encounter with a strange energy suspended in the air for centuries.
Dasht-e Kavir: Notes from the Great Salt Desert
Steven Tizzard
In Iran it is the year 1388, spring, a new year, the month of Farvardin. It is the celebration of Norouz, a Zoroastrian festival whose precise origins are lost, an unrecorded mix of myth and whisper from the time of the Prophet Zarathustra, from a time beyond.
A Great Galloping Getaway
Jane Cassie

It’s been a few years since I’ve straddled a saddle. Do I still have enough core power to ride the range?

Visit the Rose Farm of Eastern Quebec
Habeeb Salloum

Rose dechamps - learn the history of Roses here
Highway Ceviche
Mick Huerta

Imagine, a road that runs from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego inspiring wanderlust along the way. The Pan-American Highway is just that
A Walk Through New York City
Erika Demberg

Much to see - bring a
Oscar Antonino

A road-trip into the heart of the Western U.S

John M Edwards

Antonio Pigafetta, chronicler of Magellan’s voyage, was the first “literary” travel writer to circle the globe, recording mutiny and shipwreck, Patagonian giants and Filipino warriors.
Jamaica - Once you go, you’ll know
Jennifer J. Beaumont

You are on the run, in the midst of guerilla warfare, centuries before granola bars and beef jerky, up in the heavily wooded mountains, pimiento groves mostly, and, the pigs are plentiful
Exotic Omo – Tribal Encounters in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley
Linda Barghoorn

Ethiopia’s Omo Valley lies just 300 miles southwest of the frantic, pulsing capital of Addis Ababa, but it might just as well be on another planet. 
Mad Dogs and English Skiers
Jo Davies

In the past I have rowed across oceans but on this occasion I decided to ski across the Greenland ice sheet
Mauritius Getaway
Charlotte Chorley

The generous and hospitable people of Mauritius are only too happy to show you around their country

Morocco: Europe meets Middle East
M. Thomas

A desert African nation with a distinctly Mediterranean feel
Desert Search
Tom Coote

As we clattered through the Kyzylkum desert in the battered shared taxi, the driver reached across and offered me some pills.When I asked him what they were, he shrugged.
An Afternoon in Antigua

Tyrel Nelson

Guatemalan delights and fevered brows
Talibé Child

Natalie MacDonald

You can see us, in filthy dog-eared trousers or a bedraggled t-shirt which is three sizes too big and falls past our grotty knees
Conch Sells Painted White
The Mother in Law House
C Andrew Beck

Dine with Ghosts in St Charles
Vet Your Travel Agency
Prof G M Prabhu

Avoid getting ripped off on your way to India
First Impressions of Senegal
Natalie MacDonald
Nothing could prepare in advance for my arrival to Leopold Serigne Senghor airport in Senegal, West Africa.

You are a Rainbow
J. D. Riso in Majuro Atoll

Kwajalein. Ailinglaplap. Jaluit. Bikini. Their names dance across my mind like an ancient incantation.

Horsin' Around in Jamaica
Cheryl Gregory
I felt the cool, salty water soaking my pant legs and the level was rising rapidly. Soon it would be up to my waist, and there was nothing I could do about it
The Art & Craft of Being Helsinki

Charlie Dickinson

Obviously, we were in Finland, the tech-savvy, most-wired nation on the planet.

Kathmandu, the ‘roof of the world’- Marianne de Nazareth

When I was invited for the ‘Third Pole Project: Covering Climate Change in the Himalayas from August 28th to September 2nd, 2009, I jumped at the chance as it was a project close to my heart.
Finding Joy in Sucre

Mark Kennedy
How a backpacker couple turned a local watering hole into a nationally known restaurant and tour company
What is the truth in wine? From wine, we find friendship, happiness, and intimacy. But do we not also find sadness, heartbreak, and treachery?
Fear of Flying - Bucket Shop Blues
John M. Edwards
Daring  to save deflationary dollars during a worldwide recession, John M. Edwards tries a risky “bucket shop” for cheapo airfare to Amsterdam, ending up on a white-knuckles chariot charter flight from hell.
Cut Price Kilimanjaro
Loree Westron
Half way up Kilimanjaro I found myself abandoned, first by the fleet-footed porters, then by my guide, and finally by my own mother. The trek had begun several days before under highly questionable circumstances
Daniel Cann
We arrived late, tired and dishevelled at the Prince of Wales Backpackers in Bundaberg. Enquiries like ‘So how is it here?’ were met with muted derision and raised eyebrows
Reflections of a Backpacker:
Melbourne + Hoey Moey
Dan Cann
The overnight Greyhound bus arrived in the early hours at Melbourne, capital of the State of Victoria. Ben and I booked in at the grand looking 'Toad Hall Hotel.'
The Heart of Cairo

Chris Wright
A journey into the largest city in Africa, without mention of the Pyramids
Five Days in Tehran

Brian H. Appleton

Tehran is a very large and beautifully picturesque city with many hidden worlds within worlds to discover, which runs downhill from the foothills of the Alborz Mountains in the north all the way down to the edges of the Dasht Kavir desert in the south.
Barcelona Diaries

Rama Varma
As we plunge through the cottony clouds, we get a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Pyrennees.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Djibouti
Rachel Jones
We headed to Arta Beach in an effort to see the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. And we were not only going to see whale sharks, we were going to swim with them.

Al-Khazneh & the Grail
Piotr Wesolowski
The search continues for Christiany's holy relics
Slingshots in Asia
Alexander Hanke
Vietnam language skills
The Orphanage
Aram Mclean in Uganda
I smelled it in the air, a distant yet vaguely familiar scent that called to me as much as it repulsed me. The compound was full of children, orphans every one yet happy to be in school - to be given any small chance in life.
David Russell
When Marco turned towards China, he could never anticipate that this decision was prelude to a journey which would take four years to complete
The Teacher
Ilana Levi in Belize
Everyone but Martha put on their diving masks and snorkels. She had dreaded this moment
Nivali - Mozambique
Erik Kristensen
History seen through a community The history of Africa is written in the faces of the people who live it through their daily struggle
Stung by a Portuguese Man-o-War
R.S. DeFrance
I am struck, stung, I can feel my arm loose power, feels numb, and dumb. I don’t know what to do
Golden Village: Richmond BC
Habeeb Salloum
Visit Richmond, a Vancouver suburbia city, and explore its Golden Village, a bit of Asia in Canada, housing the products of all these lands
Beyond the Valley of the Hippies
Andy Redwood
Shuffling out of town along the coastal road, it occurred to me how easily the spell of civilization is broken, and how easily this void is filled. In Taghazoute a few yards walk suffice to carry you away, the hustle of a weekend market immediately fading to cactus strewn hills...
Scenic Santa Fe
An Enchanted City Any Time of Year - Jane Cassie
The wipers clear the fresh cache of snow from our windshield. "What’s with this?" I say to my husband who’s sitting in the driver’s seat of our rented Chevy. "I thought we’d be escaping this white stuff."
Maw, Paw and No Weans
Judith Moore
Of all the travelling I have done with my husband, January's Caribbean cruise must rank as one of the more bizarre experiences, bringing out the worst in me
David Russell
Eli was one of a kind, his unbounded chutzpah took us places we’d never find on our own

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