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A father's desperate search
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Original Fiction

The Heaviness
by Sam Hawksmoor

A Genie Magee adventure


The International Writers Magazine:
2018 Hackwriters Archive Samples

2020 World of War
Paul Cornish & Kingsley Donaldson

Published by Hodder and Stoughton -
Sam Hawksmoor
'Essential reading for troubled times'
Mis-Adventures in Technoland
Martin Green 1.1.18

Observations on This & That
When things break down - the age of gadget fatigue

FEBRUARY: Russia is Winning
James Campion 2.2.18

No matter where you fall on the President Trump/Russian Collusion or Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories, it is hard to argue that Russia, clearly an enemy of these United States, is a big winner in this.
Helen Reynolds review

Directed by James Mangold
2018 Oscar Nominated for Best Screenplay - What if Superman turned super-old? That’s the kind of question Logan makes you wonder ...
On Becoming the Ex
Sam North

'She loves me.. she loves me not'
MARCH: The Chase
James Skinner
on Spain. Fugitives from Catalonia being rounded up ready for a show trial. - The secret service placed a device in Puidgemont's car and were tracking his moves all the way to the Danish/German border...
APRIL: I'm Officially Bored of Crazy Trump
James Campion

Crazy tweets about celebrities and half-baked conspiracy theories and campaign rallies and hookers and Russians and knee-jerk racist rants ... was amusing for a while ... but this has become tiresome.
Cape Journey
Sam Hawksmoor
on the Garden Route
MAY: The Pack - Spain
James Skinner

Rough Justice in Pamplona
...every feminist movement in the country mobilized massive demonstrations to overturn the ruling and called for a revision of the legal system regarding sexual criminal cases
Tom Wolfe 1930 - 2018
James Campion

Tom Wolfe was a novelist in journalist’s clothes – included with his signature white suits and cane and top hat and matching shoes and all the rest. This is what people in the know will tell you. But I wholly disagree with this. I believe it was the opposite. He was a journalist
What the Heck is a Yuma?
Jerry Alan

Tahimi told him that she had not called him a “Yuma” the night before. Somebody in that room sure as hell had. He hated that word. Why couldn’t the first Americans in Cuba have not come from Idaho?
JUNE: The Kim Jong-Un Show
James Campion
+Readers Comments
A North Korean leader meets with a U.S president and it is one of the most flaccid, useless, innocuous occurrences in the grandest tradition of photo-op, international politics.
A Close Shave
Lionel Darmendrail

Surviving a heart attack in France 2018
While getting to our car in the alley, I felt a characteristic pain at the top of my chest ...
Premonitions of angels
Abigail George

Just keeping on. Flecked with dizzying introspection, difficult, monstrous yet inspiring new things that bring you joy...
JULY: Explaining "Roe v. Wade" in the Age of Stupid + Readers Letters
James Campion

Roe v. Wade is not about abortion ..., it is about the government’s right to enter the bodies of tax paying citizens and control the results.
Marijuana is Better than Opiates at Treating Pain
Sharon Torres

Recent studies have shown that drugs and psychedelic substances have some beneficial components that science can use to produce different medicine to help relieve pain.
AUGUST: Aretha Franklin - 1942 - 2018
James Campion

A tribute to soul legend - Please give a moment of RESPECT
Ottawa Music & Beyond Fest 2018
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Ottawa chamber music summers have become quite famous and now attract throngs of music lovers to the shores of the Rideau River.
Fire and Fury Inside the White House
by Michael Wolff

Sam North review
you will reel with horror at the paucity of intelligence in American Governance and if you ever thought ‘The Donald’ or Steve Bannon deserved any sympathy – think again. This is all very frightening stuff.
SEPTEMBER: The Day the Raven Tapped for Mr Trump
James Campion

07.21.18 - the day that tipped speculation and hearsay and mounting circumstantial evidence that the president of the United States has committed high crimes and misdemeanors into physical evidence.
A Bagatelle of Maladies
Allen P Cook

It was not that he simply missed her. She was right in front of him. He felt diminished.
Chapter One: Warning Signals

‘Those who stay in this city will die by the sword, famine and pestilence, but they who go out beyond to places of safety will survive. Our cities will be overwhelmed by darkness.’
Prophet Arnold: Church of Final Redemption 29:1-5
OCTOBER: #Feminist
James Campion

Kavanaugh gives proud alcoholics and men a bad name. I will not stand idly by and allow people to put him into any category I am in ...
NOVEMBER: San Francisco Days
Martin Green

One of the pleasures of retirement is having a second cup of coffee after breakfast.
Curriculums - Spain in Turmoil
James Skinner

What is now emerging are refreshed nationalistic movements by other regions that are beginning to feel the ‘urge’ to review their own relationship with Spain
DECEMBER: Miami & New York in the Fall
Sam Hawksmoor

What I did on my hols ...
T. R. Healy 12/12/18

His head bent in frustration, Thomas Addison got back in his car and set his messenger bag on the passenger seat. He did not turn on the engine but, instead, took a couple of pencils out of his bag and began to strike them against the steering wheel.
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