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Single Fathers Advice: The At Home Dinner Date
Chef Jeffrey Allen Kaufman


Eventually that time will come when one of us single dads meets a certain woman, and has one of those dates where we make the offer to cook dinner. Now of course we are not all chefs in the kitchen, but how hard can it be to make a great meal for that special someone? Making it memorable is not hard at all if you make a plan for the evening to come. Now you could do something astonishing, creative, and crazy to impress her, right? Which can be done with some good planning, and a little help from this Author, who is after all a single father and a chef. We can at least help you produce a meal for two that no expensive restaurant can duplicate. At least of course in her eyes. Just remember, it's not just about the food, it's about building memories, and enjoying your time together.

Let's talk about the setting. No matter your circumstance, or kitchen and dinning area space. The idea is to promote a little romance and make the night a night of memory. Music and candle light my friends, it's just that simple. Burn a CD, or pick a radio station that will play the music you want to make the mood. There is always and other on line radio resources, where you can create a station to play the music you want to play during the experience.

Now were not all the same age, so music preferences will vary, but play what you think will set the mood for your age, her age, and the night in question. The best choice no matter what is to keep the volume low. You want her to hear you, and you want to be able to hear her, so the conversation isn't hindered by Frank Sinatra singing.."When the moon hits your eye, it'sa bigida pizza pie." Think mood gentlemen, think mood!

Candles make the mood just like music, just make sure you use enough to cover the whole house. From the dinning room, to the hallway, even in the bathroom, keep the lights of romance glowing everywhere she might go, and use unscented candles to allow your food to drench the air. You don't want to over do it, so keep some lights on, just let her see the effort that you have made.

Let's talk Menu. You can make a menu for her to read, writing out the choices she can have, and email it to her, or hand deliver it yourself. Allow her to make the choices, this lets you have a plan of attack, and when you write the menu based on what your comfortable cooking, she will appreciate your offer even more.

What if she tells you there is something she wants, but you have no clue or idea how to prepare it? Simple, take some time and learn the dish. Don't feel overwhelmed, look up the requested item on line. Take a recipe and follow it the best that you can. You might surprise yourself with your abilities and astonish her too.

Now don't be shy, if you make a mean grilled cheese sandwich, and French fries, toss that in. If your into cooking more difficult items, do it. It isn't about what you cook as much as the fact your cooking it. No matter what, make sure you do the cooking in front of her, don't just have it waiting for her when she gets there, doing this gives you both time to talk, and maybe she might even offer to help, and accept the offer, a little kitchen bonding is awesome. Keep it simple, do what your comfortable with, offer dessert if you want, offer sides, just do what you know best, and keep it real.

Give yourself enough time to get everything done, and invest in a egg timer. When your knee deep in conversation, the last thing you need to do is lose track of time and burn your baked asparagus.

Beverages. Again let her decide what your serving. Wine, beer, soda, whatever she wants, and if she offers to bring her own, so be it. Keep it pressure free, and allow her to make the choices that she wishes to make for the evening. The point is, your doing the cooking, and to a woman, at least the one this author has encountered, a man in the kitchen is an awesome thing!

After the meal is over, do the dishes, and make it clear you don't want her help, but then again, if she offers, don't say no. The closer she is the better, and what you do from here is up to the two of you. I just hope you take your time, and enjoy the experience. Oh and don't forget the baby sitter, and if not, then juggle a little. Show off your cooking skills and your parenting skills as well.

© Chef Jeffrey Allen Kaufman Dec 11th 2009

Chef Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Professional Executive Chef and Restaurant Business Consultant
Find me on Facebook: Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

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