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Joe's time to heal

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel - 22 years on-line
Stay Safe - Wear the Mask - We wish President Joe Biden all the luck in the world
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How To Write a Bestseller about India - Colin Todhunter
I could write about toilets in India. I’ll bet no one has ever done that!
Travels in Cuba - a cloak & dagger affair - Ruby Weldon
We decided to take a bus from Havana to Santa Clara, a trip of around 6 hours
Chinchichon - Brent Robillard
The moment I stepped off the bus in Chinchon, the rain stopped.
The Great Wall of China
Joe Tortomasi

"This isn't funny, Teresa. I'm cold and I'm about to wet my thermal underwear"...
Dog Story - Tamil Nadu '82
Stewart Hughes
Hungry and tired we shuffle without enthusiam into the Vegetarian Restaurant on Madurai station.

Joe Biden
And Suddenly ... The New Guy

James Campion
Joe Biden’s Bid to Exorcise Bad Faith Politics
- A few minutes after the nifty “unity” speech, Biden went to work ...
To Purge or Not to Purge
James Campion
This is Mitch McConnell’s Dilemma
The nation rids itself of Donald J. Trump but the Republican Party has a lingering problem with him
The Final Days of Donald Trump
James Campion
MAGA will forever stand for Terrorism. Racism. Fascism. Destruction -
Looking Forward to 2021?
Sam Hawksmoor
What's your plan for this year?
How long will it take to have the courage to use mass transit in cities?

Barry Lopez
Remembering Barry Lopez

Jeff Beyl

The author of Arctic Dreams dies at 75
Truth and Consequences
Dean Borok
(In Memory of)
People these days are less inclined than ever to state obvious facts, because if the truth came out it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.
Observations on the Worst and Best of Times - Martin Green 1.1.21
I think us oldsters have a perspective on things that younger people may not 
How To Be Ladylike
Aby Davis

I grew up in a girls school where we had to wear skirts instead of trousers 'cos it was more 'ladylike'...
Some Days Are Like This
Juliana Perry

I sit with pillows between my knees to ease my discomfort trying to imagine what my life would be like with a real husband.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Pain Cover
New: We Feel Your Pain
So you don't have to

'a deftly crafted investigation into a health scam...'

The Getaway
Martin Green

Arnold crossed the Civic Center, where it seemed at least a hundred homeless people had set up camp
The Money Tree
by Subimal Misra
Translated by V Ramaswamy

Beggars come across a dead white donkey...


Kim Farleigh
An educated bull story - never underestimate the desire to survive
An English Setter in New York
Robert Scott Leyse takes Zuke for a walk
Zuke's the wildest, most spirited, bouncing-off-the-walls-with-energy breed of dog on earth; and, at eleven months, is in the prime of exuberant disregardful-of-authority puppydom!

Bogey and Bacall

Sam North

These people were born to be in movies and the movies loved them.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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