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Mt Kailash
Trek to Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet

Murli Menon
After completing three pre-scheduled treks in the Nepal Himalayas, we decided that we would proceed to Mount Kailash through the Kodari border between Nepal and Tibet.
Coconuts, Coffee and Close Calls on the Mekong Delta
David Calleja
Who needs an alarm clock when your travelling companion is an ex-soldier?
Magic Marshland
Shivani Shah

God's golden fingers break the diaphanous, misty morning veil that drapes the landscape… a flash of electric blue of a little-blue kingfisher
Catalan Springs Eternal
Olivia Montiel

“El mue nom és Olivia. Sóc dels Estats Units,” the few words I remembered from my half semester of Catalan seems to have paid off.

Paul McCartney
James Paul McCartney Turns 80

James Campion

I feel obligated to acknowledge the eightieth birthday of James Paul McCartney – June 18, 2022.
Inflation Train = Political Pain
James Campion 6.7.22

No one should be paying over eleven dollars for a jar of marinara sauce. And it would seem for Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his party’s chances of staying in power, high prices and confusion on how it gets there means big trouble.

Writer at work
Freelance Writing? You Need to Find Your Niche(s)
Jaron Pak
if you’re a effective, creative writer with high output and quality writing, you can honestly earn a lot of money by freelancing your skills

work stress
4 Ways to Be Mindful in a High-Paced Career

Indiana Lee
According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress.
One Alien Alienation in the Alien Nation - James Campion 6.10.22
David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars at 50
Helping Writers Find Solace in Sobriety - Indiana Lee 6.7.22
As a writer, you’ve probably heard the maxim commonly associated with Hemingway “Write drunk, edit sober”. In fact, this kind of thinking may have led you to think that drinking alcohol will, in some way, improve your creative practice.
Why the Carbon Footprint Threatens More Than Just the Future - Benjamin Frew
It is hot air, so I am told, that has let loose the plug from the hourglass that counts down towards our destruction

REVIEWS Film & Books

97, Coming to Terms & Goodbye
(An atheist faces his own death)
Michael Lee Johnson
Wait until I have to say goodbye,
don’t rush
Celeste’s Last Breath
Sam Hawksmoor
She thought about her life. The early years on Earth.  The fantastic storms she’d witnessed ...
Mr Parker gets Carjacked
Martin Green
Highway Robbery in 2025

Alvin and the Universal Theorem 
Martin Green

What are the odds? How to get rich and keep it?
From Page to Screen: a few vexed issues to ponder upon while chewing your popcorn
Chris Mills

I have wanted to have a go at writing something about film and television adaptations of books for a while

Kate Bush and Max
Running Up That Hill
Sam Hawksmoo
r 6.16.22
The power of the soundtrack on Stranger Things as Kate Bush goes to No1.
Everything Everywhere All at Once

Sam Hawksmoor review
Written & Directed by
Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert
Starring Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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One Alien Alienation in the Alien Nation