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••• The International Writers Magazine - 2021 - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel - 22 years on-line
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Welsh Beach
Surfin’ Safari in the UK

Peter A. Carrigan

I would’ve once thought a British surfing safari was a world of wrong, a contradiction in terms. Like warm beer and regular trains on London’s Northern Line, some stuff never sticks.
Travel and Trade

Peter A. Carrigan
I presume I’ve gained knowledge from the road. One thing I’ve learnt for sure is that trade opens the doors, keeps the wolf away and greases the wheels.
The Colors of Cusco
Eric D Lehman in Peru
We land shakily on the new tarmac and I finally get a proper view of the mountains, which look like some god grabbed the highlands of Scotland and stretched them to tremendous size.

Lone Star
The Lone Star State Disaster

James Campion
Rugged Individualism Meets God’s Wrath & Loses - Texas has a plan: Do Not Have Anything To Do With Anything Beyond Our Borders. And that plan works for them, until it doesn’t, and now it isn’t.
The Real Victims of 'THE BIG LIE'.
James Campion
Members of Cult Terrorists Pay the Price for Political Theater
Being suckered or brainwashed or riled up by the ravings of a megalomaniac is as common a human trait as love, jealousy, fear, and hate. It is baked into our DNA
The Great Voter Migration
James Campion
The Future of Southern Politics 

The Devil You Know is perhaps the most important political theory book of the past two decades.

writer at work
The Importance of Having a Dedicated Writing Space

Indiana Lee
From creativity to avoiding distractions, personalization to intense focus, there are many reasons to dedicate a specific environment to your writing.
Remembering Jerez
Lionel Darmendrail

At that time roads (if you could call them that, that is) were something else: bridges – and there were many — never allowed for two cars aside.
Indian Train
Conversations on an Indian train
Colin Todhunter in Madras

I knew that it was wise not to be drawn into debate in public
Navigating 2021 Tax Season as a Freelancer - Indiana Lee 1.31.21
Get organized

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Day Before

Sam North
The Last Ferry out of Vancouver
‘Don’t look back, kids,’ her father was chirping. ‘This is a big adventure and we’re going to survive this thing.’
Train to Munich
• Brad Kurlancheek
The Spy in Carriage Number Three
She hadn’t bothered to acknowledge my presence as she entered the compartment.

Life's Little Ironies

She had no idea what time it was, or even what day.  How long had she been lying here?  Stella Palmer tried to move her head to make herself more comfortable, but it was hopeless.  She was so very cold.  So stiff.

This is how thr world ends
This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends by Nicole Perlroth.

Charlie Dickinson review
Bloomsbury Publishing, New York,
Pub: 2.19. 2021.
Cyberwar- a chilling vison of our very near future

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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