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••• The International Writers Magazine - 22 Years on-line - Glass

What is the Allure of Glass?
• Jamie Ann
Architects love the element of glass. It is both a strong and fragile material, yet it also has some exciting features that make buildings stand out from one another like never before.

Glass Museum

Architects love the element of glass. It is both a strong and fragile material, yet it also has some exciting features that make buildings stand out from one another like never before. For architects to create something new within their profession, they had better appreciate materials like wood, masonry, concrete, or steel. But there’s no denying that they genuinely enjoy using things made with glass. Its aesthetics and functionality can’t be beaten by anything else on the market today.

Glass-covered buildings have become a staple in our society, especially office spaces. They serve no purpose other than the architect’s love of glass and its magical properties that control light within an environment, just like having glass barn doors

Stained Glass Window Glass has been around since the Roman Empire. Architect’s used it for windows, but it reached its artistic height with stained glass in European Gothic cathedrals during the Middle Ages. In the 18th century industrial revolution led to new techniques and mass production, which enabled people to use glass for more than just window panes.
In the past few years, Seattle has seen a new library built with an innovative design. The 11-story building is composed of diamond-shaped glass panels that give it its unique look and feel. Architect Rem Koolhaas designed this modern marvel to be distinctly angular in shape while covering up over half of downtown block space for his creation. Equally, dramatic interior spaces are brightly suffused with daylight even when there’s rain outside—something many residents appreciate living in such rainy conditions as Seattle!
Seattle Library

With state-of-the-art curtain wall technology, architects can create increasingly large sheets of glass to wrap buildings. They can support the ever-thinner framing elements and have more options for creating intricate patterns in this type of material.

As architecture becomes increasingly sleek and modern, buildings are being designed with glass as the dominant material. Using large sheets of glass in construction can now be manufactured using permanent coatings or surface etching to create artistic patterns that modulate light transmission and block solar radiation while sustaining high-impact forces.

Unusual Interactions

Glass is a uniquely flexible and functional construction material that allows for the creative use of light, transparency, reflectivity. Glass can be used to make large structures like skyscrapers or enormous signs that broadcast messages across vast distances. 

It’s also present in our everyday lives as an ingredient in glassware. When we drink out of glasses made from this versatile material, they are both durable enough not to break easily but transparent, so you can see what’s inside them. Each time you cook with it using your oven-glass pots and pans allows heat transfer into food more evenly while being less likely than metal ones to burn stains onto surfaces because they don’t conduct heat well, which means there’s no risk of knocking over hot liquid.

Integrity of Structure

The smooth, glossy surface of the glass is often used to showcase products or provide a focal point in environments. Glass can provide structural integrity and security for any product while also allowing people to enjoy the light that shines through its transparent material. Even though fragile at times, using this solid but thin material has many benefits, like delivering messages on store displays from outside your window.

Texture and Finish Diversity

Glass is a substance that has been used for centuries to create surfaces with vibrant and reflective qualities. Some of the many effects glass can provide are depth, glossiness, reflections, textures, or patterns in what your eye sees. Humans are often drawn to these shiny materials as they convey an added value that helps make products more appealing and luxurious.

Natural Magic

Glass building Glass is a magical and beautiful material that has been around for centuries. It’s an easy-to-use, durable tool that reflects light beautifully as well as giving off its glow in the dark. Glass can be heated until it melts into liquid form so you can create any shape imaginable with ease without using harsh chemicals or toxic materials. This may have lead to the glass being seen by some people as having mystical properties because of how versatile the substance is.

Few other substances on earth give such a wide range of physical qualities while not harming humans when used responsibly (or at all).
© Jamie Ann 8.11.21

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