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The International Writers Magazine: Dreamscapes
Stories - The Archvives

The Dream
EN Heim

Four nights ago:

Prairie short green grass growing feet bright sunny mountains distance. Standing before prairie, short green grass grew around feet, I saw everything where I came from, where I went, the day is bright and sunny, I can see mountains in distance, clear, distinct, I felt I must go further. I stood before a prairie with short green grass growing all around my feet. I saw everything around me; where I came from and where I was going. That day was bright and sunny. I saw mountains in the distance, clear and distinct. I had a feeling I must go there.

My wife and I were on a vacation, and the whole day seemed wacky. It was as if I was in a daze all day long. The day was nice and sunny; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. You could see forever, it was that clear out. But, I felt like I was in a fog. Our whole vacation was bizarre. Was it the chicken-cordon-bleu I ate last night.


Three nights ago:

Puzzled vast land desert lush countryside two zones short low wall path. I was never here puzzled me, I crossed vast land to venture forward, the prairie changed to a desert on right and a lush countryside on left, I continue between two distinct zones; it seemed like a short time I came to a low stone wall stretching across path, I stood considering the wall, but there was something giving me a feeling I should not cross over. I have never been here before, and it puzzled me. I knew I had to cross that vast land. As I ventured forward, the prairie changed to a desert on my right, and a lush countryside on my left. I continued between the two distinct zones. It seemed like a short time when I came to a low stone wall that stretched across my path. I stood there considering the wall, but I knew there was something about that wall that gave me the feeling I should not cross over it.

I woke up puzzled shaking my head. What is happening to me? I looked over to my wife, she was sound asleep. I got up to pee, and the john looked out of place. Where am I?

That morning I sat before my breakfast and looked at the oatmeal puzzled. I never eat oatmeal for breakfast, especially cooked oatmeal—I hate it. If I have anything for breakfast, it will be an apple or some other kind of fruit.

My wife said, “Eat your oatmeal. It’s good for your circulatory system.”

“It’ll give me diarrhea,” I said.

“Nonsense,” she said. “It’ll make you think clearer.”

“Like that’s all I need right now.”

She grumbled, “Eat.”

I picked at my oatmeal, and the whole day seemed to go the same way—pick, pick, pickity-pick.


Two nights ago:

Crossed side venturing wall trees shooting up forest seeing side trudging dark ponder bizarre trek trees flanking left. I crossed anyway, I had to get to other side of prairie and mountains, I did not know why, I had to go, as I ventured further from wall, trees shot up so fast becoming forest, I could not see through darkness, I pondered going back, so bizarre, I turn right, trekked along dense trees flanking my left seeing clearer. I crossed anyway, because I had to get to the other side of that prairie and those mountains. I did not know why, I did not know what was there. I just had to go. As I ventured further away from the wall, trees began to shoot up; shoot up so fast that it became a forest, and so thick that I could not see to the other side where I was going. But, I trudged on anyway, until it got so dark I could not see through the darkness. I stopped and pondered; should I go back. This is so bizarre. I decided to turn right and trek my way along the line of dense trees that flanked my left until I came to a spot where I could see clearer.

I woke up and said, “Shit, what is happening to me?”

The morning light peeped through the blinds. I got up to see the rising sun, but all I saw were dark trees outside and a glow in the east. The sun just peeked its head above the horizon. It seemed the whole day I was in a dark haze. Why am I having these bizarre dreams? This vacation we’re on is weird. Could it be what I ate last night.


Last night:

Meadow yellow building lake exhausted thirsty taking off clothes wading water voice sauna water dirty friend motioned yellow building ex-girlfriend wife naked friend okay wife blank face ex-girlfriend ain’t dis fun room changes friends big grins faces laughing dressed masquerade costumes swim. I soon came to a meadow, in distance stood yellow building, a lake on one side, I am thirsty, exhausted from walking, lake looks inviting and refreshing, since I am alone I take off my clothes, started to wade into clear water when I heard a voice say, don’t go in until you go in sauna first…the water doesn’t like to get dirty.

I turned around and I saw friend motioning me, I entered yellow building, sat next to ex-girlfriend and wife, we are naked, my friend sat across from me said, everything is okay, my wife said nothing, her face is blank, my ex-girlfriend said, ain’t dis fun, then the room changed from dim to bright yellow, all my friends appeared sitting around with big grins on faces, some laughed, my friends were dressed in costumes, as if going to a masquerade party, I said, may I go swimming? I soon came to an open meadow, and in the distance stood a yellow building with a lake on one side. I am thirsty and exhausted from walking all day. The lake looked inviting and refreshing. There was nobody around so I took off my clothes, and started to wade into the clear water when I heard a voice saying, “Don’t go in until you have been in the sauna first. The water doesn’t like to get dirty.”

I turned around and I saw one of my friends motioning me to come to the building. I enter the yellow building and sat next to my ex-girlfriend and my wife. We are naked. My friend sat across from us. He said, “Everything is going to be okay.” My wife said nothing. Her face was blank. My ex-girlfriend said, “Ain’t dis fun.” And then the room changed from dim to a bright yellow glow. All my friends appeared sitting around us with big grins on their faces, and some were laughing. My friends were dressed in costumes, as if they were going to a masquerade party. I said, “Now, may I go swimming?”

I woke up and saw a mountain in the distance with a prairie on one side and a lush forest on the other side of a pathway. I looked at my wife sleeping next to me, and nudged her awake.

She woke up saying, “What is it?”

“Why did we come here?” I said.

“To go swimming in the clear blue lake outside.” She pointed toward the window.

“But I don’t have a swimming suit.”

“You don’t need one.”

“What if someone comes and sees me naked?”

“The only people who are going to see you are your friends, an old ex and me.”

“Then what?”

“We’re going to a masquerade party.”

“As what?”

“What else but as Adam and Eve.”

“I feel like I’m in a dream.”

Aggravated she said, “Wake up Hon, all of life is a dream.”

© E N Heim December 4th 2009
en.heim at

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