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'We Feel Your Pain'
by Sam Hawksmoor
ISBN-13: 979-8699087693
Print & Kindle
Book One in the Delaney & Asha series

Published by Hammer & Tong

Pain Cover

We Feel Your Pain – So you don’t have to.

The Case:
Delaney (42) and Asha (22) run the Office of Berg City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep the city safe from unscrupulous people.  When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?  But what if the scam works?  What kind of scam is that?

Reviews: a captivating adventure that ...could be compared to a Roald Dahl tale filmed by Wes Anderson ..with irrepressible, warm sentiment ...

'I really enjoyed living with Delaney, Asha and Maria. And I particularly revelled in that obedient and loving dog, Rufus.  They were lovely characters and it was a good story. The author evokes amazing, vivid pictures of St. Joes with human misery and the beach and Jasmina's neighbourhood and the apple farm'. B. H. February 2021

The Ad: For years Doctors have ignored the underlying causes of pain – prescribing opioids and other painkillers that often lead to complications, even addiction. At Jirdasham Institute we will strive to take your pain away forever, with a drug-free treatment that really works.  Can’t live with pain?  Get rid of it.  FOREVER.
Contact us now for a free one-hour consultation.

The Plot: Over 300 complaints have been lodged against Jirdisham the Pain clinic, then suddenly withdrawn. It gets Delaney’s interest.  As he suffers from fibromyalgia himself – he, like thousands of others, is always looking for a way to get rid of pain – forever.  When he meets Mr Abrams, owner of the last bookshop in the city, he discovers he paid thirty grand to the Jirdasham Institute to be rid of his pain.  Seems it worked for a month. Delaney knows something about this stinks but what exactly?  After all the client got what he paid for right?  As the contract says – any pain after that is ‘new’ pain and caveat emptor.

But what is the part being played by Guru Guranji – once famed for his tea blends?  Then there’s Veronika Jaywaller, serial divorcee, richest woman in Berg City. What part does she play in this scam?  Delaney once knew her when she was just plain Ronnie at the yacht club looking for crewing jobs.  She parleyed her good looks into a series of ever wealthier husbands.  One thing it for sure, this scam generates a lot of money. Millions. The Mayor is promoting it and it turns out is having an affair with Mrs Jaywaller. Anyone with an ache or pain and money in the bank is fair game. 

And what’s the link to a scheme to get the homeless off the streets into treatment? As Delaney knows, when something looks so perfect and full of civic responsibility – someone is making money out of it. 
Just that he has no idea how.

Asha discovers the Guru is doing a book signing in far off Oyster Bay.  Delaney should go, talk to the Guru.  It could be their only way in. Asha is the new girl, athletic, attractive and keen to make an impression.  Only her second job since graduation and she’s very focussed.  When Delaney is driven off a cliff and left for dead – she knows she has to save her boss, after all he’s the one who signs the salary cheque.

The vulnerable all are seeking a magic cure.  It’s a scam no one in the City wants investigated but Delaney and Asha are about to discover a world of pain.

healing hands
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The Book of Ashes
New from Sam Hawksmoor
ISBN: 979-8-837434-952
Hammer & Tong - print and kindle

I miss you so much... even when you’re right here

Book of Ashes The Book of Ashes -
Some secrets are meant to be kept forever

The Case:
Delaney and Asha run their own investigation company now. Hired to find a writer who stiffed a client of $10,000 - things go bad pretty fast.
"This was supposed to be a simple track and trace job. Find the writer, bank the money. Now it's a horror show."

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