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Another Place To Die
by Sam North
The Essential Flu pandemic
thriller. Print or Download

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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Amazon UK
Amazon USA

The International Writer's Magazine: January 2010 Our Eleventh Year - Welcome
Enter the Heritage Magazine Travel Writing Competition and win a trip to Scotland
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Harry & Tea in Japan
David Russell
We were instructed to relish the lips receiving the liquid with a pure, clear mind

The Criterion Restaurant
Tracey Doxey
Dine with style but make a reservation
Learning Vietnamese
Antonio Graceffo
Loan Words in a unique language

Moonlight ride in St. Maarten
Cheryl Gregory
Where was my Cowboy when I needed him?

Arriving in Budapest
Olivia Holcombe
The apartment itself smelled like old pickles upon first entering - tantalizing, I know
In Search of the Craic

Daniel Cann

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Dublin
Empty Compliments and the Language Learner Antonio Graceffo
Why you may never speak like a native

Jerome David Salinger 1919-2010
James Campion
The life of a reclusive American icon
Mr Brown Goes to Washington

James Campion
How The Bluest State Threw Up The Red Stop Light On Health Care
Olive Picking in Palestine
Gemma Roxanne Williams
He said that the only way for them to fight back was to continue to exist
Funny Men
Dean Borok
Comedy is no laughing matter
Conquistadors Invade Europe
James Skinner
on Zapatero's Presidency of Europe 2010
The Masterly Art of Stupidity
Michael Levy

We live in a world filled with stupidity

Last Man Standing
Dean Borok
Major Sea Change in US Politics

The Other Me
Tyrel Nelson
Only fitting that the boy named after a book character has grown up to be a writer.
Tabitha Towe Tries Detox
12 Days to get a clean liver
Will she make it
? Days 1-5
Her Majesty's Taxi Driver
James Skinner in Vigo

Who really looks after stranded Brits abroad?
Kids on a Plane
Amanda Callendrier
There is a little circle of hell that only those of us who travel with children know exist.
Somalia, Land of Angry Men & False Ideals
Norman A Rubin

Things to know about Africa's poorest country
A Sauna in Taipei
Andrew Reece
Social Customs in Taiwan steam rooms
I am a Camera
James Morford
Taking personal photographs borders on becoming a mania today
REVIEWS Film & Books
The Ticket
Piotr Wesolowski

The ticket came in on Monday; it indicated the stadium, the row and the seat. It was delivered by registered mail.
Death of a Snowflake
Mike Wysminity

“What a fitting life it is.” Those words were produced from an individual admiring the freshly fallen snow upon the unemployed tree branches
The Curse
Piotr Wesolowski

Tonight, again, he was humiliated.
‘Go! Go! Don’t waste my time!’ she said.

Karma in a parking lot
James Leonard

Help will come soon. It has to

Prelude to Everything
James Novoa

A serene shadow key stroked its light to dark patterns amidst a lonely ember light
The Fine Line Home
Dietrich Kalteis

I could flag a cab, stop a half block from my parents’ door, take off through the neighbor’s yard, dodge the steep fare, save the tip
Frank Dryhandel
Jay Marvin

Everytime they had an argument she used it against him; it was like a slug in the gut. He hated his job
Cymbaline on the CCTV
Chris Castle

She played the plan over in her head until she fell asleep and found it even then, lodged inside of each of her dreams.

Tropic of Capricorn by Simon Reeve
Daniel Cann

Exposing the harsh truths of life in the southern hemisphere

Written & Directed by James Cameron
A triumph of spectacle and technolgy - a wonderful 'extra-human' drama
Fit to Print – Misrepresenting the Middle East by Joris Luyendijk, translated by Michele Hutchison
David Calleja review

This should be on the reading list of anybody who wants to understand why news is filtered

Walking Away
Daniel Taverne
Walking reduces my problems to nothing more than whimpers

Nineveh Creative Writing Course UK
Dates: Tuesday 12th Jan for ten weeks.
Location: Nineveh, 11 The Pallant, Havant. Tutor: John Haynes, inspirational teacher and poet (Costa Prize winner 2006).
Fee: £80 payable on registration.
Suitable for beginners or experienced authors who want to develop further -
or 02392 471811. Nineveh Bookshop is open Tuesday through Saturday.
*Mention Hackwriters in query

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher
by Kate Summerscale
Chris Mills review

Victorian Murder Mystery investigated
Avatar- A critique
Saleem Ayoub Quna
A Navi native's point of view

Blood Meridian of The Evening Redness in the West
by Cormac McCarthy
Shakil Rabbi
McCathy’s novel recreates the borderlands between America and Mexico deftly and beautifully
Pastworld by Ian Beck
What evil is loose in this Victorian theme park?
Who will save the beautiful tightrope walker Eve from the murderous Fantom?
Sherlock Holmes Directed by Guy Richie
Daniel Cann review
Thrilling and faithful adaptation captues new audience for Doyle
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