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Feb 2018

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel
* Thank you for reading us. 19 years and 7500 articles in this archive.
Explore and marvel at so many life changes since the turn of this century.

In Modern Venice
Kim McKechney

Our gondolier sported a thick handlebar moustache worthy of the Village People.  A thin cigarette dangled dangerously from his mouth, hanging so loosely it seemed to brazenly flout the laws of physics
Fraser Island Outrage
Tom Coote
Life on the bus and other stories

Castro Urdiales, Cantabria
Gretta Schifano

The Guggenheim is one reason to visit the Spanish Cantabrian coast, but snorkelling in the Atlantic was a surprise. As I floated face down in the water two metres from the beach I watched a huge shoal of silvery fish speeding along in the current below me

Russia is Winning

James Campion
No matter where you fall on the President Trump/Russian Collusion or Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories, it is hard to argue that Russia, clearly an enemy of these United States, is a big winner in this.
The Immigration Smokescreen
James Campion
There really isn’t a giant immigration problem in this country. It is a smokescreen; always has been ...
Tabarnia - Spain
James Skinner
Suffice to say that everything has changed for nothing to change - the whole Catalan political scenario has been turned on its head once again ...

On Speculative Fiction
Sam Hawksmoor

Why is it so hard to predict the future?
I grew up on Philip K Dick and his fantasies about global nuclear war, robots that were indistinguishable from real people and a world engulfed by consumerism ...

Jagged Little Pill
Dean Borok

What level of understanding can you reach with a person who has never read a book?

Thanks for Driving Around
John Vaughn
I was taken somewhat aback earlier this month when I overheard some of the fellows in the clubhouse referring to the fact that the earth’s climate was improving due to the traffic congestion on the highways.

Girl with Cat (Blue)
GIRL with CAT (Blue)

by Sam Hawksmoor
(1st Chapters)
Two identical girls divided by two cities both in the same space. Neither one is sure the other exists - but then there is this painting of one of the girls hanging in a London Art Gallery that proves something - no?
Can Lundein really exist?
On Becoming the Ex
Sam North
'She loves me.. she loves me not'
Service and other stories
Khaled Nusseibeh

With quickstep, Tariq strolls down the meandering downhill of Basman street, which leads to the great Husseini mosque. Though springtime, relatively thick clouds cover the sky.
Coming of Age in San Francisco
Martin Green
“The new campaign stinks,” interrupted Fiegelman.
My Spinsterish Tendency
Dannah Sylvia T. Rubio
In praise of the single life

I am perfectly happy with the idea of staying blissfully unattached for all of eternity
Surviving the Moroccan Bath
Sidi Benzahra
When I was six, or probably seven years old, my mom always took me and my sisters to the public bath. Whenever we built up a good thick layer of dirt on our skin, or had gone two weeks without washing for some reason or another, she would take us there.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Dir: Martin McDonagh
Small town story with a big impact
Helen Reynolds review

Directed by James Mangold
2018 Oscar Nominated for Best Screenplay - What if Superman turned super-old? That’s the kind of question Logan makes you wonder ...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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