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Another Place To Die
by Sam North
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Flu Pandemic Thriller

The Curse of the Nibelung - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the same again' - Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Tenth Year - DECEMBER 2009 Welcome
Happy Holidays to all our readers - see you the other side in January
Travel stories & guides
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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Tyrel Nelson
Passing through the Perennial Garden, we analyzed a yard full of annuals before skirting an area flaunting peonies, lilies and daylilies.
Riding Elephants in Nepal
David Russell

At Chitwan National Park in Bharatpur, Nepal on Lumbini Airlines our planned highlight was to take jungle photos of Leopards or Tigers from up high on the haunch of an elephant
Talibé Child
Natalie MacDonald

You can see us, in filthy dog-eared trousers or a bedraggled t-shirt which is three sizes too big and falls past our grotty knees.

Another Travel Guide Riga - Una Meistere, Daiga Rudz
ate, & Kirils Kirasirov
insiders’ look at unknown, mysterious or romantic places in and around Riga

On Wind and Climates
Marianne de Nazareth at Samso
As we come in for the COP15 in Copenhagen, every morning from Malmo, Sweden, the sight of lines wind turbines in an off shore wind farm visible through the panes of the train window, never fail to stun me

The Ghost of Free Market Past
James Campion
How Any Rand's Individualist Orthodoxy Spirits The New Right
Malmo:Climate Conference Blues
Marianne de Nazareth
I am here in freezing Copenhagen covering the UN Climate Change COP15. It is chaotic and literally a circus
Had Enough of Celebrity Culture?
Dean Borok
Life has always been messy, but now, with the 24-hour media cycle, we are having it relentless pushed in our faces
Minaret Phobia
Saleem Ayoub Quna
The Sound of Music and Moslem Prayer

Trouble and Strife
James Skinner

Women's Right to Justice World-wide

Saving Nigeria
Adewale T. Akande
What must be done to save Nigeria from itself?
Cell Culture
Dean Borok

Everywhere I go, everybody's got their face stuck in a cell phone

Helmholtz Orchestra on Tour in Jordan & Syria
Ibtihal Ahmad

A meeting place between western classical and Arabic traditional melodies in Damascus
On Learning Vietnamese
By Antonio Graceffo
Vietnamese is by far the hardest language I have ever tried to learn
The '78 Revolution in Afghanistan
Larry Clinton Thompson

“I believe,” Pat said calmly, as the tanks rumbled by. “We should take cover inside.”
I Like My English Grilled: -David Calleja A simple rule in Cambodia is that if lessons must be fun
Algeria v Eygpt: Soccer Madness
Saleem Ayoub Quna

Tensions rise in World Cup qualifying

Single Fathers Advice: At Home Dinner Date
Chef Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Its not just about food
Country Life in France
Amanda Callendrier
I had lived in my small village in the French countryside for a year.  The honeymoon was over, and I was fed up with small-town life
REVIEWS Film & Books

Pierre Edgcumbe

Eli always rang at nine o’clock on the dot. He would ring once and then hang up the phone. That way Rose knew everything was okay

The Dream by EN Heim
Why am I having these bizarre dreams? This vacation we’re on is weird.
The Sad Bauble
Steve Dubowski's Christmas Story

Mr Timmins was working away overseas until Christmas Eve and nobody felt “Christmassy” until they were all together.
Nubility by Piotr Wesolowski
Morelos watches as Boeing 747, a delayed charter flight from Budapest, touches the ground. Rubber burns on hot tarmac raising clouds of thin smoke; wheels squeak like dying lobsters
I'm Not Dead

Barbara Jane Mackie
Did some bloke once say ‘Dying ain’t easy?’
Martin Green
I was 23 years old when I came out from New York to San Francisco in the 1960’s, looking back, was even younger as regards experience of life.

The Last Child
Michael Hammond

Fistfights, car wrecks, and frequent arrests told the story of Jim’s twisted life

Sapphire by Katie Price
Richard Crawley

If you picked up Sapphire hoping to witness a reclaiming of the written word for the common woman then I am afraid you will be sadly disappointed.
How Long is a Piece of String
Laurie o'Neil review
Confused? You will be...
The Ivy Chronicles
by Karen Quinn
Mia Palmer review

The Ivy Chronicles is, in most respects, the typical story of a put upon, newly single mother who reinvents herself
Man on Wire
Dan Bond Review
Petit's belief is as infectious as it is inspirational
Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
Daniel Cann review

Kemp has morphed from a soap star and actor into a serious and acclaimed investigative journalist and television presenter
Force of Nature by Robin-Knox Johnston with Kate Laven
Daniel Cann

RKJ is not an ordinary person as I found out as the pages turned.
Not a Vintage Year
Movie Round-up 2009
District 9 to Where the Wild Things Are

Generation A by Douglas Coupland
Sam North Review

A return to form from the master of trival lives. The Bees are dead - the fuutre is foreclosed and everyone is calm on Solon
Thin Blue Smoke by Doug Worgul. 
Pan Macmillan New Writing, 2009
Ryan Sirmons review
This is a recovering America which has, over time and ‘thin blue smoke’, overcome much of the religious and racial strife which characterised it fifty years ago
Gallows Lane by Brian McGilloway
Diana Betherwick review
Gallows Lane then is a rare thing – a crime novel that you want to read more than once.
The Herring Seller’s Apprentice
by L C Tyler
Claire Holland review
'an assured and beautifully written debut, told with humour and an impressive lightness of touch'
Homicide: A year on the killing Streets
by David Simon
Richard Crawley review

a raw, visceral curbstomp of a book
Acts of Violence
by Ryan David Jahn
Gill Haigh review

Acts of Violence is set in a ‘cesspool of a city’ somewhere in America in 1964.  Kat Marino has just finished her shift as the night manager of a sports bar.  In a clipped, cinematic style Ryan Jahn leads us through every harrowing detail of the next two hours of Kat’s life
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