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The Heaviness
by Sam Hawksmoor

A Genie Magee adventure


The International Writers Magazine:
2021 Hackwriters Archive Samples

And Suddenly ... The New Guy
James Campion
Joe Biden’s Bid to Exorcise Bad Faith Politics
- A few minutes after the nifty “unity” speech, Biden went to work ...
To Purge or Not to Purge
James Campion
This is Mitch McConnell’s Dilemma
The nation rids itself of Donald J. Trump but the Republican Party has a lingering problem with him

FEBRUARY: Travel and Trade
Peter A. Carrigan
I presume I’ve gained knowledge from the road. One thing I’ve learnt for sure is that trade opens the doors, keeps the wolf away and greases the wheels.
This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends by Nicole Perlroth.
Charlie Dickinson review
Bloomsbury Publishing, New York, Pub: 2.19. 2021.
Cyberwar- a chilling vison of our very near future
MARCH: Andrew Cuomo On The Brink
James Campion 3.13.21
N.Y. Governor Clings to Power in Doomland
- The Me Too movement is now calling the shots in the Democratic Party, and what is considered “Locker Room Humor” or “Boys Being Boys” in Republican circles is anathema around these parts.
The Guru will see you now
Sam Hawksmoor

The patient sat upright on the chair; bare feet planted squarely on the floor as instructed.  He was dressed in a pale blue hospital gown and seemed nervous. 
APRIL: America: The Violence Problem
James Campion
History, Legacy, Inhumanity
-We are a nation forged in blood. Violence is our thing. America, as stated here time and again, is the great human experiment.
Walli F. Leff
When Covid-19 arrived in the U.S. life turned into a whole new ball game. Determined not to get sick or die from this vicious new virus or infect anybody else with it, my husband and I quickly adapted to the rules.
MAY: May Editorial: Finally allowed to the cinema again Tuesday and what an amazing movie Nomadland is.
Biden at the Century Mark
James Campion

The First 100 Days in Our National Recovery

JUNE: When Biafra Finally Comes 6/21/21
Chief Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe

The bloodletting on the streets of Imo State must be stopped forthwith, and a new narrative engendered regarding the Biafra conflict.
Climate Fiction Rules
Flood, famine, storms, methane, species extinction, humanity at risk ... these are the tools of writers everywhere now. If you're not writing about the climate, you're not living in the real world.
Is The Republican Party Now A Terrorist Organization?
James Campion
Suddenly a Legitimate Question
The entire “rigged election” enterprise was to sate the wounded ego of a narcistic loon with zero evidence. It ended with the events of January 6.

Sudden Republican About-Face on Vaccines Explained
James Campion
Nearly seven out of ten Republicans refuse to be vaccinated. These are mostly the voter base of the party – white and uneducated, or what is left of this cult. Do the math.
Freelancing in Multiple Career Fields: What You Need To Know
Indiana Lee 7.7.21

Just because you’ve primarily focused on writing, that doesn’t mean you can’t bolster your income with photography, graphic design, or editing
The Politics, Culture & Spirit of Soul
James Campion 7.16.21
In Praise of Summer Soul

Musician and filmmaker, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson may well have made the seminal concert film of the age – the rock/soul/funk/gospel/blues American age.

AUGUST: Afghanistan - The Big Fail
James Campion 8.20.21

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan. - Italian proverb

The entire farce of the War on Terror – a never-ending money pit of violence, lies – was set up for bad endings.
What is the Allure of Glass?
Jamie Ann
Architects love the element of glass. It is both a strong and fragile material, yet it also has some exciting features that make buildings stand out from one another like never before.

Women in Bondage
James Campion
Supreme Court Ignores Unconstitutional Bans on Abortion in Texas, Thus Enslaving Women’s Bodies at the Behest of the State - The moment former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg stopped breathing the rights of women were put on life support.
Celeste’s Last Breath
Sam Hawksmoor 9.1.21
an extract from Mission Longshot
“You need to get inland pretty damn quick, kid. Storm's coming, you’ll see.”

OCTOBER: Navigating the Car Dealership Gamut - James Campion 10.2.21
Seeking an Auto in Wild Times of Mega Deception

...they sent me to the “finance guy” and things went sideways fast.
Why we end up reading dystopian fiction
Sam Hawksmoor
People will vote for someone who says you can have it all – no need to change – just make sure you’ve got a handy snorkle when Florida goes under water.
NOVEMBER: Fun with Facebook
 James Campion
Coming to Grips with Humanity One “Like” at a Time
Omicron arrives - Editorial
DECEMBER: Regarding Tik Tok 12/17
National School Threats

James Campion
Thoughts from a Parent on the New Violence Normal - It totally sucks that we must be wary of our children walking into a school that may or may not be shot up or blown up today. Right?
What exactly do we care about?
Dermot Sullivan 9.12.21

China found guilty of genocide against the Uyghurs - Uyghur Tribunal London
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