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The International Writers Magazine: South American Travel

Tayrona Park
Andres Botero
Becoming one with Nature


One of the most important natural locations in Colombia is Tayrona National Park, a piece of paradise on earth that encompasses an extended region rich in nature and archeology. Geographically, it is a priviligated zone that has several climates and mountainous ranges making it capable of producing diverse crops year around, as well as the presence of numerous crystal clear water beaches in which to spend several hours in perfect connection with nature. Some of those beaches remained undiscovered by many tourists so better to ask locals for locations and accommodations. Beaches like “ Los Naranjos” and “Arrecifes” may be suitable for surfing and kayaking, while beaches with strong currents like “Cañaveral” and “Playa Brava” will be better to appreciated from a decent distance.

Being in Colombia, a country with immense biodiversity which has third place in the world in the number of species, Tayrona Park adds to that distinction with an unimaginable quantity of fauna and flora, ranging from 300 birds species, 108 mammals species, 110 corals species, up to 401 fish species and at least 770 different plants species.

After beaches and ecotourism, become an archeologist learning about the fascinating Tayrona culture that inhabited these lands for centuries at the Chairama’s Arqueological Museum or for highly enthusiastic and energetic explorers take a week hiking trip to “Pueblito” (Little Town), it will complement a wonderful vacation escape to one of the most majestic locations in South America.

Why go: To escape from routine to an amazing place on earth which is a natural reserve for the practice of ecotourism, located at 30 minutes car ride from Santa Marta historical center in the heart of Colombia Atlantic coast.

© Andres Botero Feb 2010
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