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by Sam Hawksmoor

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Vive le Renault 4L!

David H. Mould

“Do you have a lot of 4Ls in the United States?” - The history of the French automobile industry lives and breathes—or rather wheezes—in Antananarivo and other Madagascar towns.
Miami & New York in the Fall
Sam Hawksmoor

What I did on my hols ...
So far from God, Corruption in Mexico
James Morford
Corruption in Mexico resembles that cliché about the weather, everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it.

Senor Sanchez
Governing By Decree
James Skinner

Sr. Sanchez has been signing umpteen number of cheques that continue, literally, to turn the country on its head and presented a draft budget to the European Union that has been rejected by Brussels
The Russian Bank Phase
James Campion

Trump Scumbag Lawyer Spills Beans on Illegal Land Deals –Part of it included (gulp!) a $50 million penthouse apartment gift to Mr. Vladimir Putin

Observations on the Year Past
Martin Green

The year 2018 is now almost past and it’s tempting to just forget it, but tradition decrees that you look back and say something about it so here goes. 

Lenny Bruce
Resurrecting Lenny

James Campion

In Praise of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & The Spirit of the Great Lenny Bruce -
From the first, in the hands of Kirby, a trained and celebrated Canadian actor, Bruce comes alive ...
Learning from Beth: My days with a Down syndrome girl at the Concho Elementary School
Kareena Maxwell

We teach each other. We are students in each other’s lives.
George H W Bush-1924-2018
James Campion

Taking an alt view of the former President - a man of many faces.
The Development of the Martial Artist Through Hollywood Films
Dr. Antonio Graceffo

"Win, lose, no matter. You make good fight, earn respect."

REVIEWS Film & Books

T. R. Healy
His head bent in frustration, Thomas Addison got back in his car and set his messenger bag on the passenger seat.  He did not turn on the engine but, instead, took a couple of pencils out of his bag and began to strike them against the steering wheel.
Memories of Mickey
Martin Green
I had to get rid of Mickey or move out.  I started looking for another place to live.
James C. Clar
Dayton Apana sat at a window table in the Honolulu Coffee Company café. The window was open, the trades were blowing

Be Careful what you wish for
Charlotte Francis
6, 12, 40, 36, 10 & 22. The numbers that ruined my life.

A world of colored people

IV olokita
Like all the girls in 7th grade, Amelia had a small bow on her head. Such a simple bow that held all her hair so well and tight.
Elizabeth Donkin
The Split Personalities of Elizabeth Donkin
Abigail George

I had a wood when I was a child. There was a forest near my childhood home. At night, before I would blow my lamp out I would stare out into that darkness that seemed to be stalking me. Forever stalking me, do you understand?

American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot by Craig Ferguson
Patrick Bailey review
... If you are undergoing a difficult time in your life, reading this book can somewhat lighten your load.
Killing Commendatore
Killing Commendatore
by Haruki Murakami
ISBN13: 9780525520047
Sam North review
Self-Doubt and Obesssion rules
Tool of War
Tool of War
(Ship Breaker #3)
by Paolo Bacigalupi
ISBN13: 9780316220811
Sam Hawksmoor review

Brilliant, violent end to the trilogy

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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